The Best Reading Lamps for Night Owls

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These days, reading at night is a preferable option to more screen time and can be beneficial to our mental health. If you’ve been working from home as the months are growing colder, any activity that doesn’t involve staring at a screen sounds divine, right? Once you find your favorite nightly reading nook, you might notice that you need more light. Some spots have enough but others, like your bed, might not have ample light for reading, which can damage your eyes in the long term.

Check out our favorite types and brands of reading lights and keep in mind which work best for you: a clip-on, maybe a neck light like Neal Brennan advertised on his podcast or a wall lamp that mounts near your head. Any of these choices will be beneficial to your new nightly reading routine.

Happy reading!


1. CeSunlight

As listed above, Neal Brennan loves this reading lamp that hangs around your neck and has two lights at either end that have three levels of brightness. The biggest perk to this light is that it’s brighter than a clip-on lamp and it can be angled away from anyone else sleeping in bed. It is battery powered, lightweight and simple to store when not in use.

neck lamp blue Courtesy of Amazon


2. Vont Reading Light

Vont has an excellent reading lamp that easily clips on to the edge of your book and provides ample amounts of light. It has six extra light packs and comes in a sleek white color. This is a good option for reading when you don’t need too much light or for flying on airplanes.

clip on lamp black Courtesy of Amazon


3. Miday Clip-on Lamp

This clip-on light is small and easy to use and can clip onto a larger surface like a desk or a shelf above your head. A great option for those who need a larger clip and don’t like to rumple the pages of a book.

clip on lamp Courtesy of Amazon


4. Vekkia Book Light Set

This clip-on lamp comes with a charger and plugs into the wall which is great for those of us who don’t keep too many batteries on hand or travel with our reading lamps. With a strong LED light, Vekkia has provided a bright option in the clip-on market.

clip on lamp Courtesy of Amazon


5. Brightech Floor Lamp

This floor lamp is the brightest and the biggest option we have on offer. Great for those who need a floor lamp in their reading space or for those who don’t enjoy small lights. With no lampshade, it directs all of its LED light toward your book or whatever you’re working on at the moment.

floor lamp LED Courtesy of Amazon


6. WOSIS Reading Lamp

A larger clip-on lamp, this reading light is best positioned on a shelf or above your head for use. With a bright LED light, it will give more than enough for your reading time. Not the best choice if you’re sharing a space with someone, but great for single-use spaces.

clip on lamp Courtesy of Amazon


7. Amber Reading Light

If you aren’t a fan of LED lights, this amber clip-on light is easier on the eyes and has three brightness settings, giving you a bit more control than other options on our list. It comes with a recharging station for the battery and is small and compact enough to travel with.

amber clip on light Courtesy of Amazon


8. FlashBlu Neck Lamp

This is another excellent choice for those seeking a neck lamp that provides nine settings of brightness, which is helpful for anyone in need of a specific level of brightness for reading. It comes in three colors to choose from.

blue neck lamp Courtesy of Amazon


9. Foxelli Rechargeable Headlamp

Looking for a headlamp instead of a clip-on light? This LED powered headlamp will make a great reading light for those out camping or for those seeking a different style of light. Is it a dedicated reading lamp? No. But if you’re an avid camper, why not pick up a gadget that can do double duty, right?

headlamp Courtesy of Amazon


10. CeSunlight Clamp Desk Light

This is a great choice for those seeking a desk lamp but a smaller, portable option. With different brightness settings, this lamp will surely make your reading life easier. Clipping onto any hard surface is simple and thanks to the heavy-duty clip, you won’t have to worry about the lamp accidentally sliding off.

desk clamp on lamp Courtesy of Amazon


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