The Best Camping Gifts to Give the Nature-Lover in Your Life

best camping gifts

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So you have a friend or family member who is obsessed with camping.: But what do you get them when they seem to have everything they need, or, more annoyingly, tend to buy it themselves?

Every camper appreciates when their family gets in on their love of the outdoors and we have a list of camping gifts that will help you choose the best gift possible. Whether a portable fire, pair of funny camping socks, a coffee mug, or a handy watch, we’ve got everything and anything a camping enthusiast would want.

So relax and have fun choosing the best campings gifts for the nature-lover in your life.


1. Stainless Steel Coffee Percolator 

This beauty means you can do without the wasteful and dirty coffee filter: pour the coffee grounds right into the bowl and pour the water over. It’s as easy as that. They’ll thank you for the gift of saving time on clean-up.

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2. Microfiber Travel Towel

These towels are amazing — lightweight, super packable for any backpacker trying to cut down on weight, and long-lasting. Oh, and did we mention their super drying powers? You’ll want a set of these for yourself.

best camping gifts Courtesy of Amazon


3. Woods Crew Socks

For any camping enthusiast, these socks will scream their mantra out to anybody willing to listen — and why not? Comfy and hilarious, these socks will surely delight anyone who pulls them on.

best camping gifts Courtesy of Amazon


4. Stainless Steel Mug

There’s something about a stainless steel mug that just feels outdoorsy. Maybe it’s the durability? Who knows, but whatever it is, we find freshly brewed joe tastes better when sipped out of one of these mugs while watching the sunrise.

best camping gifts Amazon


5. Garmin Fitness Tracker

The Garmin Vivoactive is a smartwatch with all the goods; it tracks your steps, calories, and heart rate. You can change the settings to track running, cycling and swimming as well. A great gift for anyone going on a long hike!

best camping gifts Courtesy of Amazon


6. Wilderness First Aid Kit

A must-need item, this one contains all the good stuff for a fall, a cut, or any kind of injury. Your camper will thank you for this one, but hopefully, they won’t need it.

best camping gifts Courtesy of Amazon


7. Hand Warmers

These little unsuspecting packages are magical. Crush them and voila, they heat up! Instant hand warmers for a cold hike, night, or any other time when your giftee is feeling frigid out in the wild.

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8. Pop-Up Fire Pit

Some campsites don’t have fire pits but no worries, we have a pop-up fire for you. This one only weighs seven pounds so it’s easy for car camping and carrying to the site. Throw on your wood and light it up, you’ll be making s’mores in no time.

best camping gifts Courtesy of Amazon


9. Eureka Ignite 2 – Burner Campstove

This little stove will keep everyone happy as it’s super portable and easy to travel with. Note that you’ll need to purchase the correct propane tanks to go with it. With two burners, you can heat your water and cook your eggs at the same time. This will surely bring a smile to any camper’s face.

best camping gifts Courtesy of REI


10. Champion Jogger Sweatpant

Who doesn’t need a comfy pair of hiking pants that are also warm and cozy to sit by the fire in? These joggers will warm any camper’s heart.

Champion Jogger Sweatpant Courtesy of Amazon


11. Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair with 4-Can Cooler

This chair will lure you into a night of stargazing as you tip back and enjoy the sky as it unfolds before you. This chair is an utter delight in comfort, durability, and sustainability. Be sure to pick two so you can stargaze with your friend or partner.

best camping gifts Amazon


12. The North Face Thermoball Eco Hoodie

This jacket is puffy and warm, what else can we say? A must-have from The North Face, the micro puff jacket will keep anybody warm, no matter where they are. And with its price point and value, it will be the most appreciated gift your camper receives all year.

best camping gifts Amazon


13. Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Vacuum-Insulated Water Bottle

Keep your water ultracold with a double insulated bottle. At 21 ounces, your thirst will be kept at bay for the duration of a long hike.

best camping gifts Amazon


14. Frostbite 5 Sleeping Bag

This is the perfect gift for any serious backpacker or camper going into alpine territory. This sleeping bag will keep anyone warm when the temperature dips way lower than they’re used to, plus it’s easy to pack and the classic evergreen color will surely delight any outdoorsman. With a temp level of five degrees, be careful where you take this one too!

best camping gifts REI


15. The Complete Cookie

With the arrival of fall, why not gift your camper with some festive pumpkin flavor? Tasty and nutritious, Lenny & Larry’s vegan cookie is packed with protein, making it the perfect hiking snack.

best camping gifts Courtesy of Amazon


16. Complete Guide to Camping and Wilderness Survival

This book will ease any anxiety about a backpacking or camping trip. Full of tips, tricks, and gear suggestions, this book is the ultimate guide to surviving in the woods.

best camping gifts Amazon


17. L.L. Bean Campsite Organizer

Being too organized is never a bad thing and with this easy-to-transport cart, you can easily store all of your camping necessities in one place. With three shelves for storage, keep your food, kitchen gear, and other essentials in clear view. Weighing only sixteen pounds, this portable storage cart comes with a transport sack and is really easy to carry and assemble.

camping organizer shelf Courtesy of LLBean


18. Rocky Mountain High Gaiters

This nylon-made gaiter is designed to keep your legs and feet dry while out on the trail. A great gift for anyone going out in the rain or on a muddy ridge, their feet will be extra dry by the end of the hike.

gaiters Courtesy of LLBean


19. Double-Wide Sleeping Bag

Sounds great, right? Enjoy the comfort of a partner or a friend while in the outdoors. You’ll be glad you have this extra wide sleeping bag when it drops below twenty degrees. Made from durable ripstop polyester, this bag is machine washable and weighs seven pounds.

double wide sleeping bag Courtesy of LLBean


20. Signal Survival Kit

Be prepared with this Leatherman survival kit of multitools, including pliers, can opener, hammer, carabiner and more. With 19 tools included, you’ll be ready in case of an emergency. An excellent gift for the risk-taker on the trail.

multitool survival kit Courtesy of Leatherman


21. Engraved Quick Release Knife

Have a special someone in need of a quick-release knife for all camping and backpacking occasions? This Leatherman Crater C33LX knife will make the perfect gift. Add an engraving for only $6.95.

quick release knife Courtesy of Leatherman


22. Headlamp

What’s camping without a hike under the stars? A headlamp is probably the most useful item you could gift someone; it comes in handy every second of the night. Pick up this Petzl headlamp for optimal use: it had three different light settings, a comfortable strap, and has a beam distance of 90 meters.

headlamp Courtesy of REI


23. Solar Powered String Lights

Want to make a campsite cozy or just bring some more light? These solar powered string lights are bright and easy to use. Pack them up real quick and set them up just as easily. You won’t regret creating a makeshift dance floor for your campsite.

string lights and charger Courtesy of REI


24. Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket

Everyone needs a cozy blanket and Rumpl is one of our favorite brands. Check out their many colors and styles but the down puffy in faded blue is a bestseller and not to mention super warm. Your camper will be delighted to receive such a toasty blanket.

blue down blanket Courtesy of Rumpl


25. Arc’teryx Atom Insulated Jacket

Made from a mix of polyester and elastane, this multi-sport jacket will be warm and comfortable for any camper or backpacker heading off into the wild.

insulated jacket green Courtesy of REI


26. Sleeping Pad

Every camper needs a comfortable sleeping pad and this MegaMat will do the trick. Soft, cozy, and only weighing 9.6 ounces, this self-inflating pad will be a game-changer to any wilderness explorer who doesn’t have one already.

sleeping pad Courtesy of REI


27. Inflatable Lounger / Hammock

This is the best camping gift: an inflatable bed for one in the woods or to be taken elsewhere, like the park on a sunny day. Great for sleeping, reading, or just hanging out, this inflatable hammock sofa will do wonders for your camper’s relaxation.

blue inflatable sofa Courtesy of Amazon


28. Teton Travel Pillow

If you know your camper drags a full-sized pillow out with them every trip, fear no more, the travel pillow has arrived. Teton makes a comfortable and stylish pillow that is easy to pack, light to carry, and cozy for sleeping.

red plaid travel pillow Courtesy of Amazon


29. Personal Water Filter

This is a great gift for campers or backpackers going further into the woods and away from freshwater. This filter will help keep clean, safe, drinkable water around when the only source left is the river. A must-have for all backpackers.

personal water filter Courtesy of Amazon


30. Carhartt Beanie

Carhartt makes a fantastic beanie: cozy, warm and it comes in a great variety of colors. You might want to pick one up for yourself while you’re out shopping for a friend.

orange beanie Courtesy of Amazon