The 17 Best Presents for Cat Lovers and Their Feline Friends

gifts for cat lovers
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If you’re not a fan of cats, chances are you haven’t met a nice one yet. They’re different from dogs — and their owners tend to differ a bit from man’s best friend’s best friend as well. Cats don’t just give out love — you have to earn a cat’s respect and affection. But once you do — you’re golden. Nice, cuddly cats are the best and they deserve the royal treatment from their owners and friends. One great way to get on a cat’s good side is to give them, or their owner, a gift. A gift for a cat lover might look like a treat for their feline friend or something cat-themed their human will use in their everyday life. Now, what type of gift should you get? That depends.

Some cats love toys, some cats prefer to lounge on something cuddly all day, and others only need food. Some cat owners love a good cat-themed mug, while others prefer a decorative poster that reflects their devotion to the species. The best gifts for cat lovers are thoughtful, sweet and well-made, since cats tend to rip things apart randomly. If you’ve got a special cat or cat lover in your life, we’ve gathered the best gifts for cat lovers that are guaranteed to at least earn you an extra glance from even the stubbornest of felines.


1. PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

If there are two things cats love to do, it’s lounge and scratch. This ingenious piece of cat furniture is designed to fulfill both needs in one. It’s a lounger made with an ergonomic, comfortable shape out of cardboard webbing that’s perfect for natural cat scratching. Scratching has numerous benefits for cats — including healthy nail development, stress relief and an outlet for exercise. This lounger is reversible so you get twice as much use out of it and has a large surface area for holding larger felines or multiple cats at once.

PetFusion cat lounger, best cat gifts Courtesy of Amazon


2.Frisco Sushi Plush Cat Toy 4-Pack

How adorable is this set of sushi cat toys? If there’s one takeout option your cat would pick every time, we’re guessing it’s sushi. Each of these four plush toys is packed with catnip, so they’ll be even more obsessed, and the variety of shapes will keep your cat engaged during playtime. The fabric is designed for clawing, biting and battling, and the size is large enough to throw but small enough for most cats to carry.

Frisco sushi plush cat toys 4-pack Courtesy of Chewy


3. Cat-Opoly

Whether you collect Monopoly games or just enjoy passing Go, Cat-Opoly will make a great addition to your Cat Day festivities. The tokens range from a milk bottle to sardines, and each deed contains fun facts about cats. Grab this limited-edition board game, a bunch of snacks, and invite everyone over for a fun, feline-themed games night.

cat day international best gifts for cat lovers monopoly board game Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Zen Cat Garden Sculpture

Ommmmmeow. These zen kitty garden sculptures will bring calm to any outdoor space. They’re made by sculpturist Michael Gentilucci to be tranquil with an unmistakable cat presence. They each have Chinese characters etched into their backs that evoke the cat’s overwhelmingly common characteristic — independence. These are handmade and sealed with protectant from the elements so they can stay outside all four seasons.

kitty zen sculptures, gifts for cat lovers Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


5. Lazy One Fuzzy Cat Slippers

These cat slippers are perfect for staying cozy during the winter and sporting an animal-enthusiast look. They’re comfortable to wear with fluffy fleece lining and have nonslip soles. They come in a few cat-themed patterns and make for a great gift.

lazy one fuzzy cat slippers, gifts for cat lovers Courtesy of Amazon


6. Zen Garden Litter Box: A Little Piece of Mindfulness

This is a hilarious spin on the classic desk “zen garden” setup, but includes cats. It’s designed to look like a litter box and comes with sand and a rake your cat lover can mindfully play with during the workday. The set includes the “litter box” tray, two 3/4″ cats, decorative rocks, sand, a wooden rake and a 32-page book on the zen of litter box gardening… whatever that is.

zen garden litter box, gifts for cat lovers Courtesy of Amazon


7. SmartCat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post

Now THIS is a scratching post. This is a perfect gift for cats who can’t stop climbing, and find nothing more satisfying than reaching a new height, preferably one that makes their owner nervous. It’s 32 inch tall, a perfect height for working your cat’s climbing muscles. It’s got a sturdy 16 inch by 16 inch base that’s built to prevent tipping, and the fibrous, durable exterior inspires scratching easily. It assembles easily with just two screws, and is better for cats than carpeted posts that can snag nails.

SmartCat scratching post, best cat gifts Courtesy of Amazon


8. Cat Blueprint

There are many distinctive cat breeds out there, and your cat lover probably feels strongly about the one they picked. This Cat Blueprint poster is perfect for celebrating their cat’s unique genetic makeup and visually displaying it for all to see. It features a detailed illustration of the cat as well as design specs, similar to an architectural blueprint. Each one is created in the classic blueprint style used by midcentury modern architect I.M. Paws.

cat blueprint, gifts for cat lovers Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


9. S.Leaf Sterling Silver Cat Necklace

This adorable, subtle kitty necklace is made of 925 sterling silver that’s nickel-free and non-irritating. It comes in a perfect box for gifting so your wrapping will be done, and is neutral in its design making it perfect for your cat lover to wear every day.

S.Leaf Sterling Silver cat necklace, gifts for cat lovers Courtesy of Amazon


10. Window Garden Animal Planters

This set of mini succulent planets comes with adorable kitty faces on them, a perfect gift for plant/cat lovers alike. They’re made of glazed ceramic and hand-painted for a polished look. Each one has a hole for drainage and they don’t come with a tray, so that’ll need to be purchased separately. They’ll look adorable lined up in front of a sink, on a desk or scattered throughout the home.

cat mini planets, gifts for cat lovers Courtesy of Amazon


11. Cat Scratch Bookends

A nice set of bookends is always a great gift. These kitty silhouettes are elegant, neutral in design and perfect for a cat lover who also happens to collect novels. They’ll bring their library to life in a very fun way, and are made of hand-cut carbon steel so they’ll sturdily hold up their collection.

cat scratch bookends, gifts for cat lovers Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


12. Cat Grass Growing Kit

Cats usually come with hairballs … yuck. Your cat lover understands — which is why they’ll appreciate this cat grass growing kit. Cat grass is a type of grass that cats, dogs and animals alike all enjoy. It’s a digestive aid that also helps cats digest or throw up hairballs when needed. This blend is a non-GMO seed formula that grows in about 5-7 days. It’s perfect for using indoors or outdoors, and comes in a reusable ceramic planter.

cat grass growing kit, gifts for cat lovers Courtesy of Amazon


13. Tuft & Paw Choco Cat Tent

We couldn’t make a list of the best cat gifts without including something from high-end brand Tuft & Paw. This Choco Cat Tent is the ultimate hangout for private kitties who roll in style. It’s made using natural materials and is designed to bring nature indoors for your cat. It’s got a smooth cone shape and a domed wooden base for a comfortable hiding spot. It’s got a pillow insert that’ll contour to your cat’s body and solid wooden rods support the tent’s shape.

choco cat tent, best cat gifts Courtesy of Tuft & Paw


14. Cat Beard Mug

This International Cat Day, transform yourself into a cat. With this clear mug, you can add your very own cat nose and whiskers just by drinking your morning cup of coffee. This is an especially good gift for any children in your life who adore their four-legged friends. (Makes for great Instagram or Polaroid photos, too).

cat day international best gifts for cat lovers mug Image courtesy of Amazon


15. Cat Bottle Opener

Appropriately named Sphinx, this kitchen tool is a classy cat that will do the dirty deed of opening your wine bottles. With paws that act as a cork lever and a tail to cut foil tops, this feline is all set to be the life of the party.

cat day international best gifts for cat lovers bottle opener Image courtesy of Amazon


16. Frisco Modern Cat Tree & Condo

This cat condo gives kitty plenty of space to roam and climb, with 47.5 inches in height and various levels for playing, hiding and sitting. It comes with five scratching posts wrapped in sisal rope for healthy claw development as well as sisal scratching pads. Sisal is designed to feel just like tree bark, a favorite scratching surface out in nature. The cat condo is made with a penthouse for hiding out, a removable cushion that’s machine-washable and eyelash faux fur fabric lining for more comfort.

frisco cat condo, best cat gifts Courtesy of Chewy


17. Chiwava Catnip Toys 36-Pack

This 36-pack of cat toys brings a lot of bang for your buck, with tens of catnip cat toys designed for interactive play. They’re on the smaller end, so they’re great for kittens or young cats who can’t handle larger toys yet. Each one has a furry fabric exterior and a plastic interior for some weight. Each one rattles, for an added auditory element for play, and each pack is less than $10 making it an absolute bargain.

chiwava cat toy pack, best cat gifts Courtesy of Amazon


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