Low-Cost Legos: The 10 Best Lego Sets Under $40

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With Christmas fast approaching and holiday stress on the rise, everyone could use a LEGO set. The most successful toy company has done some clever collaborations with brands such as Minecraft, and maintained its place at the top of wish lists around the world. LEGO sets have been praised as a creative outlet and a great developmental tool for kids, but there’s one thing that often stops people from purchasing them: the price. They can get expensive fast, but low-priced LEGOs do exist. We rounded up ten of these hard-to-find budget sets to help with the search.

1. LEGO Halloween Vampire and Bat

Keep the Halloween spirit going with this vampire and bat set. The vampire features movable claws, fangs, and a bat with movable wings. It’s certainly a modest set, but you can’t beat the $10 price tag.

Lego Halloween Set Image courtesy of Amazon


2. LEGO Mighty Dinosaur

Build a T. Rex, Triceratops or a Pterodactyl with this set. When built, the T. Rex features posable joints, head, and mouth for playtime or kids-room decoration.

Lego Set Dinosaur Image courtesy of Amazon


3. LEGO Classic Creative Bricks

LEGO purists and developmental psychologists would probably recommend a Classic Creative brick set like this one for kids – and probably stressed adults too. It comes with enough bricks and pieces to exercise your creativity and make a variety of small sets, figures and structures.

Lego Mix Set Image courtesy of Amazon


4. LEGO Thanksgiving Harvest

Even if your kid doesn’t love Thanksgiving, they’ll love this Thanksgiving harvest set. It features farmers, a cart, a tree, a little harvest field, and of course a turkey.

Lego Thanksgiving Set Image courtesy of Amazon


5. LEGO Robo Explorer

Take on tough terrain with this fun 3-in-1 Robo Explorer set. It can be rebuilt into a robo dog or bird, and it can roll around on working tracks.

Lego Robot Set Image courtesy of Amazon


6. LEGO Halloween Bat and Pumpkin

Another spooky Halloween set is this Bat and Pumpkin. The bat features posable wings, ears, feet and talons for holding the pumpkin.

Lego Halloween Set Image courtesy of Amazon


7. LEGO Christmas Town Square

Get in the Christmas spirit with this cheery LEGO town square. It comes complete with a vendor, Christmas tree, snowman, people and a mailbox for them to send gifts.

Lego Christmas Set Image courtesy of Amazon


8. LEGO Ocean Explorer

Get your kid thinking like an oceanographer with this LEGO Ocean Explorer set. It’s also a 3-in-1 set, and can be built as an ocean science ship with a small submarine, a plane or a larger submarine.

Lego Set Boat Image courtesy of Amazon


9. LEGO Super Soarer

$8 can get you this Super Soarer set. It’s a 3-in-1 set, which means you can build it three different ways (see the picture below) for three times the fun.

Lego Set Plane Image courtesy of Amazon


10. LEGO Minecraft Cave

Minecraft was destined for a LEGO collaboration. The cave set is great because it includes a variety of bricks that can be built by following the directions or by getting creative.

Lego Set Minecraft Image courtesy of Amazon


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