The Best Christmas Decorations We Found This Year

best christmas decorations
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While a tree, lights and a wreath are a given, to really create your very own Christmas wonderland, you’re going to need a few more pieces of the best Christmas decorations. 

Thanks to Pinterest and other types of social media, Christmas decorating has reached new highs. Today, Santa can be found in every room of the house, and lights and garland criss-cross their way from window to window. A Christmas display isn’t complete without stuffed animals, table runners and holiday-themed dish towels. If you really want to go Christmas crazy, you can pick up pieces for nearly every surface you can see.

To make the most of Christmas and strike the right balance in your home, you might consider adding small touches to the bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom, while really going decor-heaving in the living room. Otherwise, you might end up with Christmas overkill. We recommend investing in:

So that you don’t have to dig through the millions of different decorations available for purchase online, we’ve put together our favorite Christmas decorations. Put one or more of these in your home for the best Christmas (display) ever.


1. DII Christmas Dishtowel


You’ve hung lights outside, put up the Christmas tree and maybe lined the hall with garland. But, have you added anything Christmas-y to your kitchen? Chances are, you’ll be spending a lot of time in your cooking throughout the month of December, so why not make it festive? The DII Christmas Dishtowel set is a great way to add a little bit of holiday cheer to this part of your house. All you need to do is replace your existing dish towels with these green and red ones. Plus, they aren’t cliche in their Christmas patterns, so you might get away with displaying these towels year-round.

dii dishtowel christmas Image courtesy of Amazon


2. CreateYourOwnGift Snowflake Door Hanger


For a Christmas decoration you can use year after year and even hand down to your kids, look no further than the CreateYourOwnGift Snowflake Door Hanger. This decoration is available in wood or acrylic and can be personalized with your family name. Of course, to display this sign, you’ll need to use a door hanger or put a nail in your front door. Please note that you’ll also need to add a ribbon or string to the sign in order to hang it up. However, the low price point combined with the Christmas style, make this an easy purchase for yourself or as a gift.

createyourowngift snowflake sign wood Image courtesy of Etsy


3. DECORA Silver Tinsel Garland


If you’re looking for decorations that could be used for Christmas, New Year’s or even other holidays, you’ll definitely want to pick up something that’s silver. This versatile color can compliment any of the more traditional Christmas colors or stand on its own. That’s why the DECORA Silver Tinsel Garland takes the “most multifunctional” award on our list. These sparkly strings can spruce up almost any space, whether they’re hung or laid on a mantelpiece. In each order, you’ll get 33 feet of tinsel. Of course, you can order more if you really want to deck out your space.

tinsel silver Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Santas Forest Inc. Christmas Spray


When you think about it, the majority of the world won’t have snow on Christmas. You might be able to hope for a white Christmas if you live in cooler climes, but otherwise, you’ll need to recreate this fairytale idea of the season by using fake snow. The Santas Forest Inc. Christmas Spray is just that. You can spray it on your windows or even use it to create fake Santa footprints for your kiddos to see on Christmas morning. Alternatively, pair the spray with Christmas stencils to create a snowy display.

Santas Forest Inc. Christmas Spray Amazon


5. Christmas Table Decorations


Your living room isn’t the only place you’ll likely be decorating for Christmas. Whether you’re working from home or still making the commute to the office, you may also want to add a bit of holiday cheer to your desk, and the Three-Pack Christmas Table Decorations offer the ideal opportunity to do so. These table-top signs boast images of Santa, a reindeer and a snowman wishing everyone who passes by a ‘Merry Christmas.’ Plus, the glitter details on the signs really make them stand out from the crowd.

christmas signs Amazon


6. KINNJAS Merry Christmas Banner


We use Happy Birthday banners all the time, but for some reason, Merry Christmas banners are just catching on. This year, there are tons of these festive signs on the market, but we love this rustic-inspired version from KINNJAS. Not only does it wish all who see it a very happy holiday, but it also adds a burlap and plaid theme to your holiday display. This is ideal if your interior design style is farmhouse chic or something similar. The banner is nine feet long in total and is available in a variety of different holiday sayings.

christmas decorations kinnjas sock display Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Todeco Snowflakes Decal


Perhaps you want to decorate your office or place of business, but you don’t want to offend any of your staff or clientele by using overtly Christmas-y decorations. One solution to this quandary is to use winter symbols as decoration. That’s why the Todeco Snowflakes Decal is a great choice for non-denominational displays. These snowflakes can be stuck to any window to create a snowy scene. Combine them with spray-on snow (like #5), and you’ll be rewarded with a lifelike depiction of cold winter weather.

todeco window snowflakes Image courtesy of Etsy


8. Leipple Christmas Gnome Plush Decorations


Bring a bit of European flair into your home this Christmas with the Leipple Christmas Gnome Plus Decorations. In Scandinavia, people believe that gnomes bring good luck and gifts during the holiday season. That’s why you find these figures represented across the region during the month of December. Whether you believe in Christmas gnomes or not, these little guys make cute decorations for any mantelpiece or empty tablespace. This set comes with three plush gnomes in red, green and silver.

leipple gnomes christmas Image courtesy of Amazon


9. SallyGBShop Peeping Santa and Rudolph Window Stickers


If you have kids at home and want to let them help with the decorating, window stickers are a great way to get them involved. Putting them up is as easy as slapping them on your windows. This set comes with one Santa Claus and one Rudolf as well as 70+ snowflakes, meaning there’s enough to fill your entire picture window or several smaller windows around your home. The PVC stickers are waterproof and reusable, so you can look forward to putting them up year after year.

sallygbshop peeking santa rudolph Image courtesy of Etsy


10. Disney Classics Mickey Mouse Holiday Plush


As an adult, there’s only one time a year you can get away with displaying stuffed animals in your home, and that’s Christmas. So, take full advantage of this and buy the Disney Classics Mickey Mouse Holiday Plush to keep on your couch or bed throughout the holiday season. In this version of everyone’s favorite mouse, Mickey is wearing a green sweater and red pants. There’s also a Minnie Mouse plush if you want to display both mice in the famous couple this Christmas.

disney plush Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Best Choice Products Ceramic Tabletop Christmas Tree


We’re willing to bet that when you were growing up, your grandmother had a ceramic Christmas tree proudly displayed during the holiday season. These decorations were hugely popular back in the 20th century, but they’re making a comeback today. The tree boasts removable and rearrangeable Christmas lights as well as three star toppers. Inside the ceramic structure, you’ll find a lightbulb to provide the Christmassy glow. Kids will be mesmerized by this tree, and it’s sure to add a soft, warm light to any corner of your house.

best choice products christmas tree Image courtesy of Walmart


12. Bedsure Christmas Duvet Cover Set


So far, we’ve covered the entryway, living room, office and kitchen, but you shouldn’t overlook decorating your bedroom for the holiday season, either. If you really want to go the extra mile, you’ll change your duvet as well as those in each of the other bedrooms in your home to one with a Christmas theme. The Bedsure Christmas Duvet Cover Set is just one example of some of the lovely holiday-inspired bed sets that are currently available on Amazon. We love this one thanks to its statement-making red background and whimsical Christmas cartoons.

bedsure christmas duvet set Image courtesy of Amazon


13. Glitzhome Christmas Marquee Stocking Holder


Stocking holders are both useful and decorative. Not only do they provide a place to hang your stockings, but they also look good while they’re at it. And, we love the extra bit of glitz and glam the Glitzhome Christmas Marquee Stocking Holders provide. The set of three marquee letters spell out the word, ‘Joy,’ and feature hooks on the front where you can place the loops of your family’s stockings. If joy isn’t your thing, these LED-lighted stocking holders are also available in ‘Noel’ or in the shape of a gift box.

glitzhome decor piece Image courtesy of Amazon


14. Mohop Holiday Tree Light Decorations


For centuries, candles have been an integral part of Christmas decorating. Granted, we don’t use them as much any more thanks to the invention of electricity, but there’s something irreplaceable about the soft, flickering light provided by an open flame. Safely bring that soothing feeling into your home with the Mohop Holiday Tree Light Decorations. These metallic tea light holders can sit on any flat surface, and when a candle is placed inside them, they will throw beautiful designs onto the walls nearby.

best christmas decorations mohop Image courtesy of Etsy


15. Personalization Mall Scenic Snowflakes Table Runner


Having a picture-perfect tablescape isn’t a necessity at Christmas, but it does make for a great social media post from your family to the world. This year, make your table extra special by investing in this Personalization Mall Scenic Snowflakes Table Runner. The runner, which is available in three festive colors, can be personalized with two lines of text including a Christmas greeting and your family name.

best christmas decorations scenic snowflakes table decor Image courtesy of Personalization Mall


16. Auperto Garland with Lights


Christmas lights aren’t just for the exterior of your home. Lighted garlands can be used across a window sash or mantlepiece to add a bit of sparkle. The Auperto Garland with Lights takes this concept one step further by adding a small jar and tree decorations to each of the 20 LED lights on the string. These strings are battery powered and can be used both indoors and outdoors, depending on your needs.

auperto christmas tree string Image courtesy of Walmart


17. WoodByStu Christmas Doormat


Christmas isn’t Christmas without the movies. Pay homage to your favorite holiday film with the WoodByStu Christmas Doormat. Home Alone fans will appreciate the saying printed on the top of this doormat, and even people who don’t get the reference will likely chuckle. The cured UV ink used to print the words on the mat won’t fade, even after several seasons of use. In addition, the mat has a non-slip backing to keep you and your guests safe.

woodbystu doorway mat Image courtesy of Etsy


18. National Tree Company Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Garland


The National Tree Company Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Garland is another decor piece that really takes your home from a 10 to an 11. Ideal for door edges and chimney breasts, this border piece is crammed full of cones, red berries, glitter and 50 UL white lights for a truly Christmassy appearance. It’s available in both battery-powered and plug-in models, depending on the level of freedom you require.

national tree company Image courtesy of Amazon


19. 1-800-Flowers Shimmering Poinsettia Wreath


If you really want a wreath to draw attention to your home this Christmas, we recommend mounting the 1-800-Flowers Shimmering Poinsettia Wreath on your front door. The attractive, 20-inch diameter wreath is a striking, red color and sure to get heads pointing in your direction. The sparkly elements and gold glitter edges provide a classy finishing touch. However, given its slightly delicate nature, this wreath is best housed in doorways with a protective overhang to prevent exposure to extreme conditions.

poinsettia wreath red Image courtesy of 1800Flowers


20. Mr. Christmas Super Climbing Santa


It’s the little touches that really take home decorating to the next level, and the Mr. Christmas Super Climbing Santa definitely falls into this category. This fun tree or wall decor piece will deliver hours of fun as you watch Santa work his way up and down the ladder with a string of Christmas lights thrown over his shoulder. And, if that wasn’t entertaining enough, Santa’s toy bag can play 15 different Christmas carols for you to enjoy as he gets to work decorating.

santa climbing ladder model Image courtesy of Amazon


21. BRUBAKER Christmas Pyramid


For a hint of international flavor in your Christmas decorating, try adding this BRUBAKER Christmas Pyramid to your setup. These beautiful towers originate from Germany and house some hidden workings which aren’t apparent on first viewing. And while the four levels of hand-painted Christmas nativity would be enough alone for many, the real magic actually happens when you place six candles in the holders and light them. The rising hot air is used to drive the blades mounted on the roof, resulting in a seemingly self-propelling tower. It’s a sight for all to enjoy!

german turning pyramid Image courtesy of Amazon


22. Department 56 Griswold Holiday House


Miniature Christmas villages are a popular option when it comes to interior Christmas decor, and it’s hard to come up with a way to make them any better. But we think we have. Why not add this Department 56 Griswold Holiday House to your setup for that extra dose of Christmas fun? Every time you see the 7.5-inch tall piece, you’re sure to smile as you’re reminded of everyone’s favorite Christmas movie, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Additionally, you can choose between two lighting modes for your home, constantly on or flashing.

national lampoon christmas house model Image courtesy of Amazon


23. Design Toscano Nutcracker Soldier Table


If you’re looking for a place to display all of your festive treats, you won’t find a better option than this Design Toscano Nutcracker Soldier Table. Standing to attention, this hand-cast, stone and resin nutcracker has a plate out in front, ready to hold nuts, candy or any festive treat you fancy. It’s also possible to use the piece as attractive decor addition, inside or out, and to have him hold other festive decor to add to the classy, Christmassy feel. Each high-quality piece stands 36 inches tall, weighs 24 pounds and has been hand-painted for a more personal feel.

best christmas decorations nutcracker display table Image courtesy of Walmart


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