These Christmas Lights Will Make Yours the Best-Looking House on the Block This Year

the best Christmas lights
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‘Tis the season to start thinking about your holiday decorations. Over 86 percent of all Americans will decorate their homes this December. Will you be one of them?

In addition to hanging the stocking and putting up the tree, the most popular type of holiday decoration is surely Christmas lights. Come December, strings of colorful and white lights of all shapes and sizes will adorn the outside and inside of homes around the country.

Wherever you choose to hang your lights, there are several factors that go into choosing the right set for you. First, you have to decide between white or colored lights. White offers a subtle glow, while colorful lights create a certain festive atmosphere.

In addition, you’ll need to decide on the size and shape of your lights. Small bulbs are ideal for indoor use and outdoor use on small bushes or balconies. On the other hand, larger bulbs are great for hanging from the gutters. 

You’ll also notice that bulbs come in different shapes, including normal bulbs, spheres and strawberry-shaped bulbs. The one you choose really comes down to personal preference.

So, whether you’re a new homeowner purchasing lights for the first time or you have decorated for many years but need newer, safer lights, these are the nine best Christmas lights to buy this year.

1. Prextex Christmas White Wire Light Set


There’s something incredibly picturesque about a house covered in white lights and fresh snow. The white color is clean and soft, relaying the peaceful feeling of the holidays. Whether you intend to put lights indoors or outdoors, these Prextex Christmas White Wire Light Set can help give your home the classy white Christmas appearance. Each string has 100 bulbs. In addition to holiday decor, these lights could also be used at weddings or year-round on your outdoor patio.

best christmas lights white pretex Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Holiday Essence Multi-Color Christmas Lights


Some things are just classically Christmas, like evergreen trees, red and white Santa Caps and these colorful string lights. Decorating the tree or the outside of your house with the Holiday Essence 100 Multi-Color Christmas Lights is sure to put you in the Christmas spirit. The string of lights includes five different colors and can be lit continuously or with a flashing mode. Each string boasts 100 lights, and if one light bulb burns out, the others will stay lit.

Holiday Essence 100 Multi-Color Christmas Lights Courtesy of Amazon


3. Minetom LED Globe Ball String Lights


While you could go for the classic Christmas look, having different lights will help you stand out from the crowd. These Minetom 33Ft 100 LED Globe Ball String Lights boast globes instead of pointed light bulbs for a soft, vintage look. Each string comes with 100 bulbs that can be lit with warm white or multicolor. These lights also feature a USB hub and adapter, so you can plug them directly into any outlet or laptop. They also have a built-in timer, so you don’t have to worry about turning them on and off.

Minetom 33Ft 100 LED Globe Ball String Lights Courtesy of Amazon


4. TaoTronics LED String Lights


Make your indoor decoration displays a little more special with these TaoTronics LED String Lights. These fairy lights could be woven through a string of garland on the mantel or added to your miniature house display. Furthermore, these dimmable lights are eco-friendly thanks to the low temperature, insulated copper wire used to connect the bulbs. Each string features 100 light bulbs and a remote control.

best christmas lights taotronics Image courtesy of Amazon


5. VanRayal C3 Christmas Tree Lights


We’ve come a long way since lighting our Christmas trees with candles, but sometimes the old way is better. Skip the bright LED lights for your tree this year and instead use these attractive VanRayal C3 Christmas Tree Lights for a softer look. They’re still LED lights to save you money on your electric bills, but they use lower power to allow for more beautiful colors. Each strand of these “strawberry lights” has 50 bulbs, and up to 42 strands can safely be connected together.

best christmas lights van rayal Image courtesy of Amazon


6. TOPIST Falling Rain Decoration Lights


The TOPIST Falling Rain Decoration Lights are like icicle lights on steroids. These LED tubes create a falling rain (or snow) aesthetic for a unique light display that could be hung from trees or from your gutters. Each string includes 8 tubes, and each tube includes 18 lights, so each string has an impressive 144 LED lights. Thanks to their unique design, these falling rain lights could also be used for weddings or year-round decor.

TOPIST Falling Rain Decoration Lights Image courtesy of Amazon


7. HAYATA C9 Bulbs Christmas Lights


Transform your home into a gingerbread house for the holidays with the HAYATA C9 Bulbs Christmas Lights. These traditional bulbs are larger than most other Christmas lights on the market, allowing your house to make a more colorful appearance. Each 16-foot string contains 25 LED bulbs, and up to 90 strings can be connected together.

HAYATA C9 Bulbs Christmas Lights Image courtesy of Amazon

8. 1byone Christmas Outdoor Laser Light Projector


If you want to skip the hassle of hanging strand after strand of Christmas lights from your gutters, think about investing in the 1byone Christmas Outdoor Laser Light Projector. These devices are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their ease of use. All you need to do is point the light at your home, pick which pattern you want to display and turn it on. The laser light will then cover up to 2,100 square feet on the exterior of your house with a beautiful starry design.

1byone Christmas Outdoor Laser Light Projector Courtesy of Amazon

9. Twinkle Star LED Star String Lights


Reimagine the starriest of nights with these star-shaped string lights suitable for both indoor and outdoor decorating. A set of twinkly little stars will really set you apart from the rest of the block. The best part about them is that you can’t really tell they’re stars until you’re more up close with them, so they aren’t as obtrusive as you think shaped lights would be. Looking to decorate the interior of your home this Christmas? These will make a striking addition to any holiday table centerpiece or fun mantle design.

Twinkle Star LED Star String Lights Courtesy of Amazon


10. Ollny Net Mesh Lights


While you might be wondering why in the world you would ever need anything like this, think about it: these net lights are an easy way to decorate a fence or larger bush during the holiday season. They’re cooler in color which is a nice alternative to the usual warm lighting most Christmas lights have. The lights also come with a remote control to activate eight different lighting modes and four levels of brightness to match exactly what you want your home to look like this winter.

Ollny Net Mesh Lights Courtesy of Amazon


11. Room Essentials™ LED Plug-in Curtain String Lights


Although the Room Essentials™ LED Plug-in Curtain String Lights are made for both indoor and outdoor use, we love these lights for spicing up your home interior during the holiday season. If you’re hosting a holiday party, the string design looks really great draped in between door frames to bring more holiday spirit to your home interior. Living in a dorm or smaller space? Use these lights all year round to lighten up your room and make it feel more merry.

Room Essentials™ LED Plug-in Curtain String Lights Courtesy of Target


12. BestCircle Outdoor Curtain String Light


As one of the longest strings of lights on our list, the BestCircle Outdoor Curtain String Light might be capable of covering the entire front of your house. These lights are also great in bedrooms or offices. Each strand is 32 feet long and includes 325 warm white LED bulbs in a wave pattern. The strings hanging from the strand are up to three-feet long for a beautiful icicle effect.

BestCircle Outdoor Curtain String Light Image courtesy of Amazon


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