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Spread Some Holiday Cheer With These Festive Christmas Socks for Guys

While certain gifts may be more popular (or unpopular) than others, you can never really go wrong with socks. Even at Christmas, they’re one of the best presents to receive and give.

Think about it: everybody wears them, and most of us struggle to find a matching pair in our drawer. There’s a whole range of different sock shapes available these days, and everyone has their favorite. Here are a few of the most common:

  • Ankle Socks – These socks cover your whole foot snuggly, hold onto your heel and end just above your ankles to show the world a glimpse of your socks between your pants and shoes. This extra bit at the top also serves to keep your ankles warm in the winter and sweat-free in the summer. 
  • No-Show Socks– These are the ideal foot companion for sportswear, low-cut shoes and those who don’t want to show the world their socks of the day. They have a much lower finish than ankle socks and sit just below the ankle.
  • Slipper Socks – One reason to look forward to colder nights and winter weather is slipper socks. Often knitted and usually fluffy, slipper socks are a sock alternative to traditional slippers that will keep your comfy and cozy around the house. 
  • Toe Socks – One of the more novelty sock designs is the toe sock. Each little piggy wrapped as its own individual sock and then attached to the bigger sock which encompasses the rest of your foot. These socks are not common, but they are funny. 

Once you’re sure of the best type of sock for you, it’s also important to consider the materials with which they’re made and how they will feel on your skin. When buying socks, the materials used will be listed within the item description, and you’ll see that most socks are made of a blend of materials. Some common sock materials are:

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  • Cotton – Although cotton is a soft and breathable material, it’s also very absorbent and will harbor sweat rather than insulate the feet like others. Cotton is also great as a base material but should be blended with other materials for the best socks.
  • Polyester – Cotton’s man-made cousin. Polyester is a cheaper, less absorbent and longer-lasting alternative to cotton. However, it isn’t as soft or breathable. 
  • Wool One of the best materials for socks. Wool socks don’t always have to be the chunky winter socks that we automatically think of. Wool socks can also be super thin and handle the heat of feet extremely well.
  • SpandexOur socks need to stretch over our feet, and a hint of spandex can help with that a lot. This is a synthetic fabric that’s extremely stretchy and flexible. 

With Christmas just around the corner, we thought we’d take a look at some of our favorite holiday pairs. For stocking stuffers, or just to keep your feet warm and cozy on Christmas morning, these are the best Christmas socks we’ve been able to find for the season.


1. Good Luck Sock Christmas Tree Christmas Socks


There’s nothing quite like heading to the farm to select the perfect Christmas tree. In the spirit of that lovely tradition, Good Luck Sock has crafted a pair that pays proper tribute to one of the season’s most wonderful activities, as each sock is garnished with a repeating pattern of a car with both trees and gifts saddled on top. It’s a festive look that’s sure to leave anyone wearing them feeling merry and bright.

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Image courtesy of Good Luck Sock


2. Socksmith Women’s Cocoa Christmas Socks


Sometimes you want a pair of socks that are just plain fun. That’s certainly the case with this set of Coca Christmas socks from Socksmith. Decked with a repeating mug pattern that features the big man himself, this is a festive reminder of one of the holiday’s best traditions. The comfortable blend of cotton, nylon and spandex makes this the perfect comfort sock to wear while you’re sipping your own mug of hot cocoa — preferably fireside.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


3. The Sock Drawer Santa Flamingos Christmas Socks


Gift a tropical Christmas to your loved one for under $10.00 with these Santa Flamingos Socks from The Sock Drawer. The cute repeating pattern shows many flamingos dressed in Santa’s most famous accessories. They’re also wearing his famous boots but are, of course, standing on one leg. The socks are made of a thin and comfortable cotton/nylon blend, and versions for both men and women are available.

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Image courtesy of The Sock Drawer


4. The Sock Drawer Happy Challah Days Socks


If you or someone you know is celebrating Hanukkah, don’t miss out on the chance to share challah joy with these socks from The Sock Drawer. With a repeating challah bread, wine glass and menorah pattern, you’ll want to put these men’s socks on time and time again. At crew length, they’re long enough to slightly peek out from under a pair of dress pants, while the blend of cotton, polyester, nylon, and spandex provides a good balance of comfort and stretch.

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Image courtesy of The Sock Drawer


5. Hipbabyboutique Truck Christmas Socks


Give the gift of personalized socks with the Hipbabyboutique Truck Christmas socks. They’re available in men’s, women’s or youth sizes and are individually handmade to order. On the left sole, there’s a vintage red truck carrying a Christmas tree, and on the right, you can personalize the foot message at the time of ordering. These would make a great gift for special friends or family this holiday season.

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Image courtesy of Etsy


6. Dorakitten Christmas Socks


These soft socks come in four super cute designs and were made for gifting. In each four-pack, you’ll get one Santa Claus pair, one reindeer pair and two snowman pairs. The socks themselves are made from polyester fiber and spandex for a stretchy and light fit that’s ideal for wearing around the house or in bed. In addition to these furry socks, you’ll also get four gift boxes and four Christmas cards, making these the ideal socks to give to kids, friends or family.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Happy Socks Holiday Big Dot Cozy Sock


These formal socks from Happy Socks come in sizes for both men and women and feature designs that are fun without being informal. The bright Christmas colors make these the best Christmas socks of the season to put under the tree. However, the understated design is still formal enough that these socks can be worn anywhere. And, as an added bonus, the socks aren’t overtly Christmas themed, so you can keep wearing them all winter long.

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Image courtesy of Happy Socks


8. Knee-High Half Cushioned Athletic Running Sock


It’s cold outside, so stay warm in style with these wonderful holiday running socks. Designed to fit shoe sizes large and small, these hilarious holiday socks come in all kinds of different styles, but the iconic elf look is clearly a classic. They make a great gift idea for runners, too.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


9. TeeHee Christmas Socks Gift Box


This Christmas Socks Gift Box from TeeHee includes 12 pairs of festive feet friends. They’re all made of a 97% polyester and 3% spandex material mix. Because of their versatility, these would make a great gift for anyone you know. TeeHee also offers a range of other fun themes to keep your feet holiday aligned throughout the year, including Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day and an Americana set, too.

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Image courtesy of L.L.Bean


10. Smartwool Women’s Bunny Slope Christmas Socks


While this pair of socks from Smartwool might not initially scream Christmas socks, they certainly are some of the most comfortable and coziest socks available right now. Their merino wool construction will help to actively wick moisture away from the foot, whether it’s on the slopes, around town, at the office, or even just lounging at home. Additionally, the entire sock is lined with a midweight cushion to provide all-day relief and extra support where it’s needed, which is definitely what you want when trying to relax in between crowds of shoppers and holiday parties. Plus, the festive winter design makes this pair perfect for the holiday season.

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Image courtesy of Smartwool


11. L.L. Bean Adults’ Cotton Ragg Sock


This Cotton Ragg Sock two-pack from L.L. Bean is a welcome winter addition to any sock drawer. These socks are available in four different color combinations with grey constant throughout. The accompanying colors to choose from are black, crimson, dark olive and desert rose. These are made in the USA using imported, itch-free, slub yarns and are knitted in a chunky style for comfort.

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Image courtesy of LL Bean


12. Happy Socks Christmas Advent Calendar Socks


This special edition Christmas Advent calendar from Happy Socks is a foot’s dream countdown to December 25th. The calendar is available in a number of different men’s and women’s sizes, and all the socks in the box will be of the same size. In the box, there is a range of different colors and the unique designs Happy Socks are famous for. The socks are made from 86% cotton, 12% nylon and 2% spandex.

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Image courtesy of Happy Socks