The 8 Best Christmas Tree Stands to Help Display Your Holiday Cheer Proudly

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When you think about the things you can’t wait to do at Christmas, it’s likely that hanging up your favorite ornaments, eating delicious food and getting merry on Christmas sherry all rank pretty high. One thing which almost certainly won’t make anyone’s list is mounting the Christmas tree. This seemingly thankless task is riddled with potential pitfalls, including a wonky look from a certain angle or, worst of all, an unexpected toppled tree during the decorating process.

And while the successful erection of the tree is very much taken for granted by non-tree-mounting house inhabitants, the reality is that any handy steps or tricks to minimize this often time-consuming process are welcomed with open arms. It’s for this reason that a lot of households invest in a built-for-purpose Christmas tree stand.

These handy devices are made to cut out the hassle of the mounting process for both real and artificial trees (if yours doesn’t have a built-in stand). Forget any crazy bucket and dirt ideas and enjoy the simple ease of clamping your tree into place in a matter of minutes. The stands also include water reservoirs to keep your real trees healthy and happy throughout the Holiday season.

Take a look at our top eight Christmas tree stands and find the right one to alleviate your tree-mounting troubles this season. Just remember, it’s important to buy the right size stand for your tree or vise versa to ensure it’s capable of managing the load. Our list includes stands for all sizes of households, all sizes of tree and an option for displaying your tree in a rotating fashion.

1. Krinner’s Tree Genie Christmas Tree Stand


With over 1,600 five-star reviews from Amazon users happy with the job it did, you too can trust the Krinner’s Tree Genie Christmas Tree Stand with your tree this year. This intelligent device can get your tree standing in under a minute through the simple peddle-and-tighten method and requires no physical assembly. It also comes in a range of sizes, allowing you to choose the right one for your tree, and includes a large water reservoir along with five extendable feet for additional stability.

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2. Holiday Time Artificial Tree Replacement Stand


Accidents happen, and if your artificial tree still looks great and has plenty of life to give but has taken a nasty knock and will no longer stand up straight, it could be a good idea to switch to a new base. The Holiday Time Artificial Tree Replacement Stand is a quick and easy answer to fixing broken stands and even includes a range of adapters to ensure your tree fits snuggly. It’s capable of holding trees up to eight feet in height or 75 pounds in weight, and sports feet which are designed not to scratch or damage your floors.

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3. Creative Co-Op Mini Christmas Tree Stands


Inside this pack of four Creative Co-op Mini Christmas Tree Stands, you’ll have everything you need to mount four different miniature Christmas trees. The pack includes two white and two black stands, which have a distressed finish with embossed detailing. Each stand includes three adjustable screws to ensure a tight fit around the trunk, while the cast iron material ensures there’s plenty of weight to keep your trees upright.

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4. JACK-POST Oasis Christmas Tree Stand


Do you have a tree under ten-feet tall and want a quick and easy way to stand it up? Try this JACK-POST Oasis Christmas Tree Stand. The highly durable stands use five eye-bolt screws to pressure your tree in place, while the centrally mounted spikes in the stand also keep the trunk from moving, too. The metals used in the stand are corrosion resistant for added durability, and the stand can also hold up to 1.5 gallons of water to keep your tree happy.

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5. Omega Christmas Tree Stand


As your Christmas tree stand will only be in use for around one twelfth of the year, it’s going to be stored somewhere for the majority of its life. For this reason, a choice like the Omega Christmas Tree Stand is a great idea, because it’s built with easy storage in mind, without sacrificing any of the tree-mounting abilities you require. The four adjustable clamps provide maximum contact with the tree trunk to ensure it remains in place, while the four removable legs keep the tree steady. The stand can handle trees between six and ten feet with a trunk diameter of up to five inches.

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6. JACK-POST Welded Steel Christmas Tree Stand


With its mix of deep green, gold and red, the JACK-POST Welded Steel Christmas Tree Stand is an attractive way to display your Christmas tree. The four adjustable T-nut eye bolts make securing your tree simple, while the attached water reservoir can hold up to 1.7 gallons of water to keep your tree looking great. The stand, which can accommodate trees up to 12-feet high with a seven-inch trunk, also includes a bottom-mounted steel spike to further add stability.

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7. Good Tidings Swivel Straight Tree Stand


The Good Tidings Emerald Innovations Swivel Straight Tree Stand is a two-piece tree stand, which can accommodate trees up to 10-feet tall. The device is constructed from an impact-grade polymer, which won’t crack or harm your floors. Mounting your tree involves attaching the small cup to the base of the trunk before mounting the whole tree inside the stand itself. The cup can also hold up to 3.5 quarts of water to help keep your tree looking healthy and fresh.

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8. Elf Logic Rotating Christmas Tree Stand


How do you make sure each one of your beautiful tree ornaments gets its fair share of the limelight? No one wants to be the ornament at the back in the shadows. The answer is simple –– The Elf Logic Rotating Christmas Tree Stand. When switched on, this handy device slowly rotates around 360 degrees, ensuring each and every part of your tree is on display. The remote control means you don’t even have to get up to enjoy the show, and it even lets you control your lights, too. The stand is capable of holding trees up to 7.5 feet tall with a trunk size of up to 5.5 inches in diameter.

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