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The Best Discounts for First Responders, Because They Deserve It

If we didn’t realize it before 2020, we’re now well-aware of how brave and essential first responders are in all of our lives. They sacrifice their own health and well-being every day to keep others safe, and for that, they deserve some discounts. 

For those frontline workers, EMTs, firefighters, police officers and more who are shopping for holiday gifts or treating themselves to a little something, it can be helpful to know about places that offer the best discounts for first responders. Not only will that make you want to support these businesses more than ever, but getting great products for lower prices is a small perk for the people putting their lives on the line. 

Keep in mind that the first responder discount cannot always be combined with other discounts, so with holiday sales coming up, you may have to pick and choose which deal you want to go with. Regardless, these are some of the best discounts for first responders, from sportswear brands to cozy furniture and bedding.


1. Adidas

A classic sportswear brand, there’s always something we need or want or could use from Adidas. They also happen to offer one of the most generous discounts for first responders who shop with them. Their ‘Heroes Get Rewarded’ program offers 30 percent off to any medical professionals, first responders, nurses, military members and teachers at, and 20 percent off in-store purchases.

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Courtesy of Twitter

2. Dickies

Once known for their functional work apparel, Dickies has become a trendy brand that everyone wants to buy from. They also offer a 10 percent discount off your total purchase for all first responders, military personnel and students. For any first responders looking for some cool and comfortable overalls, pants, jackets or beanies, Dickies is the place to go.

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Courtesy of Dickies

3. Yeti

Yeti is an essential place to offer a great discount for first responders, since they make tons of gear that can come in handy on the job, or just in day-to-day life. You may know of them for keeping your drinks cold, but they also make everything from apparel to chairs and luggage. All first responders, military members and veterans, and even government officials get 20 percent off Yeti products.

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Courtesy of Yeti

4. Gravity

Frontline jobs can be very stressful, so anything that can help them relax and relieve anxiety are much appreciated. Thankfully, Gravity offers 15 percent off to current and former military along with their spouses and dependents, as well as all first responders including law enforcement, fire and EMS. Their weighted blankets, robes, eye masks and more are the perfect products for first responders to get discounted.

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Courtesy of Gravity

5. lululemon

Staying in shape is essential for many first responders. Fortunately, lululemon makes top notch workout gear, and offers 15 percent off to military members and first responders in the US. This discount extends to active duty, reservists, veterans, firefighters, law enforcement, search and rescue, EMTs, medical doctors and licensed nurses.

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Courtesy of lululemon

6. Rothy’s

Rothy’s makes all sorts of comfortable and trendy shoes, which come in handy for anyone with a job that keeps them on their feet (or just likes to look stylish). As a thanks to everyone who spends their days building a brighter and healthier future, they offer a 20 perfcent discount on all women’s, men’s and kids shoes for first responders, teachers and medical professionals.

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Courtesy of Rothy's

7. Asics

When it comes to sportswear, Asics is an often underrated brand. They make great specialized shoes for all sorts of specific activities, from pickleball to wrestling and trail running, and they offer HUGE discounts to first responders. Medical professionals, military and any other first responders get 40 percent off all full-priced products online, and 25 percent off to teachers and students.

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Courtesy of Asics

8. Brooklyn Bedding

A good night’s sleep is the secret to performing well at anything, especially your job. For first responders, it’s even more important that they good quality rest. That’s why Brooklyn Bedding gives 25 percent off all of their products, including mattresses, pillows, sheets, and foundations, to first responders. If they’re well rested, they’ll be better equipped to serve.

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Courtesy of Brooklyn Bedding

9. Carhartt

If you haven’t seen someone wearing a Carhartt beanie already this winter, you must be living under a rock. Their overalls, coveralls, hats, boots and so many other accessories and apparel have become hugely popular, well beyond the workers who used to make up the majority of their customers. They also offer a great first responder discount that extends to all members of the military and the nursing community with 25 percent off all orders.

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Courtesy of Carhartt