Try an Artificial Christmas Tree This Year — Because Nobody Likes Cleaning Up Pine Needles

artificial christmas tree
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It’s officially the holiday season, and therefore the season of the Christmas tree. Let’s be honest, a real Christmas tree is a lot of work. You’ve got to pick one out, tie it to your car, drive it home crossing your fingers the twine holds up and it doesn’t fly off on the freeway, and get it inside the house. Then, after all of that, there’s the battle with the tree stand to get it up straight. Slowly but surely, over the course of the weeks leading up to Christmas, it shrivels up and drops pine needles everywhere, which you need to pick up. Overall, it seems less than worth it to me. Let’s go with an artificial Christmas tree instead.

There was a time when choosing an artificial option felt tacky rather than something you buy to make your home sparkle with Christmas cheer. Luckily, those days are over. In 2021, the best artificial Christmas trees are hard to differentiate from their genuine counterparts, and they actually boast a number of benefits, making them an increasingly popular option in many households.

The Benefits of Artificial Christmas Trees

One major advantage of an artificial Christmas tree is that they last for years and years, while a real tree is done in just one. Plus, artificial trees are easily stored in the loft and don’t create the post-Christmas pine needle mess ready to prick your feet. There’s also an environmental aspect for many people. Most people believe the practice of cutting down trees every year isn’t environmentally friendly. Although, of course, non-recyclable, plastic-based options have their drawbacks, too. 

Another benefit to artificial trees is the fact that, while the traditional idea of the Christmas tree remains the same, there’s plenty of scope for individual interpretation that cannot be found in their real-life counterparts.

Types of Artificial Christmas Trees

There are some truly unique and outstanding artificial tree options including:

So, if you’re thinking it could be time to give an artificial tree a try, check out the best artificial Christmas tree options available. 

Each one offers something different and unique, whether you’re looking for the tallest option, one that can fit in a small space or one which grabs your attention as soon as you walk through the door. Take a scroll through these festive options, and find the best (fake) Christmas tree for you.


1. Best Choice Products Spruce Christmas Tree


At 7.5 feet tall, the Best Choice Products Spruce Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree is ideal as the focal point of your living room this Christmas. The traditional design ticks all the right boxes and will serve as your tree of choice for years to come.

The easy-to-fluff branches sport more than 1,300 tips to ensure that the tree looks natural and full-bodied, and that also means there’s plenty of space for hanging each and every decoration. You’ll find the tree’s sturdy steel base is balanced enough to prevent any unwanted topples or unnatural wonkiness as it stands. Plus, the tree breaks down into three hinged sections for easy portability and storage throughout the year.

best choice products 7.5 foot spruce hinged artificial christmas tree on a white background Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Dunhill Fir 2′ Green Artificial Christmas Tree


The trouble with many artificial Christmas trees is that they can be hard to store once the winter season wraps up, which is why it can be worth opting for a small Christmas tree, such as this stout two-footer. The tree also comes with built-in lights, which you can control with a timer to ensure you don’t leave them on too long. It also comes with some decorations, so it’s ready to go right away.

Dunhill Fir 2' Green Artificial Christmas Tree Image Courtesy of Wayfair


3. National Tree Company Artificial Christmas Tree


If you’re after the biggest, baddest tree to fill a huge space, we suggest investing in the National Tree Company Artificial Christmas Tree. At 12 feet tall, this behemoth of a tree will dwarf any visitor in your home. And, the 7,794 individually crafted branch tips give you more than enough space for all your ornaments and lights. Furthermore, the foldable stand provides a sturdy base for your tree, while the durable, fire-resistant materials add a comforting level of safety.

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artificial christmas tree national tree company Image courtesy of Amazon


4. National Tree Company Pre-Lit Dunhill Fir Christmas Tree


At 9 feet tall, the Oncor Eco-Friendly Aspen Fir Christmas Tree is ideal for creating a Christmas focal point to be proud of. It’s got a 66 inch diameter and over 900 dual color LED bulbs that can easily alternate between white and multicolor lights, as well as alternate between 10 different lighting modes like a twinkle, flash or fade. The pre-attached, hinged branches drop down for a simple set-up, and it’s made with hypo-allergenic, fire-resistant needles that are durable enough to bring holiday cheer for years. It saves a tree from being cut down, and is made using sustainable and renewable materials, making this large artificial Christmas tree an excellent, eco-friendly choice. 

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national tree company artificial Christmas tree Courtesy of Amazon


5. West Elm Tiny Tinsel Tree


This tree from West Elm is cute, in a kind of Charlie Brown sort of way. Rather than going for realism, this tree is made with silver tinsel branches and has small colorful ornaments. The tree is only two feet tall, and it has a small base, making it easier to set down on a table.

artificial christmas tree Image Courtesy of West Elm


6. Puleo International Pre-Lit Slim Fraser Fir


With 2,093 branch tips, the Puleo International Pre-Lit Slim Fraser Fir Artificial Christmas Tree has plenty of space to display your Christmas decorations. These hand-crafted trees are produced from the highest quality materials to deliver an unmatched realistic appearance. And, at 9 feet tall, this tree would be difficult to miss, ensuring you can’t help but feel in the festive mood every time you pass it. As an added bonus, the tree also comes with 800 pre-strung, incandescent clear lights and is both flame retardant and non-allergenic.

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9 foot slim fraser fir artificial christmas tree on a white background Image courtesy of The Home Depot


7. National Tree Company Majestic Spruce


If you’re looking for a small tree, this option from National Tree Company is a traditional green color and has a fuller look with dense bristles. Plus, it comes with 35 low-voltage LED lights, which you can control using the integrated six-hour timer. Plus, since the lights are battery-powered, you can set the tree up anywhere without worrying about tripping over any cables.

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National Tree Company Majestic Spruce Image Courtesy of Target


8. Senjie Artificial Christmas Tree


You may be dreaming of a white Christmas, but if outside temperatures rarely fall below freezing, you’re probably going to be disappointed. Luckily, with the Senjie Artificial Christmas Tree in your home, you won’t have to worry. This realistic tree is covered in a fine layer of faux snow. It even has pine cones to complete the realist outdoor look. Furthermore, the tree boasts hundreds of branch tips for hanging decorations and comes in a range of different sizes.

best artificial Christmas trees senjie Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Industrial Lodge Home 3′ Green Spruce Artificial Tree


This tree from Industrial Lodge Home has a realistic look, with natural-looking needles and attention to detail paid to the branches as well. The stand is wrapped in a burlap sack, so you don’t have to deal with unsightly-looking plastic stands. The tree has no lights or ornamentation, so it’s a good option if decorating the tree is a favorite family activity. It’s a three-foot-tall tree, so it’s a good compact option for people in apartments or small homes.

Industrial Lodge Home 3' Green Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree Image Courtesy of Wayfair


10. Best Choice Products Artificial Christmas Tree


If you didn’t know, black Christmas trees are in this year. With this in mind, the Best Choice Products Artificial Christmas Tree is our top choice for this aesthetically bold and unique style. It comes in either a 6-foot or 7.5-foot option, sporting 1,477 and 1,749 tips, respectively. The tree also breaks down into multiple segments for easier storage, while the adjustable, all-metal stand ensures your tree enjoys a stable base. In addition, this all-black style is ideal for creating a Halloween tree in the months preceding Christmas.

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artificial christmas tree best choice products Image courtesy of Amazon


11. The Holiday Aisle White Artificial Christmas Tree


Dreaming of a white Christmas? This artificial tree from The Holiday Aisle features entirely white branches and needles, a white base and 50 built-in white lights. The tripod stand makes it easy to set up and keep sturdy. It’s two feet tall, so it’s a good option if you need a small tree for a studio apartment, or if you’d like to buy multiple trees to decorate different parts of the house.

artificial christmas tree Image Courtesy of Wayfair




12. Goplus 8 Foot Artificial Pencil Christmas Tree


Whether you’re short on space or simply prefer the look of a slimmer Christmas tree this pencil option from Goplus is a great option. It’s made with a sturdy metal stand in the middle for a stable, durable setup. It’s got four different sections that are easy to assemble and disassemble, and the branch tips are flexible so you can spread them out as much as you want for a real, full look. Since it’s slim, it’ll fit perfectly in a small corner or cutout in the room where a regular tree wouldn’t fit, and the dense, realistic PVC needles give it the appearance of a real tree without all the hassle.

Goplus artificial Christmas tree Courtesy of Amazon


13. Best Choice Products Alpine Pencil Christmas Tree


The Best Choice Products Alpine Pencil Christmas Tree is another slimline option which is great for rooms tight on space. However, unlike the other slim tree option on our list, this tree also features a raised base that provides a handy amount of space for storing large gifts or keeping the lower part out of the reach of pets and young children. It’s an ideal second tree choice and comes pre-lit with either 250 or 350 lights, depending on the tree size you choose. The large metal base also provides plenty of stability, making it a good choice for users worried about toppling trees.

artificial christmas tree best choice products Image courtesy of Amazon


14. Best Choice Products Rainbow Christmas Tree


This Best Choice Products Rainbow Christmas Tree is rather self-explanatory. From top to bottom, you’ll enjoy red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet repeating to give you the most visually striking Christmas tree choice on our list. Aside from the eye-catching color, the tree features everything you’d expect from a high-quality tree, including 1,213 branch tips, a tough, metal stand and hinged branches for easier storage.

artificial christmas tree best choice products Image courtesy of Amazon


15. Potalay Artificial Christmas Tree


The Potalay Artificial Christmas is like a blank canvas, all ready for you to paint your beautiful Christmas picture. The dense PVC needles give you a fire-resistant, non-allergenic and densely packed base to work with. The tree comes free from any decorations or lights, meaning it’s yours to decorate completely as you wish. In addition, it’s formed from three hinged sections that are easily put together or broken down for storage. The tree is also available in a 7.5-foot option for those with a little extra space.

best artificial Christmas trees potalay Image courtesy of Amazon


16. Vickerman Upside Down Artificial Christmas Tree


For something that will make the neighbors stare in your windows with wonder, try this upside-down Christmas tree. One of the major benefits of a fake or artificial tree is that you don’t have to go traditional with the size, shape or positioning, and this tree proves it. Narrow at the bottom and wide at the top, the Home Accents Holidays Upside Down Tree has 519 branch tips and comes with a metal tree stand.

artificial christmas tree Image Courtesy of Wayfair


17. HOLIDAY PEAK Fully Decorated Christmas Tree


If you’re not particularly great at constructing things or simply don’t have the time to spare for putting a tree up, this HOLIDAY PEAK Fully Decorated Christmas Tree could be right up your alley. It comes, unsurprisingly, fully decorated and in a pizza-style box and pops up in a matter of minutes. Simply, place the tree over the central stand, pull it up, plug it in and enjoy. Once Christmas is over, reverse the process, and store your tree for next year. The decorations include red and gold ornaments, a big red bow and 350 warm lights.

artificial christmas tree holiday peak Image courtesy of Amazon


18. National Tree Company ‘Feel Real’ Christmas Tree


If you want an artificial tree but feel like the biggest thing you’re going to miss is the feel of a real tree, it’s definitely worth considering this National Tree Company ‘Feel Real’ Christmas Tree. This advanced tree choice boasts Feel Real Tips which deliver remarkable realism through their crush-resistant, molded structure. For added ease of putting your tree up and decorating, the tree also comes pre-lit with 800 UL white lights. Plus, you’ll find that the folding base, hinged branches and multi-part body make storing the tree especially easy.

artificial christmas tree national tree company Image courtesy of Amazon


19. Home Decorators Collection Twinkly Christmas Tree


Ever dreamed of having a Christmas tree you could control with your smartphone? Well, dream no longer. This Home Decorators Collection Twinkly Rainbow Christmas Tree sports 600 RGB LED lights which can be controlled using the accompanying Twinkly smartphone app. Choose your favorite colors, pattern and timing with the app for a truly personalized tree this Christmas. In addition to a large number of lights, the alternative Christmas tree also boasts 3,404 PVC branch tips for a realistic appearance and plenty of space to hang your ornaments.

artificial christmas tree home decorating collection Image courtesy of The Home Depot


20. National Tree Company lit Artificial Christmas Tree


The National Tree Company lit Artificial Christmas Tree is a beautiful Christmas tree, pure and simple. It comes in four different sizes and includes cones and realistic pine branches for a truly realistic appearance. You’ll also find that the tree comes pre-lit with a generous amount of UL white lights which combine with the cones to deliver a classy, festive feel that will radiate throughout your home.

artificial christmas tree national tree company Image courtesy of Amazon


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