Catch a Whopper With The Best Fishing Gifts for Dad

Fishing Gift Ideas

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Are you the son (or daughter) of a fisherman? If so, you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up the 18 best fishing gifts for Dad. Whether he’s an avid fisher or the occasional lake-goer, these gifts are sure to please. Do you cherish the time you spend with your old man by the water? Make sure to get yourself some items, too. It’ll sure make the experience more enjoyable. 

When it comes to hobbies, fishing is definitely on the more expensive side, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wrangle up a few fun gifts on a budget. From polarized fishing glasses to handy LED gloves (which are a must when you’re casting out in the dark) to even a few gag gifts, your pops is sure to love anything you get him off of this list.

Check out our favorite fishing gifts for dad below.


1. Fishoholic Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

Keep the summer sun out of Dad’s eye with these handy polarized fishing sunglasses. Made with an extra durable composite frame and UV400 protection, your dad’s eyes will be protected in even the harshest lighting conditions, and, well, the glasses will stay protected if (and when) he drops them. The glasses also come with their own lens cleaning cloth and carrying case.

Fishoholic Glasses Courtesy of Amazon

2. CAMPORT Folding Camping Chair

Unlike other outdoor activities, fishing’s more of a waiting game, which means Dad’s keister is gonna need some comfort. This handy folding chair is a must-have for all those summer fishing trips. At just over three pounds, it’s incredibly lightweight yet strong enough to support 300+ pounds easily. The smart, foldable design also makes it easier to pack this camping chair along with your other gear. Best of all, it even comes with its own built-in cooler bag to help keep your drinks nice and chill.

Folding Camping Chair Courtesy of Amazon


3. LED Flashlights Gloves

Many fishers say the early morning hours are the best time to fish, but if you’re heading out to water in pitch black, you’re gonna need a little help finding your way. Fortunately, these LED flashlight gloves take the middleman out of seeing in the dark. Simply slip these gloves on and turn on the LEDs to get all the light you need to help see in the dark. You and your dad can cast out without ever having to use a flashlight.

LED Gloves Courtesy of Amazon

4. Potty Fisher Toilet Fishing Game

Sure, it’s more of a gag fishing gift for dad than anything else, but when your dad opens this toilet fishing game, you’re bound to hear a few laughs. This little game comes with all the components you (or your dad) need to get your fishing fix without ever leaving the porcelain. And really, what more could anyone ask for?

Potty Fisher Courtesy of Amazon

5. Sptlimes 77Pcs Fishing Lures Kit

For the dad who loves to fish but never has enough bait, this lure kit is a must. It features six different types of bait, with 77 total pieces in all. It’s also expertly laid out so dad won’t have to waste time searching for that one ‘purple lure thingy.’ This lure set is made from a mix of durable metal and soft plastic, giving it more of a diverse range than other lure sets.

Lure Set Courtesy of Amazon

6. Fishin’-Opoly

There are already dozens of different types of Monopoly based on your favorite shows, so it makes sense that they’d make a few based on your favorite pastimes. Fisin’-Opoly features the same basic rules and layout as the original, only this one’s (obviously) all about fishing. With four different variation options on ways to play, it offers more variety than your standard Monopoly game.

Fishin Opoly Courtesy of Amazon

7. ReelSonar Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder

Some people enjoy playing the waiting game while their lure bobs about; others prefer to zero-in and cut straight to the chase. If your dad is the latter type of fisherman, this smart fish finder is a smart fishing gift idea. This Bluetooth sonar device features an extra-long battery life and can provide extra accurate sonar readings up to an impressive 135 feet. It also easily syncs with most smartphones for easy readings.

ReelSonar Courtesy of Amazon

8. Organized Fishing Camo Round Floor Rack

What do you get the dad who has more fishing poles than dad hats? A rack to keep them all in one place! This baby is designed to hold up 15 rods and combos, which, we hope, is more than enough space for your pa. The easy, fuss-free assembly makes piecing everything together a breeze, and the handy rubberized feet help prevent it from tipping over — no matter how heavy those rods are.

Organized Fishing Set Courtesy of Amazon


9. FALETO Outdoor Boonie Hat

Available in 11 cool colors, this classic outdoor hat is a must for everyday fishermen. Lightweight and extra comfy, this Boonie hat is made from 35% cotton and 65% polyester. It also features two eyelets on either side for a little added breathability, which will definitely help keep your dad’s noggin cool on those hot summer afternoons on the water. It also comes with an adjustable chin strap so he doesn’t have to worry about the breeze blowing it away.

Fishing hat Amazon

10. Camping Mug

Everyone needs a good camping mug, and this lightweight tin cup is great for tea or coffee while out on the water. Enjoy an early morning with this Gentlemen’s Hardware mug day or night. An excellent gift for the early riser fisherman. Constructed from lightweight steel and coated with rugged, durable enamel, this cup is sure to last a lifetime.

Camping Mug with fish hook pattern Courtesy of Amazon


11. La Crosse Weather Station

Fishermen enjoy knowing the weather ahead of time and gifting the La Crosse weather station will surely be the most useful tool you could give your fishermen. An all knowing weather station, it tells the current temperature, humidity levels, chance of precipitation, the date and time and barometric pressure. The La Crosse weather station will be a handy machine to keep around the deck.

La Crosse Weather Station Courtesy of Amazon


12. Freshwater Fish Pint Cups

Keep your spirits strong with these classically designed pint cups made from stainless steel. Durable and set for a long day on the boat, these cups are great for day trips, backpacking and all kinds of adventures. Your fishermen friend will thank you once you both have a drink from these Freshwater Fish Pint Cups.

Freshwater Fish Pint Cups Courtesy of Amazon


13. Gentlemen’s Hardware Pocket Penknife Tool

Everyone needs a tidy pocket knife and this unique fish design will surely delight every fisherman you meet. It’s a great gift for anyone on a boat who may find themselves in need of a blade for any use. This gold-colored fish easily conceals the knife while keeping it clean and tucked away from sight when not in use. Great to have around in fishy situations.

Gentlemen's Hardware Pocket Penknife Tool Courtesy of Amazon


14. Stainless Steel Odor Rub Away Bar

A unique tool that anyone who works with their hands will appreciate is a stainless steel bar. This seemingly innocuous piece of metal rubs away odors like fish, grease, salt and grime. It functions just as well with water as without. Treat your dad with this fishing gift and we promise he’ll thank you for it.

Stainless Steel Odor Rub Away Bar Courtesy of Amazon


15. YETI Soft Cooler

This small and portable cooler will keep lunches and drinks cool while out for a day on the boat or for a beach adventure. Keep your snacks cool while you fish the day away and never feel in need of a refreshing drink because it will always be at your side. A higher price point gift, the recipient will feel very grateful for the YETI portable cooler.

YETI Soft Cooler Courtesy of Amazon


16. Fishing Rod Case

Keep your rods safe and secure while you worry about the rest of your day. This fishing rod case is durable, with two main compartments and side pockets, made from a sturdy canvas and is water proof as well as weather proof. Capable of holding a few rods, this bag has a shoulder strap as well as handles. An excellent gift for the industrious fishermen with too many rods to count.

Fishing Rod Case Courtesy of Amazon


17. Portable Ice Fishing Shelter

A pop-up tent for ice fishing will be useful during winter fishing and for a day on the beach during summer. Having a tent for warmth can really make or break your day while ice fishing when the cold begins to cut through the clothes and bite at the skin. Warm up in a pop-up tent, sip a hot beverage, or chill for an hour while your rod sits in wait. Lightweight, easy to store, and easy to set up, this is the ultimate gift for any fisherman.

Portable Ice Fishing Shelter Courtesy of Amazon


18. Fish Flip Flops

This gag pair of slippers makes a great fishing gift for dad. Comfortable sandals that are waterproof and made for standing around near the dock while the fish are being caught, these shoes will delight anyone. Available in many sizes for adults and children and available in many colors as well.

Fish Flip Flops Courtesy of Amazon