7 Gag Gifts For The Smart Alecs & Pranksters on Your List

Best Holiday Gifts for Pranksters
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* Gag gifts and pranks
* From hilarious stocking stuffers to insulting literature
* Plus, the world’s worst cologne

Whether you love or loathe the season, laughter helps with the whole holiday cheer thing. Winter holidays give us plenty to laugh about after all, especially now that the internet has made some of the more obscure and strange midwinter traditions more visible: like the Krampus, that goat-horned demonic anti-Santa who runs around beating you with a stick.

It’s also the one time of year when people will eagerly reach into an old sock, and often eat what they find in there. So, in the spirit of holiday mischief, here are seven gag gifts for the Merriest pranksters on your holiday shopping list.

1. Shakespeare Insult Generator

A great joke book courtesy of the Bard himself, who was almost as fond of pranks as he was of puns and making up words.

Shakespeare Insult Generator Courtesy Amazon

2. Remote Control Fart Noise Machine

They can hide this in the couch cushions for at least two and a half minutes of pure fun. Great for anyone with a Shakespearean sense of humor.

remote control fart machine Courtesy Amazon

3. Assence Gag Perfume

This charmingly named gag “perfume” features the eau de “toilet” scent.

Gag fragrance Courtesy Amazon

4. Talking Toilet Paper Spindle

This has to be one of Amazon’s strangest products at the moment: you can record a custom personalized message on this spindle, and it plays whenever someone takes the toilet paper.

Talking toilet paper spindle Courtesy Amazon

5. Hairy Belly Fanny Pack

An Instagram sensation! Not quite, but we’re sure it could be. Don’t have that oh-so-desirable dad bod yet? You can wear this to cover up your unsightly six-pack.

Hairy belly fanny pack Courtesy Amazon

6. Subtle Butt Fart Concealing Charcoal

This one might get the award for the best-named product. Subtle Butt: no, it’s not a new kind of Spanx or padded bike shorts. It’s a charcoal pad meant to soak up and conceal fart odors. Also, it’s a hilarious way to give someone on the “naughty” list literal coal.

Subtle Butt Courtesy Amazon

7. Dave Sott’s Ultimate Prank Kit

This is a sort of compendium of classic pranks. It even includes rubber snakes.

Prank Kit Courtesy Amazon

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