Stranger Things: 10 Useless Gifts You Actually Really Want To Buy

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* 10 of the strangest, most useless gifts out there
* Perfect gifts for the person who has it all
* Great gag gift or to use for Secret Santa and White Elephant gifts

One of the best parts of holiday gifting is buying completely useless items you’ve always wanted for someone (or yourself). Whether as a gag gift for a friend, a shot at your office nemesis, or a supplemental gift for a loved one, comically useless gifts are always fun. To help find the best one we’ve rounded up 10 of the best pointless gifts out there. Beware: you may end up wanting these more than you thought.

1. Close Up Gift of Nothing

When literally giving someone nothing isn’t an option, give them the gift of nothing. Some people might consider it poetic, but most will just laugh.

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2. Accoutrements Hand Finger Puppets

We’ve all wished our fingers each had a hand of their own, and now they can! For less than $10, you get a set of ten hand finger puppets that look pretty funny, and don’t do anything else.

Finger Hands Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Denny Blaine & Co Poop Emoji in a Bag

This stinky poop emoji plush comes packaged in a dog poop bag that’s great for gifting. Ideal for the family dog or the naughty-list child.

Emoji Poop Doll Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Play Visions 450 Nose Game

The Cup-and-Ball game is useless to begin with, but Play Visions has done the impossible and made it even more useless by putting it on a pair of glasses. Shake your head around and try to land ball in the cup.

Cup and Ball Glasses Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Accoutrements Men’s Handerpants

Have you ever felt naked under your gloves? Probably not, but now there’s handerpants – the underpants for your hands. They protect your hands from chafing, and are sure to get a laugh every time you whip off your gloves.

Funny Gloves Underwear Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Accoutrements Yodeling Pickle

Yodeling is okay, and pickles are okay, but together they make something exceptionally useless. It makes a great gift because your giftee almost certainly doesn’t have one.

Funny Pickle Toy Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Comfort Smart Fire Crackler Sound System

This fire crackler sound system makes the perfect edition to electric fireplaces by providing that romantic wood-burning crackling sound. Or, just have it by your bedside to give you the illusion of having a warm fire to coax you to sleep.

Fire Sound Machine Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Baby Mop

Roomba too expensive? Put your baby to work with this onesie mop outfit instead. The baby can go about their normal business, but your floors will be sparkling clean.

Baby Mop Onesie Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Sparkle Farts Unicorn Plush

Another completely useless but wonderful gift is this farting unicorn plush named Sparkle Farts. Squeeze Sparkle Fart’s taco for phrases like “Do you want to see how rainbows are made?” and a symphony of unicorn farts.

Unicorn Stuffed Animal Image courtesy of Amazon


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