Dope Decks: The 9 Best Sets of Playing Cards For Sci-Fi and Fantasy Fans

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If you’re into playing cards and love Space Westerns, futuristic superheroes, horrific elder gods or actual space exploration, deal yourself in with these nine best playing card sets for sci-fi and fantasy fans. Because while Synthoids may prefer chess, poker is the universal game of humans in space.


Historians sometimes think of the early days of the Space Age as a kind of great international poker game. This set of commemorative cards lets you work on your poker face while celebrating NASA. Plus, even if you fold you can still learn about the cosmos.

NASA Courtesy ThinkGeek


2. Aliens

These Aliens playing cards feature H.R. Geiger-inspired Xenomorph artwork. Cards don’t get much more “wild” than these guys.

Aliens Courtesy ThinkGeek


3. Firefly

Playing cards are an appropriate tribute to Joss Whedon’s beloved, quaint “space western.” True fans will recognize your use of the show’s trademark Sino-English hybrid swear words when you get burned on a hand.

Firefly Courtesy ThinkGeek


4. Baby Groot

Get your Groot on with these cute Guardians of the Galaxy-inspired playing cards.

Groot Courtesy ThinkGeek


5. Cthulu

Card games have a long association with the occult: their origins shrouded in mystery, much like the monstrous Cthulu.

Cthulu Courtesy ThinkGeek


6. Chocobo

This artful set features designs inspired by one of Final Fantasy’s cutest and most enduring creations, the Chocobo.

Chocobo Courtesy ThinkGeek


7. Princess Bride

Take your card games from Go Fish to “as you wish” with this commemorative Princess Bride deck.

Princess Bride Courtesy ThinkGeek


8. Gremlins

This deck features custom Gremlins designs to celebrate the beloved ‘80s cult classic. Gizmo is the King of Hearts, of course.

Gremlins Courtesy ThinkGeek


9. Wizard of Oz

Is there a man behind the curtain, or are you just a wizard at bluffing? Some card games require courage, some require a brain, but whatever you’re playing, you can enjoy classic Wizard of Oz imagery with this deck featuring Dorothy, Toto, the Wicked Witch and more.

Wizard of Oz Courtesy ThinkGeek

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