The Best Gender Neutral Gifts For Everyone

gender neutral gift ideas 2021
Courtesy of Boy Smells
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It might make the Baby Boomers uncomfortable, but it’s safe to say the younger generations are evolving past gendered gift guides. Gift ideas don’t need to revolve around anyone’s role in your life or whether they present as a man or woman. (And making Boomers uncomfortable is just a nice bonus for Gen Z.) No matter who you’re shopping for, we know it’s hard finding gifts they’ll actually like or use.

The good news is, we’re all human. We can find other ways to relate to one another and don’t need to define someone in gendered terms to find something that suits them. Maybe you’re participating in some sort of white elephant and have no idea who will be on the receiving end of your gift, or you just want to be sensitive to the fact that identities can change. Luckily, there are plenty of product categories that aren’t gendered at all, and more companies are coming out with gender-neutral or unisex items every day.

Look, we’ve got plenty of gift ideas for women and gifts for impossible men, but gender-neutral gifts are really just more sensible for some folks. Because why wouldn’t you want to get something that everyone can enjoy? Sharing is caring. It opens up the opportunity for loaning out or regifting. Don’t put your loved ones in a box. Get them one of these wonderful gifts that anyone can appreciate.


1. Dagne Dover Carryall Weekend Bag


Dagne Dover has become known for its sleek and sturdy bags that are designed to meet all of your travel and style needs. The Landon carryall is no exception. It comes in five sizes and seven colors, has a built-in laptop sleeve, interior mesh and zippered pockets, an exterior phone pocket, detachable key leash, luggage handle and longer crossbody strap, and it comes with a separate shoe bag. There’s really nothing you could need for a weekend getaway that this bag can’t accommodate. The fact that it’s built to last and makes you look very put together while traveling is just icing on the cake.

gender neutral gifts, gray carryall bag Courtesy of Dagne Dover

2. Mixology Bartender Kit


Everyone knows someone who has become a bit of an amateur bartender over the last year. It can be fun to try to master your favorite cocktail, but it often requires many tools that most of us do not have. This is the perfect affordable and stylish home bartending kit to make all of those cocktail dreams come true. It includes 10 essential tools that all fit into a cool bamboo stand for an easy way to store and display everything you need right on your home bar. This was one of the most popular Christmas gifts featured on Spy in 2020, and it’s still a great gift idea for any grown-ups on your shopping list.

Mixology & Craft Bartender Kit Courtesy of Amazon

3. Boy Smells Gardener Candle


A blend of citrus, tomato, orange tree bark and honeysuckle plus the fact that it comes from a very cool brand make it impossible for anyone to not love this candle. Boy Smells was intentionally conceived beyond the gender binary, which is refreshing given that many scents have historically been categorized as “girly” and therefore ostracize a huge chunk of the market. These products embrace masculine and feminine energies, are aesthetically pleasing and happen to smell amazing.

boy smells gardener candle Courtesy of Boy Smells

4. Herschel Elmer Beanie


Everyone’s ears get cold in winter weather, so everyone could benefit from a solid beanie. And with all due respect to the Carhartt Watch beanie, we’re loving this Herschel classic with a wide rollover cuff. This accessory is also one of our favorite gender-neutral gifts because it will look good on almost any head and comes in 20 color options to match any style preferences. There are solids, stripes, a Mickey Mouse emblem or some tie-dye option if you’re trying to keep up with the trends.

herschel elmer beanie in tie dye, gender neutral gifts Courtesy of Herschel

5. Powerbeats Pro Totally Wireless Earphones


Wireless headphones have become extremely popular, and for good reason. Whether you’re commuting, exercising, running errands or even just cleaning the house, it makes it a whole lot easier to listen or take calls with zero wires holding you back. These adjustable, secure-fit earhooks by Beats are comfortable, stable, sweat and water-resistant and have long-lasting, powerful and balanced audio. Each earbud can connect separately to the extended range Bluetooth, and they’re great at filtering out external noise.

powerbeats pro wireless earphones Courtesy of Walmart

6. Ivy Park x Adidas All Gender Nylon Track Jacket 


A good portion of this Adidas x Ivy Park collaboration is designed for anybody, regardless of gender, which is why it’s one of the top gender-neutral gift ideas of the year. It helps that oversized clothing and athleisure is particularly on-trend right now, like this very cool light blue nylon track jacket. It’s intended to be a gender-neutral regular fit, and offers a wide range of sizing options from 2XS to M. All of the clothing in this line is comfortable and stylish, but this jacket will definitely make anyone stand out, in a good way.

ivy park athleisure, gender neutral gift ideas Courtesy of adidas

7. Mophie Ultra-Slim Wireless Battery Phone Case


Many of us are spending lots of time on our devices these days, so it’s essential to have long lasting battery life. If a regular old full charge isn’t enough, this Mophie wireless battery case will help. Including the hours from the phone itself, it can give you up to 81 hours of music playback, 31 hours of talk time, 18 hours of video playback, or 16 hours of web browsing. The case can even recharge wirelessly or through a USB port, and it’s not nearly as bulky as it should be for providing so much power. It also offers some impact protection for drops and bumps, which is always key in a phone case.

mophie ultra slim phone case Courtesy of Amazon

8. Parachute Speckled Waffle Robe


Spending more time at home also means spending more time as comfortable as possible, which can be achieved in this Parachute robe. The lightweight waffle texture means it can be worn in any season, but the indulgent fabric somehow still keeps you super cozy. It’s extra-long so it’ll cover all of the necessary bits on everyone, and comes in two speckled neutral colors inspired by fall knitwear. The consensus among reviewers is that it’s soft, light and fits like a glove.

gender neutral gifts, parachute waffle robe Courtesy of Parachute

9. SOCCO Striped Crew Socks


Retro is in, in case you hadn’t heard, and that trend seems to have merged with a heightened focus on high socks. These unisex crew socks with retro stripes come in tons of different colors and designs and offer a sizing guide based on any shoe size. They’re fun and comfortable with a cushioned sole, making them a perfect gift that combines style and necessity.

gender neutral gifts, striped socks Courtesy of Walmart

10. Kiehl’s Hydration Essentials 4-Piece Set


Skincare is universally important. All skin suffers similarly and is susceptible to the same risks, so helpful, good-quality products are always appreciated. Kiehl’s is a favorite for reliable products with neutral branding, which applies to everything in this hydration essentials kit. Give the gift of quenched skin with this cleanser, body cream, face cream and lip balm that anyone would happily display in their bathroom.

gender neutral gift ideas Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

11. Piecework Feeling Flushed 100 Piece Puzzle


This vibrant, 1000 piece puzzle is sure to occupy anyone for quite some time. Piecework has always been dedicated to quality time in the great indoors, which turned out to be much appreciated this year as that was our only option. If you know anyone who has taken up puzzling in quarantine, this is a great addition to their collection. It’s full of contrast, intricate details, bright colors and textures. Plus, you get something beautiful to look at when you’re done.

Feeling Flushed piecework puzzle Courtesy of Piecework Puzzles

12. Trade Coffee Subscription


Everyone working remotely has probably been brewing more coffee at home than ever before. Yes, it saves money, but it may also feel less exciting or indulgent. This is the perfect coffee subscription to gift if you want to help someone explore some amazing new roasts and spice up their morning brew. You can choose from three, six or 12 bags, and the recipient gets to input their preferences to ensure that they’re matched with the perfect roasts. They also have the option of continuing the subscription at their chosen frequency and adjusting it as they go.

trade coffee subscription, gender neutral gift ideas Courtesy of Trade Coffee

13. Theragun Prime


We named the new Theragun Prime one of the top Christmas gifts of 2020, and we’re still obsessed with this percussion massager. (We’ve also named this the best massage gun, period.) If you’ve ever experienced soreness, you know how unpleasant it can be. You probably wished it would go away as quickly as possible so that you could attempt to work out again. Enter— Theragun. There are lots of personal massagers out there to target muscle soreness, but Theragun has quickly dominated the market with their percussive therapy devices. They’re extremely effective in deep muscle treatment, soothing tightness and tension to help you recover faster. The Prime model offers the same power at a slightly lower price point and makes a great gift for any athlete or avid exerciser.

theragun prime, best christmas gifts of 2020 Courtesy of Therabody

14. Illesteva Portofino Sunglasses


Everyone wears sunglasses. If you’re decently hip, you wear Illesteva sunglasses. These rounded Portofino frames with elevated corners and a stainless steel nose bridge have a retro yet modern vibe, and they happen to look pretty great on most face shapes. They come in six different color combinations, but this marigold and olive pairing is particularly cool. If you know someone who likes to be unique but on-trend, these are a sure-fire gender-neutral gift idea.

gender-neutral sunglasses Courtesy of Illesteva

15. Vertly CBD Cooling Recovery Spray


If you know someone who’s tight, or sore, or hot, or tired, or sunburned, or anxious, this spray can help. With hemp extract and menthol, it can calm tired limbs and cool the skin— just spray a few pumps anywhere that needs soothing. There are very few people that wouldn’t benefit from a CBD spray like this, so you really can’t go wrong.

vertly CBD spray Courtesy of Vertly

16. Zone Minimalist Silicone Coasters & Stand


These are the perfect universal coasters. Non-slip silicone, a raised lip all around, five color options and sleek Danish design mean they’ll look great in any room and keep your tables pristine. They come with six in a set and a matching metal holder to help keep them all accounted for.

zone serveware, gender neutral gift ideas Courtesy of Zone

17. Leatherology Medium Journal


Introspection and quiet moments of reflection aren’t gendered, which is why a handsome journal like this is one of the best gender-neutral gift ideas. Sometimes all it takes is a notebook you can’t wait to fill to break that writer’s block. Everyone will want to carry around this luxurious leather-bound journal wherever they go, which is sure to inspire some of their best writing. It’s well crafted, buttery soft and will age beautifully to establish that sort of writerly look that makes people take you seriously. The paper is removable so it can be refilled as needed, and you can even have the cover monogrammed or hand-painted to give it a truly personal touch.

Leatherology notebook journal, gender neutral gift ideas Courtesy of Leatherology

18. Saatva Organic Weighted Blanket


Weighted blankets have been around for a while, but it can take some trial and error to find the right one. You want it to be soft but not too hot; heavy without making it impossible to move underneath. The Saatva weighted blanket meets all of those requirements, and will likely delight even those who have been reluctant to explore this trend. The plush organic cotton velvet with diamond quilting is breathable yet incredibly comfortable, and the all-natural glass beads provide gentle, even pressure. It comes in two colors and two different sizes/weights, both of which promote relaxation and wonderfully restful sleep.

saatva weighted blanket Courtesy of Saatva

19. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug


The downside of hot beverages is that it can be difficult to finish them before they cool off. We want to be able to savor our warm, comforting drinks, especially in the winter months, but they just don’t taste the same once they’ve been reheated in the microwave. This Ember temperature-controlled smart mug is the perfect solution. It allows you to set an exact temperature so that your drink is never too hot or too cold, and will maintain that chosen temperature for up to 1.5 hours. The base has a built-in rechargeable battery and a smart LED light that tells you when the beverage has reached your temperature of choice. The best part is that it looks pretty darn close to any other mug— you’d never even know it was so high-tech.

ember smart mug Courtesy of Ember

20. Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Water Bottle with Straw Lid


People finally seem to be realizing that plastic water bottles should be avoided at all costs. Reusable water bottles have almost become an elite accessory, with everyone trying to keep up with the best new brands and carrying them around wherever they go. If you know someone who likes to stay eco-consciously hydrated, get them a Hydro Flask. It’ll keep their drinks ice cold for 24 hours or even piping hot for 12, made with durable, dishwasher-safe stainless steel and powder color coating, and has a new sleek and simplified design. This wide mouth 40 oz bottle with a straw lid is so easy to fill and sip that it’ll make you want to stay hydrated.

hydro flask water bottle, gender neutral gift ideas Courtesy of Hydro Flask

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