Show Your True Love and Devotion This V-Day With These Delicious Gift Baskets

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Courtesy of Harry and David
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Gift baskets get a bad rap for the most part. They’re the bland, uncreative gifts typically sent within corporate relationships over the holiday season or from your distant aunt and uncle who probably couldn’t pick you out of a lineup. Sure some of them contain delicious goodies — but some can really be a letdown with stale crackers, weird dried fruits and cookies that taste like they were made last Christmas. However, we’re here to bring gift baskets back and make them a thoughtful, worthwhile gift once again. There are many foodie gift options out there that come in basket- or box-form, and will delight everyone from the coffee lover to the produce enthusiast and chocolate fanatic.

We’ve gathered the best gifts baskets for any occasion and anyone you’re treating for their birthday, anniversary, work celebration or new baby. Gift baskets make your job as the gift-er easy by coming pre-packaged with festive decorations and a curated selection of goods from all over the country. We’ve tried to cover many of the areas in which baskets shine — like snacks, cheeses, meats, etc. Pick one out and rest assured that whatever your gift-ee unwraps inside will taste good, hit the spot and make them feel special. Here are the best gift baskets for 2021 and beyond.

Valentine’s Day 2021

Harry and David Deluxe Valentine’s Day Gift Box

If you need a go-to gift for your love this Valentine’s day this gift box from Harry and David is a must-buy. It’s a perfect box for the lovely occasion filled to the brim with salty and sweet treats including the famous Riviera Pears, shortbread cookies, gouda cheese and more. Raspberry and dark chocolate make this box themed for the holiday as well as a Valentine-themed sticker sheet that adds some festive flair.

deluxe valentine's day gift box, best gift baskets Courtesy of Harry and David

Best Savory Gift Baskets

1. Murray’s All-American Collection


One of the best gift baskets you can give or receive is one filled with cheese. This cheese basket from Murray’s contains cheeses from some of America’s top producers from Vermont, Brooklyn and California. You get four cheeses along with some charcuterie to round out the flavors, and some flatbread to enjoy your snacks with.

murray's cheese gift basket, best gift baskets Courtesy of Murray's


2. Harry and David Grand Meat and Cheese Gift Box


Charcuterie is one of America’s favorite pastimes, and instead of lugging themselves to the store and curating their own board you’re gifting someone the chance to unwrap and enjoy with this extensive gift box from Harry and David. Charcuterie, while delicious, can be confusing. Which meats go with which cheeses? Do olives still go with everything? What spreads should I get?! Take away the stress and let delish experts Harry and David guide you — they won’t steer you wrong.

harry and david meat and cheese gift basket, best gift baskets Courtesy of Harry and David


3. Stonewall Kitchen New England Gift Basket


This gift basket is breakfast in bed and a gourmet gift all rolled into one. Stonewall Kitchen makes some of the tastiest jams, butters and baked good mixes around — and with this gift basket you get a few breakfast favorites your gift-ee can choose between. You’ve got their Farmhouse coffee blend, a pancake/waffle mix, cinnamon bun mix, maple syrup and a few delectable jams. This is a go-to for anyone who peaks during the most important meal of the day, and for whom breakfast will always be their favorite.

stonewall kitchen breakfast gift basket, best gift baskets Courtesy of Stonewall Kitchen


4. Balducci’s Hostess With the Mostess Gift Basket


This gift basket is perfect for the dedicated host or hostess in your life, who always goes above and beyond for their guests and deserve a treat in return. It includes a whole plethora of appetizer snacks from top brands including Divina Feta-Stuffed Olives, Columbus Italian Dry Salame, Balducci’s Toffee Almonds and artisan olive oil. It also comes with cheese knives, a bamboo cutting board and an olive oil pourer and dish for dipping. Gift the best of the best and hopefully your host will invite you over to enjoy some.

balducci's gift basket, best gift baskets Courtesy of Balducci's


5. CraveBox Care Package


If you’re less motivated by aesthetics and more invested in quantity — this snack box from Amazon packs 45 goodies into one convenient box that’s easy to send. It contains a wide variety of snacks from Goldfish to Chex Mix and Twizzlers — all of which fit a variety of occasions. This box is bigger than most so your gift-ee will be stocked up for a while.

CraveBox snack box, gift basket, best gift baskets Courtesy of Amazon


6. Quintessential Zabar’s Basket


If you’ve never had lox from Zabar’s it’s time to indulge. Their gift baskets are expensive, but oh so worth it if you can swing it. This one comes with all of their quintessential goodies including salmon, salami, bagels, rich coffee blend and assorted cookies and desserts. The basket comes with free 1-day shipping so everything arrives fresh no matter where you are in the country. If your friend loves brunch, sweets or just a really good bagel — you can’t go wrong with this extravagant gift basket.

zabar's gift basket, best gift baskets Courtesy of Zabar's


7. Tame to Insane Hot Sauce Box


That one friend that dumps chili flakes and hot sauce on literally everything? This is for them. This hot sauce box from Fuego Box packs some serious heat no matter what your spice tolerance level is. It’s got sauce for adding an extra kick to most foods and other concoctions that’ll set your mouth on fire. Spice lover you need a gift for? This one’s perfect. With an 11-sauce lineup it’s a hot sauce challenge in a box delivered conveniently right to their door.

tame to insane hot sauce box, best gift baskets Courtesy of Food52


8. Carnivore Club Classic Box


This is another great charcuterie option for gifting that has more of a meat focus —  for those who would prefer to skip the cheese and head straight for the prosciutto. The Carnivore Club is a charcuterie subscription box that highlights different artisans monthly, shipping their cured meats all over the country. You can also gift single boxes, like this one which includes 4-6 premium cured meats from a top-rated curator.

carnivore club box, best gift baskets Courtesy of Carnivore Club


9. Maxi Premium Ultimate Assortment of Turkish Treats


Sometimes the best snacks are the ones you’ve never tried before. This box of Turkish snacks is super highly rated on Amazon and filled with salty and sweet snacks from Europe and the Middle East. If you’ve got a friend or partner who loves to try new things or misses traveling — this gift basket is a great addition to any celebration.

turkish snack gift basket, best gift baskets Courtesy of Amazon


Best Sweet Gift Baskets

10. Vosges Chocolate Grande Gift Tower

Sometimes, it’s best to stick to the basics. This chocolate gift tower contains enough caramel, toffee and interesting flavors to go around. It has an exotic truffle collection inside with flavors like horseradish, lemon, hazelnut praline and sweet Hungarian paprika (not all together… don’t worry). Chocolate never disappoints so no matter who you’re purchasing a gift for, you can’t go wrong with this eclectic, delicious mix.

vosges chocolate tower, best gift baskets Courtesy of Vosges


11. Mrs. Field’s Sweet Sampler Basket


That warm aunt or grandma who always seems to have the best cookies? Mrs. Field is that for everyone, and this sampler basket of hers has to win the cookie category for best gift baskets. Her cookies are legendary, so you can’t go wrong treating a cookie lover to them. This basket includes 18 nibbler bite-sized cookies, 12 brownie bites and two frosted rounds that complete the bunch. There’s something in here for everyone, so hopefully your gift recipient decides to share.

mrs. field's cookie gift basket, best gift baskets Courtesy of Mrs. Field's


12. The Milk Bar Sampler


There’s nothing that commemorates a celebratory moment in someone’s life quite like Milk Bar’s pie. If you’ve never had their brown sugar oat cookie pie you should probably purchase this sampler gift box for yourself, as it’s got a slice amongst other delicacies. This box includes a slice of Milk Bar pie, a 3-pack of their rainbow truffles, and a sampling of all of their cookie flavors. This dessert legend won’t disappoint, and the decorative tin it comes in makes for easy gifting.

milk bar sampler box, best gift baskets Courtesy of Milk Bar


Best Fruit/Produce Gift Baskets

13. Harry and David Royal Riviera Pears


Okay I admit, “Best Pears” is a bit of a niche category but if you’ve ever had a Harry and David pear you understand. Their fruit is truly unparalleled and comes perfectly ripe each and every time. They have a variety of gift baskets to choose from and I recommend you peruse their entire selection. You can also skip to the good stuff and purchase this gift box dedicated exclusively to pears if you’re more fruit than cheese.

best pears gift box, best gift baskets Courtesy of Harry and David


14. Melissa’s Produce Exotic Fruit Gift Basket


If your gift-ee loves fresh fruit then open their eyes to the wonders of exotic fruit they’ve probably never tried before. This 8-pound assortment includes asian pears, blood oranges, baby pineapples, starfruit, lychees and more, depending on availability. All the fruit arrives ripe in a gift basket and they can all be stored on the counter so fridge space won’t be eaten up by your gift.

melissa's produce exotic fruit gift basket, best gift basket Courtesy of Goldbelly


15. Baby Veggie Gift Basket


Another great gift is a big basket of veggies, like this one from Melissa’s that contains a wide variety of baby veggies ready to be cooked. This 7-pound gift is perfect for someone trying to eat healthier or who finds nothing more satisfying than a full fridge. Produce is subject to availability but possible inclusions are artichokes, beets, turnips, potatoes, cauliflower and eggplant.

baby veggies gift basket, best gift baskets Courtesy of Goldbelly


Best Beverage Gift Baskets

16. Fortnum & Mason Deluxe Tea Bag Assortment


Nobody does tea like the English, and Fortnum & Mason have been royal suppliers of tea blends for over 300 years. They’ve been honored with Royal Warrants of Appointment numerous times for their flavors and hold up today as one of the premiere tea destinations for flavors across the globe. This assortment is perfect for a tea lover, and contains 120 bags of their signature flavors ranging from Wedding Breakfast to Jubilee Blend to the Queen Anne Blend as well.

fortnum & mason tea assortment, best gift baskets Courtesy of Williams Sonoma


17. The Ultimate Whiskey Sampler Bro Basket


This website The Bro Basket makes great alcohol-themed gift baskets including this whiskey sampler that contains nine different sample bottles of whiskey as well as gourmet popcorn and recipe cards. The bottles range from Jameson to MaCallan and there’s a 12 oz. tumbler included as well so they can start mixing immediately upon arrival.

bro basket whiskey sampler basket, best gift baskets Courtesy of The Bro Basket


18. Indulgent Coffee Selection Gift Box


We’re all jonesing for java constantly, so this gift basket is applicable to anyone and everyone who loves a nice sip of something energizing each morning. This gift basket is curated by the Coffee Beanery and contains some of their best and most indulgent roasts. Each basket contains 12 different flavors of 100% Arabica coffee that’s hand-flavored after roasting. The bags have decorative designs and each one is sized for a one-pot sampler so your gift-ee will get a great sense of their favorites.

coffee selection gift box, best gift baskets Courtesy of Amazon


Best Pampering Gift Boxes

19. Spa Luxetique Gift Basket

A little pampering has never hurt anybody, and this gift basket is a great option for someone who could use a chance to put their feet up, exfoliate, moisturize and don a face mask or two. Everything inside this basket is made with natural ingredients like Sunflower Oil and Vitamin E — and contains relaxing essential oils like lavender and eucalyptus. Inside the basket you’ll find bath bombs, bath salts, bubble bath, moisturizer and more. The whole basket also comes in a beautiful spa tote bag that your gift-ee can use again and again.

spa gift basket, best gift baskets Courtesy of Amazon