18 Totally Pawesome Gifts for Animal Lovers and Pet Owners

gifts for animal lovers
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The holiday season is upon us which means gifts for friends of all kinds – old, new, tall, short, and four-legged. An easy way to an animal lover’s heart is through their pet. Chances are, if they love animals they’ve adopted one of their own — a cat, dog, or multiple of each. A happy pet equals a happy owner, and whether your gift is more skewed towards a human or the animal, you’ll be making them both happy. The owners will always be happy to receive something animal-themed, and the animals will love something food or snuggle-related. The market for animal-themed gifts has exploded alongside pet ownership, so there are plenty of top-notch gifts out there for animal and animal-owners of all kinds.

From the cushiest beds to hammocks to brain-teasing toys, these presents are guaranteed to produce a purr and tail wag. Bring a smile to a furry face with the best gifts for animal lovers.


1. Casper Dog Bed

Casper mattresses are known for delivering a dreamy experience and now dogs can snooze just as comfortably on a version of their very own. The memory foam beds offer plenty of support and relieve pressure. There’s plenty of extra material on the top for pups who like to scratch away at their sleeping spot, plus the microfiber blend is made to be tough and rip-resistant. Fido’s bed will always stay fresh with a removable and machine washable cover. It’s available in three sizes and three colors.

Casper Dog Bed Courtesy of Amazon

2. Dog Goody Box

This is a great holiday-themed gift for animal lovers this season. It’s made for dogs and is built by pet owners so you know everything included is legit. The box includes a holiday-themed bandana, a cozy blanket, a toy and two full-sized treats for their four-legged friend to try. Each product included is top-rated and the box comes with a fun list of holiday-themed activities and traditions your friend can start with their pet.

chewy dog goody box, gifts for animal lovers Courtesy of Chewy

3. Personalized Dog Blueprint

Each dog is the beautiful result of a whole mix of genetic attributes, so whether your animal lover has a squishy Pug or a graceful Great Dane they’ll love this visual breakdown of their species. This mid-century modern architectural aesthetic creates a detailed drawing complete with design “specs” and details about breed, temperament and geographic origins. Each one is distressed to give it a fun vintage look and comes framed and ready to hang.

personalized dog blueprint, gifts for animal lovers Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


4. AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post and Hammock

Everyone loves a good hammock and that even goes for cats! This plush cat hammock comes with a pair of scratching post pillars, making it a feline haven. The sturdy scratching posts are built to last and have natural jute fiber to help kitties keep their nails healthy. It comes in beige and gray; both are neutrals that will blend into the home.

AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post and Hammock Courtesy of Amazon

5. Laptop Cat Scratching Pad

If your cat owner is working from home at the moment, they’ll appreciate this gift. Chances are their cat is making itself right at home on their keyboard every chance they get and sending strange messages to their entire team. This laptop scratching pad gives their cat a laptop of their own to engage with during the day. It even comes with the option to switch out the desktop image by simply printing something out and sliding it into the cardboard monitor.

laptop cat scratching pad, gifts for animal lovers Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

6. Whistle GO & GO Explore – the Ultimate Health + Location Tracker for Pets

Losing your dog is every pet owner’s nightmare. Yes, there’s microchipping, but this clever device offers a faster option. The tracker attaches to a pet’s collar and uses real-time location tracking so you can always pinpoint where your buddy is. You can opt in for alerts via email, text or an app when your pet leaves a designated safe spot. It also doubles as a health tracker, since it can be used to monitor behaviors like licking, scratching and sleeping, which can even be emailed to your vet every 30 days.

Whistle GO & GO Explore - the Ultimate Health + Location Tracker for Pets Courtesy of Amazon

7. Quality Pet Ear Nectar

Okay, hear us out! This item may not seem like the most fun gift for fido – but he’s going to be one happy dog once he gets an ear cleaning worthy of a royal canine. Regular ear cleanings with natural dog ear cleaners can help prevent infections from forming and they also ensure your dog is comfortable and can hear his owner’s commands halfway across the dog park. Often a little grooming and pampering is the best gift of all for your pet.



8. Cat Goody Box

This is a similar goody box to the one above — but it’s for cats! It includes top-rated stocking stuffers for cats handpicked by cat owners who know felines. The box includes two holiday-themed toys, a plaid cat chute for the holidays, and three full-sized treats for their cat to sample. The toys include catnip, a cat’s delight so they too will get a treat over the holidays.

goody holiday box for cats, gifts for animal lovers Courtesy of Chewy

9. FitBark Fitness Tracker for Pets

We can’t discuss the best gifts for pet owners without giving you a couple of options for pet fitness trackers, one of the top trends in the pet market right now. This fitness tracker comes courtesy of FitBark, which helps pet owners keep tabs on their pooch’s location via GPS. In addition, the FitBark app lets you monitor your pet’s stress levels and overall health.

fitbark - best gifts for pet owners Courtesy of FitBark

10. Embark Dog DNA Test

Gene testing and heritage identification is all the rage these days — and one of the best gifts you can give your animal lover is knowledge about their love bug. This DNA test can screen for over 350 dog breeds, varieties and types to identify their specific mix and where they come from. Whether their dog is pure bred or a mixture — this test will enlighten them about their unique animal and how to care for them. Embark also tests for 190+ genetic diseases and will alert them of any health conditions or predispositions they should know about.

Embark dog DNA test, gifts for animal lovers Courtesy of Amazon

11. MyPupSocks Custom Personalized Photo Pet Face Socks

We promise that every pet owner will want to get their paws on custom socks with their furry friend’s face on them! All you have to do is upload a photo of their pet, choose from one of the many color options and then watch the expression of joy on their face when they open the gift box. Made from high quality polyester, they’re soft and comfy.

MyPupSocks Custom Personalized Photo Pet Face Socks Courtesy of Amazon

12. Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll Rope and Ball Dog Toy

You’ll be hard pressed to find a game your dog loves to play with you more than tug of war. Okay, it might be tied with fetch, but this toy is a lot more fun than a slobbery old tennis ball and works for that game too! The Romp-n-Roll has a ball that won’t deflate no matter how many times your dog sinks his teeth into it, plus it’s non-toxic so you don’t have to worry. The rope is designed to have an easy grip to be tugged, thrown, carried and launched. Made in the USA, Jolly Pets supports organizations across the country that provide toys to shelter dogs.

jolly pets toy, gifts for animal lovers Courtesy of Amazon



13. Upsky Cat Toy Roller

If you think this adorable toy is fun to look at, just imagine how a cat will feel. The tri-level tower has spinning balls to keep cats busy, and it’s suited for more than one feline to play with it. It’s designed to trigger the natural hunting instincts of cats and will give them plenty of exercise for hours. Made from super strong, tear-resistant plastic, it’ll stand up to even the toughest claws. Its detachable layers make it a cinch to clean and the non-slip base keeps cats safe.

Upsky Cat Toy Roller Courtesy of Amazon

14. KONG Classic Dog Toy

A Kong is a must-have for every dog owner, and it’s one of the best gifts for pet owners who recently adopted a new dog. The classic toy is a puzzle that works a dog’s mind and body to figure out how to get out the treat from the center. The brain stimulator helps pups with their behavior and physical and mental development. Just fill it up with whatever treat your dog loves most, whether that’s peanut butter, kibble or bacon. Made from natural durable rubber, it has a nice bounce to it, so you can also use it to play fetch.

KONG Classic Dog Toy Courtesy of Amazon

15. Haute Diggity Dog Muttini Collection

It’s tough to name a drink more popular than La Croix, so this plush tongue-in-cheek Lick Croix will be just as amusing for your dog as it will be for you. To rack up the Instagram likes, you and your pup can each pose with the plush for him and a can for you. It’ll keep dogs busy on their own pawing and playing with it or you can get in on the fun with a game of fetch.

Haute Diggity Dog Muttini Collection Courtesy of Amazon

16. Modkat Litter Box

Cat owners know that dealing with the litter box situation can be a hassle. Thankfully, the innovative folks at Modkat have invented a litter box that will put an end to litter tracking once and for all — and look good doing so. Any kitty owner will love this sleek litter box that helps eliminate mess.

Modacat litterbox amazon Courtesy of Amazon


17. DYFTD The ORIGINAL ‘Did You Feed the Dog?

“Did you feed the dog?” It’s an all-too familiar question with an often familiar answer: “I can’t remember.” Enter the DYFTD feeding record chart, which is made to prevent such daily occurrences and provide an easy way to keep track of feeding your dog twice a day… no more and no less. The dog owner in your life will thank you.

dog feeder reminder amazon Courtesy of Amazon


18. lesotc Pet Water Bottle for Dogs

Spending time in the great outdoors is so much better with your dog by your side. Lugging his water bowl isn’t ideal though, but luckily this clever contraption is a two-in-one. The fold cap is a water bowl in disguise and can be folded back up after your dog gets hydrated. The built-in water pipe and top rotational buckle are specifically designed to be leak proof so you don’t have to worry about spills.

lesotc Pet Water Bottle for Dogs Courtesy of Amazon

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