Best Gifts To Get Your Boss In 2019: Find The Perfect Balance Between Price and Professionalism

best gifts for your boss
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If you want to pick the best gifts to get your boss for an upcoming holiday or birthday, then you need to choose wisely. Because as everyone knows, your boss is one of the hardest people to buy a gift for. Go too low and you’ll look like a cheapskate. But go too high and it’ll look like you’re passive aggressively angling for that promotion. You also want to choose an interesting gift without being inappropriate, and above all, you want to get something they’ll actually like (even if you hate them).

With so many competing factors to keep in mind, picking the right gift for your manager can seem impossible. To help tackle this age-old holiday challenge, we rounded up the best gifts to get your boss. These boss-friendly picks are reasonably priced but thoughtful and sure to put a smile on the top dog’s face, regardless of what he or she is into.

1. UGREEN Smartphone Dock

A great gift for your boss doesn’t have to cost your entire paycheck. This sleek smartphone charging dock comes in at just $7 and makes a great desktop upgrade, offering a place for your boss to stash, charge and access their phone while they work. Plus, the stand’s versatile design offers a good angle for video chatting or sneaking some Netflix at work (your boss does it too). It may not be the coolest gift in the world, but it’s one they’ll use on a daily basis.

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2. Takeya Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

Everyone loves a frosty cold brew but they typically require a trek to the coffee shop and around $6. With this handy iced coffee maker from Takeya, your boss can fix up a cold coffee right in the office. Just throw coffee grounds in the infuser, put water in the pitcher and leave the whole thing in the office fridge overnight for a cold caffeine fix in the morning. It’s so easy to use, and there’s a reason this handy coffee maker often tops lists of the best gifts to get your boss.

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3. Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

Ever see your boss fidgeting? Go for this Infinity Cube. It’s one of the best ways to keep your hands busy and your mind focused while you work. It’s composed of ABS plastic boxes and metal rivets, creating a flip-and-fold functionality. It sounds simple, but it translates to hours of stress-reducing fidgeting.

Fidget Toy Cube Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Palace Learning Vincent Van Gogh Poster

If your boss isn’t a fan of boring motivational posters or corporate art, give them one of these Van Gogh posters. They’re inexpensive at just $13 but well sized at 18 inches by 24 inches, seriously upgrading the ambiance of your boss’ office space. You could go with something tamer, but we think Van Gogh’s Skull with Cigarette provides some edge that any art-loving boss will appreciate.

Skull Painting Van Gogh Poster Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Head Honcho Desk Name Plate

For the boss with a sense of humor, opt for this “Head Honcho” desk nameplate. It reminds all your coworkers –– and the giftee –– who’s in charge in the office. But at the same time, it satirizes the rigidness of the old school office in a very modern way. If you don’t have a playful rapport with your boss, you might want to go with a better option, though.

Boss Desk Nameplate Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Arteck Portable Bluetooth Keyboard

Portable keyboards are great for any professional, student or traveler. When you’re on the go, these keyboards let you bust out a report, essay or long email much faster than using your thumbs on the screen. We recommend this one from Arteck because it’s very highly-rated with almost 3,500 reviews and 4.4/5 stars and it’s reasonably priced at $20. If you boss is in and out of the office frequently, this will be a well-loved gift.

Portable Keyboard Bluetooth Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Chanasya Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Throw blankets are one of the most versatile gifts on the planet, but they’re easy to forget about. And while they can get very expensive, you can find cozy, stylish options like this one from Chanasya for cheap. Your boss can use it as a plush office addition, or take it home and upgrade their living space.

Throw Blanket Fur Image courtesy of Amazon


8. HoMedics Percussion Action Massager

We all get wound-up at the office and a massage is the best way to de-stress. This one-handed massager is great for personal use, and at just $34 it makes an easy, thoughtful gift as well. It utilizes two powerful nodes and a heating function to deliver a warm, kneading massage on your back, shoulders, feet or legs. Reviewers say it’s incredibly easy to use, which comes in handy for your boss if they need a quick massage in the office between calls.

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9. Putt-A-Bout Indoor Putting Green

Does your boss daydream about playing hooky and hitting the golf course? If so, get them this indoor putting green. It lets them practice their short game during lunch or slumps at work and makes a much better break-time activity than scrolling through Instagram. This kind of indoor green is usually pricey, but we were able to find this highly-rated set from Putt-A-Bout for just $38. Your boss will certainly love it –– and he/she might even let you use it too.

Indoor Putting Green Image courtesy of Amazon


10. MaxGear Business Card Holder

Show your boss some professional love with this very sleek business card holder from MaxGear. It features a durable stainless steel construction and a modern and handsome look for great first impressions. And at $6, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a gift with the same bang-for-your-buck.

Business Card Holder Image courtesy of Amazon


11. BookFactory Password Journal

Most bosses have a lot of passwords to keep track of. From email logins, to protected documents and their banking info, all of those unique passwords can pile up quickly. Help them out with this handy password book. It allows your boss to organize all their passwords, usernames, addresses and more in one place. Plus, the more old-fashioned bosses will appreciate that it’s a real hardcopy book.

Password Book Image courtesy of Amazon


12. Top Shelf Flasks Personalized Flask

A personalized flask makes a great gift because it’s interesting, useful and not too serious. This one from Top Shelf Flasks has solid reviews across the board and a very reasonable price for custom engravings. It makes a funny piece of office decor –– or a device for sneaking an occasional early-evening drink.

Custom Flask Image courtesy of Amazon


13. World’s Okayest Boss Coffee Mug

This “World’s Okayest Boss” mug puts a funny twist on the classic “World’s Best Boss” mug. Just make sure your boss has at least a slight sense of humor before gifting. If not, that could lead to a pretty awkward moment and set you up for a dismal 2020. We’d recommend gifting this one with caution.

Funny Mug Image courtesy of Amazon


14. Profile Gifts Valet Tray

Valet trays are something people don’t usually think to pick-up, but become a necessity once you’ve used one for a while. They let you dump your keys, watch, phone, wallet and glasses all in one place without making a mess, and they look nice on your desk or cabinet. This one is especially handy with five compartments, including two for upright smartphones. Give this gift as a way to help your boss stay organized and keep their desk neat in 2020.

Valet Tray Image courtesy of Amazon


15. Tommy Hilfiger Leather Wallet

A classy wallet is a good gift for most people, but has a professional nuance that makes it a great gift for the boss. This one by Tommy Hilfiger features a cowhide construction and embossed logo, and it comes highly recommended with over 3,000 reviews. With all the positive reviews from such a well-loved brand, you’d think it would cost you a pretty penny, but nope, this wallet is yours for just $20.

Brown Wallet Tommy Hilfiger Image courtesy of Amazon


16. Fasmov Stainless Steel Man bookends

Bookends are another great gift for the top dog because they can be as professional or as silly as you want. We recommend these ones by Fasmov because they’re interesting but still have that professional feel. they’re made of a stylish stainless steel and feature pads to prevent scratches on your boss’ desk or shelf.

Book End Silver Image courtesy of Amazon


17. Iconic Home Wooden Zen Garden

Being the boss is usually stressful and everyone knows it. Acknowledge your boss’ ever-expanding stress levels with this calming mini zen garden. Not only is it a nice-looking piece to add to your boss’ desk, but this little zen garden will (hopefully) help pull your boss out of financial projections, meetings and spreadsheets and pull him or her into the moment as they swirl the sand and enjoy their lovely rock collection.

Mini Zen Garden Image courtesy of Amazon


18. Trtl Pillow Travel Pillow

Trtl is the most innovative travel pillow on the market, and it makes a great gift for the boss on-the-move. It’s essentially a structured scarf that lets you comfortably slump your head in a sitting position and catch some Zs. Plus, it folds up to fit into a bag or briefcase and provides much better head support than traditional travel pillows.

Best Travel Pillow Image courtesy of Amazon


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