The Best Gifts For Mom (For Any Occasion)

gifts for mom
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Moms should get nothing but the best gifts during birthdays and holidays, which means thoughtful, interesting items that show her the gratitude she deserves. But sometimes the pressure to get your mom a meaningful, useful gift can result in worrying and procrastination (which never leads to smart gift-buying). Every mom is unique, so how does one find the best gift for mom when there are so many options out there?

We hear your worries loud and clear, so we decided to do some digging. In scouring the internet, we found 12 great gifts for moms of all kinds. If you mom is a writer, we found an incredible journal she’ll love. If she prefers tea over coffee, she’ll swoon over our stainless steel tea infusers. Regardless of what your mom loves, you’ll find we have a great gift to help make the search for a gift a little less daunting.

1. Senbowe Stainless Steel Tea Infusers


These elegant stainless steel tea infusers are a thoughtful gift for any tea-loving mom. These charm-like infusers are easy to fill with any loose leaf tea, and the attached chain makes steeping hassle-free. These are an eco-friendly alternative to disposable tea bags, and she’ll find her tea is just as flavorful. Plus, a s they’re stainless steel, they’re easy to clean and won’t retain any odor or flavor from past usage.

Senbowe Stainless Steel Tea Infusers Image courtesy of Amazon Amazon


2. Mixology & Craft Bartender Kit


If tea isn’t really her thing, try this 10-piece mixology kit.  Each kit comes with a cocktail shaker, strainer, mixing spoon, double lever corkscrew, ice tongs, and more to ensure your mom has all the tools she needs to whip up her favorite cocktail. What’s more, the set comes in this included bamboo stand for a clean presentation. Try these mixology books and martini glasses, too.

Mixology & Craft Bartender Kit Image courtesy of Amazon Amazon

3. Sorbus Bamboo Countertop Wine Rack


If your mom is a wine connoisseur, entertainer, chef, or any combination of the three, she’ll love this bamboo countertop wine rack. We think a countertop wine rack makes a better gift than a real wine rack, as it’s less of a commitment and fits in almost anybody’s kitchen. This rack holds up to 6 bottles of wine and doubles as a nice display as well as a convenient way to keep her favorite bottles close by and organized.

Small Wine Rack Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Prepara iPrep Device Stand


Many home chefs still use physical cookbooks and forgo the usefulness of online recipes because it’s difficult to use a device while cooking. iPrep fixes this problem with an adjustable stand, integrated stylus and a non-slip rubber grip. The stand works with tablets of all kinds (Kindle, iPad, Samsung etc). If your mom’s a cook, she’ll absolutely love it.

iPad iPhone Cooking Stand iPrep Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Modern Innovations Marble Wine Cooler


A stylish marble wine cooler like this can be used as a rosé-chiller in the summer and a flower or utensil holder in the winter. To use, store the cooler in the fridge for a few hours prior to entertaining. Then, when you’re ready to open and chill your wine, simply take the cooler out, set it on the table and let the marble’s natural temperature retaining properties keep your drink looking cool and elegant. What’s more, at under $25, this is a great budget-friendly buy.

Modern Innovations Marble Wine Cooler Image courtesy of Amazon Amazon


6. La Jolie Muse Scented Soy Candle Set


Soft candlelight and relaxing scents are a great way to unwind. This set comes with four candles, with scents of white jasmine and mint, aquamarine, orange cinnamon clover, and Himalaya cedarwood. Each is crafted from pure soy wax and premium cotton to create an eco-friendly and cruelty free candle. If your mom is the type to come home from a long day, light some candles and unwind with a hot bath or glass of wine, she’ll love these scented candles from La Jolie.

La Jolie Muse Soy Scented Candle Set Image courtesy of Amazon Amazon


7. GBtroo Mason Jar Sconces With LED Fairy Lights


These mason jar sconces are a charming gift idea with a DIY feel. The twine and shabby-chic wood give these a rustic look, while the fairy lights and faux hydrangeas add elegance to the ensemble. The LED lights will also add soft illumination to any room for a relaxing atmosphere. And if your mom is the type to creative amazing decorations with things lying around the house, she’ll love these sconces.

GBtroo Mason Jar Sconce With LED Lights Image courtesy of Amazon Amazon

8. Natural Spa Bath Bomb Gift Set


Inspire your hardworking mom to take some self-care time with a bath bomb gift set. Beautifully wrapped, each bath bomb is crafted from natural and rejuvenating ingredients like essential oils, shea butter, and dead sea salt. Handmade, vegan, and organic, this is a gift she’ll feel good about using. Don’t be surprised if she asks for more next year!

Natural Spa Bath Bomb Gift Set Image courtesy of Amazon Amazon


9. Feela Dotted Bullet Journal Kit


If your mom enjoys arts and crafts, but feels too busy to justify her hobbies, then she’ll love this bullet journal kit.  Each kit includes gel pens, reusable stencils, sticker sheets, and washi tape to get her creativity on, even if she’s just planning out her day, writing shopping lists, or tracking her expenses. We love that the journals are compact but also come with a ton of tools, as well. She can easily slip the journal and a few pens in her purse so she’s ready whenever inspiration strikes.

Feela Dotted Bullet Journal Kit Image courtesy of Amazon Amazon

10. Thoughtfully Mason Jar Herb Garden Set


Bring the garden indoors and grow delicious herbs with this mason jar herb garden set. Each set comes with a separate mason jar of basil, sage, and rosemary seeds, and as they grow, she’ll be able to add fresh herbs to any of her kitchen creations. What’s more, as these little plants are self-contained, they make great additions to any office.

Thoughtfully Gifts Mason Jar Herb Garden Set Image courtesy of Amazon Amazon

11. PuTwo Metal Flower Vases


The minimalist yet sophisticated design of these rose gold flower vases will fit into any home decor. Each set comes with glass cylinder vases to hold single flowers or small bouquets, and the rose gold holders add an elegant finish to the collection. Give these as part of a gift, along with a nice bouquet of roses so she can use her present the moment she unwraps it.

PuTwo Metal Flower Vases Image courtesy of Amazon Amazon


12. Verdanesce Rose Quartz Facial Roller


Pamper your mom with the gift of a beautiful rose quartz facial roller. Facial rollers help skin care products like lotions, oils, and serums absorb into the skin, improve blood circulation, and reduce puffiness for healthier skin. It’s also a great tool to relieve facial tension and promote relaxation.


Verdanesce Rose Quartz Facial Roller Image courtesy of Amazon Amazon

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