21 Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas For Mom So You Can Be The Favorite This Year

best gifts mom 2019
Courtesy of Harper + Ari
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Christmas is coming, and even though it may seem far away, it’s not too early to jump-start your holiday shopping now. Mom deserves an extra special gift since she’s been there for you during the moments you needed her most. But moms can also be hard to shop for, which is why finding the best gifts for mom can be a challenge for even the most dutiful of sons.

When it comes to gifting, the best gifts are the ones that speak to her personality and showcase the gratitude she deserves. However, the pressure to get your mom a meaningful gift can sometimes result in dreaded decision paralysis — how does one find the best gift for mom when there are so many options out there? This year, don’t give in to gift indecision or procrastination. There are plenty of great gift ideas for moms.

In scouring the internet, we found 20 gifts for moms of all kinds, and the good news is it’s not too late to give a gift that will seriously impress her. Take a look at our top picks and choose the best gifts for your mom!

1. Kindle Oasis


Mom will love downloading her favorite best-sellers and magazines on her new waterproof Kindle Oasis, so she’s never stuck without a good read on her next commute or vacation. To take it up a notch, gift the e-reader along with a Kindle Unlimited gift card so she can get to reading right away.

best gifts for mom, kindle oasis Image courtesy of Amazon

2. Intelex Microwavable Cozy Slippers


These gorgeous, cozy slippers will transform chilly days. Not only are these slippers essential for snow-day snuggling and 2019 Hygee vibes, but they can be slipped right into the microwave so toes can stay toasty. Your mom will step into them every morning.

oprahs favorite things list 2019, cozy slippers, hygee gift Image courtesy of Amazon

3. Knock Knock What I Love About Mom Book


This simple, easy-to-fill-in journal will prompt you to share special sentiments with your mom in a way that’s not intimidating, yet incredibly meaningful. While she reads through the pages that contain nostalgic notes, from quirky to complimentary, she’ll be too distracted sniffling and tearing up to even notice you loading up on the brownie points. 

best gifts for mom, what i love about mom knock knock book Image courtesy of Amazon

4. Harper + Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes


You can’t put a price on self-care, which every busy mom needs more of. These sugar cubes are the ‘it’ gift to help her get that much-deserved R&R. These six exfoliating cubes are enriched with shea butter and aloe vera and they soften in water for a super soothing experience. Who needs a trip to the spa? Not your mom, if she has these.

best gifts for her Exfoliating Sugar Cubes Image courtesy of Amazon

5. Amazon Echo Auto


This new release from Amazon makes it possible for moms to access Alexa while on the go. From turning up carpool tunes to asking Alexa for scheduling reminders and adding last-minute foods to that growing grocery list, this gadget is an absolute lifesaver for busy moms. It will simply hook up via Bluetooth, but it can be connected via an auxiliary cord, too. If you opt for Amazon Music Unlimited as well, then the device can also replace satellite radio.

amazon echo auto Courtesy of Amazon

6. Margaritaville The Cookbook: Relaxed Recipes for a Taste of Paradise


This cookbook will remind your mom that life is good. Packed with feel-good recipes from flavorful Mexican dishes to sour margaritas (of course) and delish desserts, this cookbook contains recipes that will remind her of the good times, boost her confidence in the kitchen, and are easy enough to master so she can make them over and over again.

best gifts for mom, margaritaville cookbook Image courtesy of Amazon

7. La Chatelaine Luxury Soap Collection


This gift set features six French-made, luxury soaps and it includes beautiful blends like gardenia, coconut milk, lemon verbena, cherry almond, shea, and wild fig. Your Paris-loving la mère will adore it, and you can also snag a set for yourself or dish the soaps out as stocking stuffers. Even better, these soaps were one of Oprah’s favorite things in 2019.

oprahs favorite things list 2019, hostess gift, french soaps Image courtesy of Amazon

8. Stemless Copper Wine Glasses


Glassware is key for a sophisticated evening of drinking at home. These feminine copper wine glasses have a modern feel thanks to the stemless design and geometric copper-dipped sides. This set makes for a lovely gift to charm your mom for Christmas, her birthday, or any reason at all.

Stemless Copper Wine Glasses Image courtesy of Amazon



9. Bad Girls Throughout History


This chic book features profiles on 100 of the most revolutionary, badass women in history — from Cleopatra to Joan Jett. Not only will it make your mom feel like a rock star herself, but it will also make a great addition to any coffee table book collection.

Feminist Book Bad Girls of History Image courtesy of Amazon


10. LUNA Weighted Blanket


This blanket features 15 pounds of cuddle power. When your mom is curled up watching The Voice or Real Housewives, she can keep warm, calm, and snuggled in. This is by far one of the hottest winter gifts of 2019, and anxiety-reducing weighted blankets have skyrocketed in popularity. Let’s put it this way: If she doesn’t have it, she wants it.

LUNA weighted blanket, best gift for wife, gift ideas for wife Image courtesy of Amazon

11. Murphy & Daughters Cucumber Bath Salts


This beautiful bath salts gift comes in a classy container that your mom will save long after the salts are gone. This cucumber version features a floral design on a metallic, teal backdrop (there are eight different scents and styles to choose from), and the sun-dried Australian salts contain skin-restoring and detoxifying minerals to nourish and renew skin. Oprah also selected these bath salts as one of her favorite things in 2019, and if they’re good enough for Oprah, they’re good enough for your mom.

oprahs favorite things bath salts cucumber Image courtesy of Amazon

12. Instant Pot Duo


With more than 37,000 rave Amazon reviews, it’s no wonder why this Instant Pot will excite your mom. It speeds up the cooking process and also retains more nutrition thanks to limiting the amount of time food is exposed to heat. Plus, she’ll gain access to the Instant Pot app which provides over a thousand recipes, though chances are she’ll know just what to do with it! The multi-use programmable pressure cooker offers seven functions so your mom can steam, warm, slow-cook, or sauté her (and let’s be honest, your) meals. It makes yogurt, too. For all these reasons and more, the Instant Pot is absolutely one of the best gifts for moms in 2019.

best gifts for wife, gift ideas wife, instant pot duo Image courtesy of Amazon


13. Senbowe Stainless Steel Tea Infusers


These elegant stainless steel tea infusers are a thoughtful gift for any tea-loving mom. These charm-like infusers are easy to fill with any loose leaf tea, and the attached chain makes steeping hassle-free. These are an eco-friendly alternative to disposable tea bags, and she’ll find her tea is just as flavorful. Plus, as they’re stainless steel, they’re easy to clean and won’t retain any odor or flavor from past usage.

Senbowe Stainless Steel Tea Infusers Image courtesy of Amazon


14. Mixology & Craft Bartender Kit


If tea isn’t really her thing, try this 10-piece mixology kit.  Each kit comes with a cocktail shaker, strainer, mixing spoon, double lever corkscrew, ice tongs, and more to ensure your mom has all the tools she needs to whip up her favorite cocktails. What’s more, the set comes in this included bamboo stand for a clean presentation. Try these mixology books and martini glasses, too.

Mixology & Craft Bartender Kit Image courtesy of Amazon

15. Prepara iPrep Device Stand


Many home chefs still use physical cookbooks and forgo the usefulness of online recipes because it’s too difficult to use a device while cooking. iPrep fixes this problem with an adjustable stand, integrated stylus, and a non-slip rubber grip. The stand works with tablets of all kinds (Kindle, iPad, Samsung, etc). If your mom’s a cook, she’ll absolutely love it.

iPad iPhone Cooking Stand iPrep Image courtesy of Amazon


16. Modern Innovations Marble Wine Cooler


A stylish marble wine cooler like this can be used as a rosé-chiller in the summer and a flower or utensil holder in the winter. To use, store the cooler in the fridge for a few hours prior to entertaining. Then, when you’re ready to open and chill your wine, simply take the cooler out, set it on the table and let the marble’s natural temperature retaining properties keep your drink looking cool and elegant. And at under $25, this is one of the most budget-friendly gifts for mom.

Modern Innovations Marble Wine Cooler Image courtesy of Amazon


17. La Jolie Muse Scented Soy Candle Set


Soft candlelight and relaxing scents are a great way to unwind. This set comes with four candles, with scents of white jasmine and mint, aquamarine, orange cinnamon clover, and Himalaya cedarwood. Each candle is crafted from pure soy wax and premium cotton to create an eco-friendly and cruelty-free burn. If your mom is the type to come home from a long day, light some candles, and unwind with a hot bath or glass of wine, she’ll love these scented candles from La Jolie.

La Jolie Muse Soy Scented Candle Set Image courtesy of Amazon


18. Natural Spa Bath Bomb Gift Set


Inspire your hardworking mom to take some self-care time with a bath bomb gift set. Beautifully wrapped, each bath bomb is crafted from natural and rejuvenating ingredients like essential oils, shea butter, and dead sea salt. Handmade, vegan, and organic, this is a gift she’ll feel good about using. Don’t be surprised if she asks for more next year.

Natural Spa Bath Bomb Gift Set Image courtesy of Amazon


19. Thoughtfully Mason Jar Herb Garden Set


Looking for gardening gifts for mom? That can be a challenge during the winter gift-giving season. So bring the garden indoors and grow delicious herbs with this mason jar herb garden set. Each set comes with a separate mason jar of basil, sage, and rosemary seeds, and as they grow, she’ll be able to add fresh herbs to any of her kitchen creations. What’s more, as these little plants are self-contained, they make great additions to any office.

Thoughtfully Gifts Mason Jar Herb Garden Set Image courtesy of Amazon

20. Verdanesce Rose Quartz Facial Roller


Pamper your mom with the gift of a beautiful rose quartz facial roller. Facial rollers help skincare products like lotions, oils, and serums absorb into the skin, improve blood circulation, and reduce puffiness for healthier skin. It’s also a great tool to relieve facial tension and promote relaxation.


Verdanesce Rose Quartz Facial Roller Image courtesy of Amazon

21. Framebridge Custom Frames


This is one of our favorite gift ideas for 2019, but it’s especially perfect for your mom. The best gifts for moms speak to the special relationship you have, which is why these framed photos are the perfect gift idea. Framebridge lets you turn your smartphone pictures into beautiful, wall-ready portraits. Choose a frame of your choice, upload a favorite photo, and have the frame and photo print shipped to you. Don’t settle for a gift card; surprise your mom with the best gifts for mom of 2019.

best gifts for mom 2019 Courtesy of Framebridge