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The 35+ Best Gifts For Impossible Parents Who Say They Already Have Everything They Need

Parents are notoriously hard to shop for, and buying a gift for your parents can be fraught territory.  What could possibly compare to the gift of the countless life lessons that they’ve given you? They may say there’s nothing else they want or need, but there are of course some thoughtful things to get as a Christmas gift for the parent who has everything.

Depending on the age range and hip factor of your dear old mom and dad, there may be many product categories that they don’t even know exist. It’s possible that they’re unaware of the existence of smart mugs that can keep their coffee hot for hours without reheating, or a waterproof speaker to make showers that much more enjoyable. They can’t ask for things they’ve never heard about, which is where you come in. For the next birthday or Christmas, surprise them with one of these gifts for parents who have everything that they know of.

Parents can be hard to shop for in different ways. There’s the difficult to shop for dad who’s got very specific interests. Getting gifts for the mom who says she’s happy with anything is hard, because you can’t always be sure what she really likes. Many of our favorite gifts for dad and mom are also just the best gifts for her and gifts for men.

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If mom and pop, or the mother and father figure in your life, ask for nothing but you still want to somehow give them the best, read on to find the perfect gift for those particularly hard to shop for parents.

A cooler sits at the intersection of practical and exciting, making it the perfect gift for difficult-to-shop for parents. It’s a stereotypically dad-friendly gift, but it’s great for moms, too.

Maybe your parents have some records they forgot about sitting in storage. The Audio-Technica will allow them to enjoy music, while bringing back memories. Plus, with a built-in preamp and Bluetooth output, getting started will be easier.

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If you have a parent who needs the house to be spotless at all times, help them out with a robot vacuum that can clean for them. The iRobot Roomba learns your cleaning habits to offer personalized schedules and even connects to your voice assistants to control with vocal commands.

Pops might think he knows everything there is to know about grilling, but has he tried a pellet grill? Though they’ve been around for a while, they’ve started to pick up steam (or smoke) recently, gaining popularity for their incredible precision.

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The Orastone hand warmer makes a great stocking stuffer, and it’s one that’ll likely get plenty of use in the coming months.

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The Nixplay smart photo frame features a vibrant 10.1-inch screen that displays a slideshow of cherished photos. Best of all, it’s incredibly easy to use, and everyone in the family can share photos directly to the frame via email or app.

Buying perfume for someone is hard, because scent is so subjective. Travalo’s clever Atomizer lets you make a travel-sized version of your favorite perfume. Plus, there’s no glass to break.

A soundbar is a great gift for parents becuase it’s the kind of thing that solves a problem they might not have realized could be solved. Improving their TV’s audio quality is something they’ll appreciate.

Tech gifts can be hit or miss for parents, but the Echo Show 5 is an easy way for anyone to keep in touch with video calls, and it’s handy for checking the weather or that day’s agenda.

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Plenty of book lovers are e-reader skeptics, until they get one themselves. Once you have one, you’ll realize just how convenient and enjoyable your favorite books can be.

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Campfires are where the best memories are made, and the Solo Stove makes setting up a bonfire anywhere possible. The clever design of the Solo Stove is what sets it apart; the airflow burns off air before it turns into smoke, so you won’t have to deal with smoke in your face.


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Jewelry is always a good idea, but it can be hard to nail down someone’s taste. The good news is that Mejuri makes stylish pieces at a variety of price points and styles, so you can find one to suit different tastes. A gold cuff is a good place to start, because it’s timeless and simple.

There’s a decent chance your parents haven’t upgraded their TV in a long time. If they’re still using an outdated smart TV or one that’s not smart at all, a Chromecast with Google TV is by far one of the easiest and most affordable ways to upgrade an old TV.

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On its own, an electric kettle might not be the most exciting gift, so you may want to buy one that packs a little panache. Zwilling’s Enfingigy stays cool to the touch and has an attractive design.

Are your parents always dreaming of their next getaway? If you can’t spring for plane tickets for two, a coffee table book of their favorite destinations might bring back fond memories of travel. A book like Palm Springs Modern would also be great for any architecture enthusiast.

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Helping our parents figure out where they come from will also help us learn more about our roots. If your mom or dad has been dying to learn more about their heritage and build out the family tree, get them this Ancestry DNA Kit.

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For parents who love gardening, cooking or plant parenting, why not get them an indoor herb garden that allows for year-round growth and fresh herbs to use for cooking? Click & Grow is our go-to brand for indoor herb gardens.


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Learning doesn’t have to stop with school. If your parents are retired and have lots of time on their hands or just love to explore new topics and expand their horizons, get them an annual membership to MasterClass.

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This rotating caddy has slots for all of your parent’s remote controls, tablets and devices. We’re all prone to misplacing the remote control, especially as we age, and this helpful Christmas gift idea keeps everything organized and in place.

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Digital gifts and subscription boxes are some of our favorite last-minute gifts, but they also are some of the best gifts for impossible parents who swear up and down that they don’t need any more stuff. We’ve tested a lot of wine clubs, and Firstleaf is our absolute favorite.

I can’t speak for all parents, but my dad is constantly reheating his coffee in the microwave. This smart mug has temperature control that allows you to set an exact drinking temperature and maintain it for up to an hour.

The Theragun offers smart percussive therapy to target specific muscles with deep and powerful treatment. It’ll help them recover faster, ease discomfort and soothe tightness so that they’re ready for their next workout.

Some parents love to complain about all of their aches and pains and trouble sleeping. Get them something to help ease their troubles with the Casper pillow. The breathable weave stays cool, and the down-alternative fill is airy, soft and responds to movement.

If you have a parent who loves to cook, help them expand their horizons with this trio of flavored and aesthetically pleasing olive oils. It comes with three blends including lemon, chili and basil, and each label was designed by a category-changing artist.


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Every time I’m home, my mom tries to convince everyone to play Scrabble and then proceeds to take all of our turns because she loves it so much. My sister-in-law got her this deluxe scrabble board engraved with her name, and it was a truly thoughtful gift for a parent who has everything that she’ll treasure for years to come.

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The gift of preparedness is an underrated one. We’ve tested the Jackery Explorer power stations, and we were very impressed with their ease of use and longevity.

Apple’s AirTag will help parents keep track of their technology and other items, and it’s easy to use and set up. It’s the perfect gift for parents who have everything but can’t seem to find anything.

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Do your parents like to stay active? Recumbent exercise bikes are perfect for seniors who aren’t as limber as they once were, and Schwinn makes some of the best indoor exercise bikes. It’s definitely an investment, but it’s an investment in your parent’s health, and what’s better than that?


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If your parents like to entertain, they’ll love this personalized wood and marble serving platter. It’s perfect for cheese boards and charcuterie, and you can even have it monogrammed for a personalized touch.

If your parents are impossible to shop for, then why not buy them a gag gift that will make them laugh? The CouchCoaster could be just the gift idea you’ve been looking for. At the very least, it’s a fun stocking stuffer.


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Every couch needs a good throw to get extra cozy for naps and movie nights. Coyuchi’s throw is light to mid-weight, so you can use it alone in warmer seasons or layer in the winter, and the cool geometric pattern will look great draped over their favorite nap spot.


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If you don’t live in the same city as your parents, you know how much they love to come to visit you for a weekend. Help them travel in style with this Dagne Dover duffel.

Whether you have a parent who loves to cook or is just very particular about how they like to season their own meal, this battery-operated all-in-one pepper mill and spice grinder will be their new favorite appliance.


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If your parents love to cook but they’re still using the cookware they got from their wedding registry, it’s time for an upgrade. The Our Place Perfect Pot is exactly what they need since it combines every single pot and then some.

This at-home towel warmer will make every day feel like a spa day, allowing them to be greeted with a wonderfully warm towel every time they get out of the shower. It features an easily adjustable timer so they can set it to be nice and toasty at the perfect time.

Your parents probably got you out of bed thousands of times before school, and you can return the favor with this stylish Philips alarm clock, which uses soothing sounds and a simulated sunrise for a more gentle wake-up.

The iRoller works on any sort of computer, tablet or phone screen and helps them easily remove any dust, fingerprints or smudges. It’s a good optoin for a stocking stuffer.

Look, we know it’s kind of a cop-out, but gift certificates (e-gift cards especially) are one of the best last-minute gifts you can buy. And at this point, procrastinators can’t be choosers.