Snark Attack: 8 Best Gifts For Saracastic People

Best sarcastic gift ideas
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* Gifts for sarcastic colleagues, friends, family or enemies
* Say it with snark
* Because a veneer of irony is the key to healthy emotional expression

Everyone loves a cynic. In fact, while the legendary founder of Cynicism, the philosopher Diogenes, eschewed material possessions and lived, so they say, in a shipping container, he also received plenty of gifts from admirers, allowing him the luxury of austerity by choice, which, in general, philosophers much prefer to actual austerity.

This Diogenes also famously carried a lamp around in the daytime, the ancient equivalent of a flashlight, and when asked why, would say he was looking for an “honest man.” So if you want to follow in the great philosophical tradition and present your most cynical, sarcastic friend with a gift, you won’t need a lamp in the daytime to find one: we’ve collected them right here.

1. Sarcasm and Cynicism Stickers

These cheeky warning labels are a must for that sarcastic coworker whose delivery is so deadpan people often don’t know whether they’re being sarcastic.

sarcasm security sticker Courtesy Redbubble


2. National Sarcasm Society Sticker

This sarcasm society sticker has the added benefit of being actually sarcastic.

Sarcasm Society Sticker Courtesy Amazon

3. Anti-Sarcasm Breath Spray

Yeah, this should really work. Well, it will if you’ve got a literally foul-mouthed friend. It’s a working breath-freshening spray. So there’s that.

Sarcasm Breath Spray Courtesy Amazon

4. Snarky Adult Coloring Book

This is a bland, soothing, uplifting and wholesome coloring book. Not exactly, but it does give you a chance to add a dash of “off-color” humor to your coloring book collection.

Sarcasm Adult Coloring Book Courtesy Amazon


5. Sarcasm Mug

This office mug lets others know your sarcastic friend does have some earnest moments.

Sarcasm Mug Courtesy Amazon


6. Dictionary of Sarcasm

Ever heard of sarcasm? Why don’t you look it up in the dictionary, genius? Well, now you can make like Diogenes and take the idea to its logical conclusion with this dictionary of sarcasm.

Dictionary of Sarcasm Courtesy Amazon


7. Sarcasm T-Shirt

This T-shirt pretty much speaks for itself.

Sarcasm T-Shirt Courtesy Amazon


8. Elements of Humor T-Shirt

This T-shirt features a periodic table of humor. Elementary, my dear Watson.

Elements of Humor sarcasm t-shirt Courtesy Redbubble


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