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The Perfect Gifts to Make the Plant Parent in Your Life Happy

Buying a gifts for plant lovers is no easy feat. Odds are, they know more about horticulture than you do, and you run the risk of giving them something they don’t want (or worse something they don’t like).

But whether their gardening vibe is practical or whimsical or they’ve only just learned how to take care of plants, we’ve come up with the ultimate curation of gifts for every budget, one that will surely earn you a green thumb’s up. After all, everyone needs gardening gloves and watering cans — just be sure you buy a great one!

No matter the occasion you’re celebrating, here are the best gifts for plant lovers in 2022.

1. Philodendron Green


The air-purifying Philodendron is a favorite amongst newbie gardeners and plant connoisseurs alike. Available in one of The Sill’s stylish signature planters, this easygoing, fast-growing plant features heart-shaped leaves and trailing vines. A jungle-inspired look that fits any decor style.

Courtesy of The Sill

2. Click & Grow Smart Garden 3


Anyone with a green thumb (or without one, for that matter) will appreciate this high-tech smart garden by Click and Grow. Ideal for growing all kinds of herbs, veggies, fruit or flowers year-round, this is the ultimate gift for a foodie home gardener, bringing farmer’s-market quality and pesticide-free freshness right to their kitchen.

Courtesy of Click and Grow

3. Whale Fin Sanseviera


Have a friend who loves plants but isn’t great at taking care of them? No need to shame — just gift them this Whale Fin plant, which has a chic and minimalist effect with a large, singular leaf. It looks like a work of art and is practically impossible to kill, making it a no-brainer gift.

Courtesy of Bloomscape

4. Lemon Cyprus Plant


Giving off a vibrant neon hue, this Lemon Cypress Plant comes in a white fluted ceramic pot and is a citrus-inspired twist on your classic evergreen, bringing the perfect amount of cozy to any space. Featuring a lemony fragrance, this plant has feathery, needle-like foliage that provides a festive energy year-round. It’s low-maintenance and slow-growing, making this cone-shaped tree a superb (and affordable) gift for plant lovers. 

Courtesy of Greendigs

5. Reclaimed Wood Succulent Garden


Your gift recipient won’t need to deal with the hassle of finding a chic vase with this reclaimed wood succulent garden from An absolute stunner on any surface, this accent piece adds a decorative touch and is filled with easy-to-care-for mini succulents that will only need to be watered once every couple of weeks. Just be wary that the assortment of succulents may vary from what’s in the picture.

Courtesy of

6. Prickly Pear Cactus


The most drought-tolerant gift for forgetful plant parents, a cactus adds a cool Southwestern aesthetic that’s a little edgier than your average floral bouquet. Featuring beavertail-shaped pads, they require a no-fuss care routine and won’t get damaged in transit like more delicate arrangements. The best choice for that friend who might be a little prickly on the outside, even though they’re really a big softie. 

Courtesy of Bloomscape

7. Modern Sprout Seed Starter Trio


If you’re trying to find a more humble gift, opt for the Seed Starter Trio of Mighty Minis by Modern Sprout. With three biodegradable trays of cherry tomato, mini cucumber and baby eggplant seeds, this set gives the gift that keeps on giving – free veggies! A perfect intro for those who have always wanted to start their own garden but have been intimidated by the process.

Courtesy of Bespoke Post

8. Bromeliad Guzmania Yellow


Although the pink bromeliad is a striking statement plant in any home, not everyone is in love with the color. That’s why the yellow Bromeliad is a popular alternative, delivered in one of Bloomscape’s signature planters. A sunny reminder that’ll make it feel like summer year-round in your home, this vibrant and pet-friendly plant naturally grows pups that will develop their own bright flowers, making this a long-lasting tropical beauty. 

Courtesy of Bloomscape

9. Norfolk Island Pine


A much more chic, compact alternative to a Christmas tree, this elegant Norfolk Island Pine is an evergreen native to Australia and is available in medium and large sizes. Combined with The Sill’s clean, minimalist planters, it’s a modern-meets-rustic vibe that’ll add ambiance year-round, especially during fall and winter months with some fairy lights wrapped around them. A plant that shines on its own, but also fits in well with any other foliage. 

Courtesy of The Sill

10. Likha Baby Hippo Plant Pot


These animal-themed vessels are officially the most adorable planters we’ve ever laid eyes on. Made from sustainable coco coir and hand-crafted by community-based artisans in the Philippines, they inject playful energy into any space but are still neutral for sophisticated homes. They have pages upon pages of different animals and even a variety of dog breeds, making this the best gift for plant lovers that are also pet parents.

Courtesy of Likha

11. Plant Fridge Magnets


The only thing better than gifting a plant is gifting something that’s plant-themed but doesn’t require any maintenance. Enter this 14-pack of mini plant magnets, which are some of the best fridge decorations that we’ve ever seen. Made with soft wine cork “planters” these magnets are strong enough to stay up on any metal surface. Best of all? No watering required. 

Courtesy of Amazon

12. Modern Sprout Rooted Plantable Scented Candle


For the plant fan that also loves candles, Modern Sprout sells a Plantable Scented Candle. To start, this soy-blend candle is lit, spreading out a floral scent for up to 42 hours. Once it’s done, fill up the stylish ceramic vessel with the included Non-GMO seeds. Each scent comes with a different herb. For instance, rosemary and cucumber comes with rosemary seeds, while lavender and cedarwood is paired with lavender seeds.

Courtesy of Food 52

13. Artisan Trimming Shears


Shears are essential for any gardener, as they work to remove dead or damaged stems from plants. Removing these parts can reduce the likelihood of diseases or unwanted pests. This gorgeous artisanal pair can also be used for snipping fresh herbs. From delicate tasks to more resilient missions, these rust and water-resistant shears make a great add-on to any of these gifts for plant lovers but can also be gifted on their own.

Courtesy of Greendigs

14. String of Hearts Succulent


Trailing plants are lush and leggy, making for a brilliant display of green that beautifully cascades wherever you want it. Whether it’s hanging or placed on a shelf, this small String of plant Hearts infuses style in any room and features tiny heart-shaped roots. Without much assistance, this succulent can easily grow new roots and vines, so it’s best kept on an elevated surface. 

Courtesy of The Sill

15. UrbanStems The Lexington Bouquet


No matter whom you’re gifting it to, this dried floral bouquet is a classy choice that will command attention wherever it goes. Delivered in a slender white vase, it contains a rich variety of greens, with a striking contrast between pieces, like eucalyptus and dried Aveena oats. Urban Stems carefully secures all their deliveries, which also come with a packet of flower food and a personalized notecard from you. 

16. Mid-Century Turned Wood Leg Planters


These mid-century planters blend aesthetics with wooden legs and a white ceramic body. It lends a clean, streamlined look and is best suited for medium and large plants, creating the illusion of a bigger space. Consider gifting these planters with one of West Elm’s faux trees for a no-hassle showstopper.

Courtesy of West Elm

17. The Dunes Dried Bouquet


Dried flowers are just as striking as fresh ones, but they last much longer and only require a light dusting every few months. They also have a more elegant look than fresh bouquets. This one, with Avena Oats and Bunny Tail, is dubbed The Dunes and brings a sense of sophisticated serenity to any room.

Courtesy of Urban Stems

18. Yerbmala Macrame Plant Hanger


These macrame plant hangers with braided detailing are inspired by the 1970s but infused with modern touches, making them an ideal alternative to planters that take up valuable floor space. Ideal for trailing plants like ferns, this can be paired with The Sill’s small or medium planters, which can be bought separately.

Courtesy of The Sill

19. Faux Maranta


One step better than low-maintenance is no-maintenance, which is exactly what this faux Maranta is. The real version of this medium-sized plant can be finicky, but the very realistic fake version can withstand owners being forgetful or going away on vacation. Sold in a ceramic planter, it’ll have everyone fooled.

Courtesy of The Sill

20. Matte Black Watering Can


Watering cans are a necessary part of many gardening routines, but they can have a clunky and utilitarian look. This matte black watering can, on the other hand, is a piece of art on its own. It’s also made extra functional with a long spout that offers a more controlled flow.

Courtesy of Modsprout

21. Uplift Planter Grow Light


Willing to spend a little extra? Consider this one-of-a-kind planter with a built-in grow light. Offered in matte white, matte black and turmeric, the adjustable Modern Sprout Uplift Planter contains the color spectrum needed for plant growth and is adjustable for plants of all sizes — even seedlings. It doubles as a light source, enhancing home decor.

Courtesy of Modsprout

22. Plant Care Set


If the gardener in your life has all the plants they need, give them the gift that keeps on giving with this plant care set. Complete with a mister to boost humidity, neem oil for pests and dusting gloves to keep leaves shiny, this set can help keep greenery as healthy as possible.

Courtesy of Bloomscape

23. Pete Oyler Plant Pedestal


Plants are Mother Nature’s gift to us, and they deserve to be put on a pedestal — literally. These plant stands turn any basic planter into a chic display. This one, featuring lap joinery, is made from beech wood and helps show off arrangements high and low in a way that’s more impressive than a windowsill.

Courtesy of AreaWare

24. Vintage Succulents Puzzle


Anyone who loves games as much as they do plants will appreciate this 1,000-piece retro succulent puzzle. It allows users to explore cylindrical, spiny and aloe-filled plants and makes for a botanical art piece that they’ll be proud to display.

Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

25. Canvas Utility Apron


What’s a gardener without their tools? This low-key canvas utility apron holds anything and everything that a gardener needs, no matter their expertise level. With large pockets to hold essentials like gloves, pruning shears or phones, it keeps outfits clean during any plant-related adventure and remains breathable in humid climates.

Courtesy of Terrain

26. Hey Horti Plant Subscription Box


Horti is known for its subscription plans, which send out small- to medium-sized offerings in several categories: pet-friendly, New to Planting or Horti’s Pick. Available in a six-month, 12-month, or month-to-month option, they initially send out hardy plants and then more exotic ones as the gardener’s confidence (and expertise) increase. Due to their tiny size, these also make some of the best desktop plants.

Courtesy of Hey Horti

27. Spider Plant


With its long, tropical offshoots, the spider plant is an all-around crowd-pleaser. It works hard to clean the air, is suitable for households with pets and grows well in low light. Although it has a relatively small footprint, many buyers found that this affordable plant was bigger and fuller than expected.

Courtesy of Hey Rooted

28. Barebones Living Waxed Canvas Harvesting & Gathering Bag


Harvesting and gathering from a home garden can be a messy, time-consuming process. Make it easier for your plant-loving bud with this waxed canvas bag that helps with everything from planting tulips to weeding a cucumber patch. It has convertible straps and can be worn in many ways, while the drop-out bottom allows it to be emptied fast.

Courtesy of Food 52

29. Leon & George Plants


Everything on Leon & George is a statement-maker like this Pilea Peperomioides, but it’s the company’s values that will make you feel good supporting them. Plants are grown in the USA in native climates, and the brand partners with non-profit projects like the National Forest Foundation, the Equal Justice Initiative and National Public Radio. This Chinese Money Plant has coin-like foliage and a minimalist look.

Courtesy of Leon & George

30. MoMA Self-Watering Pot


Watering plants is a hassle, but it does keep them alive. This MoMA self-watering pot makes that job so much easier, allowing plants to regulate just how much water they take in. Users fill the reservoir water and the plant can absorb as much as it needs through the walls of the terracotta pot. Ideal for anyone who over- or under-waters their plants.

Courtesy of Greendigs

31. Indoor Herb Garden Kit


If you’re looking for the best gift for a plant lover who’s also a foodie, consider this indoor herb kit, which will transform their kitchen into an Italian restaurant. Basil, oregano and thyme are delivered in wooden planters with a chalkboard front, and will reduce trips to the grocery store while making every dish taste better.

Courtesy of Amazon

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