10 Gifts for Your Pregnant Wife to Spoil Her After Months of Carrying Baby

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While you’ve been putting together the crib and carrying the groceries for nine months, your wife has been doing a lot more of the heavy lifting — carrying your soon-to-be baby in her belly! Pregnancy isn’t easy for mamas, between the added weight, fluctuating hormones, pregnancy cravings, pregnancy brain, insomnia, heartburn, lack of ability to fit into any of her clothes . . . and then some. (We’ve been in this boat, can you tell?)

But what makes pregnancy a whole lot easier is getting small daily reminders that everything you’re doing is well worth it and is appreciated by your significant other. That’s where the best gifts for pregnant women come in. These can be as small a gesture like a hug, or as big as a pregnancy pillow (which is the BEST gift for a pregnant woman, ever).

If you’re looking for ways to show your pregnant wife she’s adored, we have just the list for you. Shop the best gifts for pregnant women that come recommended by a nine-month pregnant, soon-to-be mama who appreciates the thrills of receiving a pack of sour candy, a good pregnancy read, and an adult sippy cup.


1. Leachco Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow


Nothing gets more use during pregnancy than a full-body pregnancy pillow that’s engineered to fit a pregnant women’s curves. This is useful for either sitting up on the couch and propping up that belly with some added cushioning, or it’s most popularly used as a bed pillow to cuddle up with and straddle so their hips, back, neck and tummy all get support at the same time. This pillow has almost 8,000 ratings on Amazon and is raved about within pregnancy message boards because Moms-to-be know that finding a comfortable sleeping position is not easy.

snoogle pregnancy pillow Amazon

2. Bubba Capri Straw Tumbler


One of the most important things you can do while pregnant is staying hydrated, stresses pregnancy website TheBump.com. Drinking lots of fluids can ease constipation, help regulate body heat and can even help prevent pre-term labor. It’s especially important during labor that she keeps up her liquids and doesn’t dehydrate which has been a cause of extended labor. Get your wife a tumbler with a straw, or the equivalent of an adult sippy cup, so she’s encouraged to hydrate throughout her pregnancy and labor.

bubba brands tumbler with straw Amazon

3. Expecting Better by Emily Oster


Emily Oster’s Expecting Better serves as a data-driven guide to pregnancy and helps readers make smart decisions about what’s right for them, their health and their baby. Oster helps readers understand the data behind the decision-making rather than expecting people to accept what’s been passed down generation after generation. She touches on rules like avoiding alcohol while pregnant, not eating sushi or soft cheeses, and never scooping cat litter. None of these restrictions are black-and-white, and Oster helps provide a cost-benefit analysis for each which helps parents-to-be feel empowered to make their own decisions.

expecting better by emily oster Amazon

4. Parachute Quilted Slippers


Extra baby weight makes it harder on her feet. Gift your pregnant wife a pair of comfortable, quilted slippers that she can wear all over the house and even in the hospital when it comes time to deliver. These slip-ons are especially great because mama won’t have to bend over to put them on, she can just slip her foot right in.

quilted parachute slippers Parachute

5. URBNFit Exercise Ball


Most doulas consider an exercise ball, or birthing ball, a pregnancy and labor essential. In later pregnancy, it may be the only “chair” that’s actually comfortable for her to sit on as baby begins to lighten or drop deeper into the pelvis. During early labor, it can also help to sit on a birthing ball and rock from side to side or front to back to ease the discomfort of contractions. Lastly, once baby arrives, mama can use the ball to comfort her newborn with movement as she bounces lightly with baby on her chest or rocks back and forth on the ball holding her little one.

URBNFit Exercise Ball Amazon

6. Tums Ultra Strength Tablets


This gift may seem kind of lame, but it’s going to be much appreciated, especially in mama-to-be’s last trimester when the heartburn is real. These Tums are ultra-strength 1,000 mg which provide quick relief and taste really good. Like, almost too good.

tums ultra strength Amazon

7. Milkmaid Goods Dahlia Robe and Swaddle


Mom’s going to need a comfy robe for during and post-pregnancy. This robe and swaddle set is extra special because Mom and baby can match at home or in the hospital and be ready for those first photos together which are bound to be shared with the entire family. There are several patterns available from florals and waves to neutrals so you can pick what fits Mom’s style and the baby’s gender.

milkmaidgoods robe and swaddle Milkmaid Goods

8. RUVALINO Diaper Bag Backpack


Your wife’s going to need a high-quality diaper bag to be able to tote around all of baby’s essentials once the little one arrives. Gift Mom-to-be this top-rated diaper backpack which is packed with features parents will love. It comes with a changing pad, insulated bottle pockets, mesh diaper organizer, and padded shoulder straps so it won’t hurt mama’s back. It also can easily hang from a stroller for easy accessibility. Also, before baby arrives, this bag will make a great hospital ‘go’ bag filled with essentials Mom will need in the hospital.

ruvalino diaper bag Amazon


9. 2-Pound Bag of Sour Patch Kids


[Insert her favorite candy or treat here] and that’s the right gift for the pregnant lady in your life. While her hormones are fluctuating, so are her cravings, and since you know her better than anyone else, you can nail down what treat she’ll enjoy the most. If she’s a fan of Sour Patch Kids, go one step further and get her a two-pound bag of her favorite color candies so she doesn’t even have to pick out the ‘good ones’ and leave all the yellows.

blue sour patch kids Amazon

10.Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager


Unfortunately due to COVID-19, your pregnant wife is unlikely to get a prenatal massage from a pro as many massage parlors are closed. As a substitute, gift your wife this back and neck massage pillow which contours to her lower and upper back where she’ll feel most of the stress from the added baby weight. Or she can put it behind her neck, legs or feet to relieve tension. This massager also offers a heat feature for additional soothing.

zyllion back and neck massager Amazon


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