Creative White Elephant and Secret Santa Gifts — All Under $20

Best Secret Santa and White Elephant
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Even though $20 gifts are the standard for Secret Santa or white elephant parties, they can be very tricky to get right. For those just entering the work force, Secret Santa or White Elephant parties are classic corporate techniques to help stir some fun and bonding among teams around the holidays. In the case of a Secret Santa party, you’ll be assigned a teammate (usually randomly) for whom you’ll have to buy a present for, usually under a certain amount of money. Similarly, White Elephant parties call for buying a gift that’s under a certain price point, and then an exchange happens the night of the office holiday party.

Quite often, buying these gifts comes with a heavy amount of anxiety. You want to make sure your Secret Santa likes your gift, but often times you don’t know them well enough to know. As for White Elephant parties, nobody wants to bring the gift that their coworkers dread receiving. Lucky for you (after countless blunders at parties) we’ve scoured the deep depths of the internet to find fifteen fantastic gifts that will fit well for any Secret Santa or White Elephant party. What’s more, we made sure all of our options are under $20, as that’s generally the monetary limit for such parties.

Take a look at our list below and remember, though it’s the thought that counts, it never hurts to give the best gift!

1. The New York Times Crossword Puzzles


This book features 50 New York Times crossword puzzles for cozy winter mornings. It has Monday through Friday puzzles (the difficulty increases each day) for all levels of crossword-enthusiasts. This makes it do-able for beginners and masters alike, so you can gift it to virtually anyone.

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2. Potty Putter Toilet Golf


Every minute of practice gets you closer to the perfect golf game. Even though it’s been around for a while, the Potty Putter always gets a laugh, and always gets put to good use. It’s a putting green and hole that you set-up right under your toilet, and comes with a squatting-length putter club to match. Great if your giving a gift to an avid golfer or if you want to break the tension at the White Elephant party.

Toilet Golf Set Courtesy of Amazon


3. Pooch Selfie: The Original Dog Selfie Stick


The Pooch Selfie stick is the latest and greatest breakthrough in selfie technology. Everyone has tried and failed to get a great selfie with their beloved dog, but now they finally can with this handy device. We’d recommend doing your research before buying it as a Secret Santa gift (just in case your person doesn’t have a dog). But this is always a sure fire crowd pleaser for White Elephant gifts because every office has a dog lover.

Dog Selfie Stick Courtesy of Amazon


4. Hpory Phone Lens Kit


Now that phone cameras are the norm, it’s hard to stand-out as a real photographer. But all of that is about to change with this clip on lens from Hpory. This wide-angle lens snaps directly onto your smartphone to enhance image quality and make your pictures look more professional. It makes a great gift for any photographer, but the lens’ usability also makes it a fun White Elephant gift as well.

Phone Camera Lens Wide Angle Courtesy of Amazon


5. Man Walks into a Bar


Looking to finally one-up the office clown’s game? Or, perhaps, is your Secret Santa person the office clown? Win everyone over with this hilarious (and surprisingly extensive)  book of jokes. It has over 6,000 one-liners, jokes and insults, which is enough for any comedian (self-proclaimed or otherwise) to learn something new. Here’s one from the book: did you hear about the flasher who was thinking of retiring? He finally decided to stick it out for one more year!

Joke Book Man Walks Into a Bar Courtesy of Amazon


6. InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser


If you got stuck gifting that one person that never stops talking about how stressed they are or how poorly they slept last night, do them a solid by gifting this essential oil diffuser. It releases a nice-smelling, stress-reducing oil mist, and doubles as a color-changing night light as well. Although there are many of these machines on Amazon, this one is definitely the best with over 16,500 reviews and a low price of $13.

Oil Diffuser Blue Stress Relief Courtesy of Amazon


7. Sriracha Keychain Combo Pack


We all know that person that drenches their food in hot sauce. These Sriracha keychains let any hot sauce fiend keep their prized ingredient close at hand, just in case the restaurant doesn’t have it. They’re also ideal for traveling, as good hot sauce can be hard to come by on the road. This two-pack includes a 1oz bottle and 1.7oz bottle, so your giftee can store one in their desk and one on their house keys.

Mini hot Sauce Containers Sriracha Courtesy of Amazon


8. Don’t Speak! Coffee Mug


For the partner, friend, or family member that “can’t even” before their coffee, it’s always hard to find out when they “can even”. This mug solves the problem by letting everyone know when to start chatting, when to hold on a sec, and when to think about leaving the room.

Funny Coffee Mug Courtesy of Amazon


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9. Google Cardboard VR


VR might be the entertainment experience of the future, but it doesn’t have to cost hundreds. There’s a ton of free VR content online from The New York Times, Youtube, and more, and this simple cardboard set from Google lets you enjoy it for just $15. It’s very easy to use (just slip your phone in front of the goggles), so you can really gift it to anyone – techie or otherwise.

Google VR Set Courtesy of Amazon


10. Vintage Mason Jar Salt & Pepper Shakers


Joke gifts are fun, but sometimes you want something your giftee will use and appreciate for a long time. For an easy, more chic gift, we recommend these mason jar salt & pepper shakers. They come in a stylish blue or white and liven up any kitchen or dining table with a rustic look.

Salt and Pepper Shakers Courtesy of Amazon


11. Drunk Stoned or Stupid


Drunk Stoned or Stupid is one of the hottest party games right now, and for good reason. Each card contains a prompt that starts with “most likely to…” and the group must pick the friend that matches the description. It’s ideal with big groups, and, as the name suggests, is especially fun when you’re not sober. This makes a great White Elephant gift as it usually ends up being played immediately.

Drunk Stoned or Stupid Game Courtesy of Amazon


12. Geek Battle Board Game


Geek Battle includes trivia from video games, sci-fi, comics, science and more for the ultimate geek showdown. And don’t worry if you’re not a geek – the game is made to include everyone. This is another great gift for White Elephant parties as after a few drinks, most will be down to give the game a shot!

Board Game Geek Battle Courtesy of Amazon


13. Zoee Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


A Bluetooth speaker is a great cheap gift because people of any age or personality will enjoy it. This one uses HD audio and enhanced bass to provide impressive wireless sound quality for a sub-$20 speaker. It comes highly-rated too with over 4,000 reviews, so don’t worry about gifting a crappy piece of tech.

Cheap Bluetooth Speaker Courtesy of Amazon


14. Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit


Gardening has many benefits including stress reduction and the obvious supply of fresh food. This indoor herb garden kit includes everything you need to start your own little garden and also makes a great addition to an expert-gardeners collection. The kit contains 5 kinds of seeds; basil, cilantro, parsley, sage and thyme; as well as pots, detailed directions and all other necessities.

Indoor Garden Kit Starter Courtesy of Amazon


15. Gift Card


Shopping for the impossible giftee? We’ve all been there. Luckily, in 2019 you can give a gift card to Amazon, which is basically cash without being, well, cash. Your picky giftee can go wild and buy… whatever it is they want. Is it a cop out? Maybe. But at least you’ll know they’ll find something they like.

Amazon Gift Card Envelope Courtesy of Amazon


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