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Get Your Bridal Party a Gift They’ll Say ‘I Do’ to With a Groomsman Box

Asking someone to be part of your wedding party is an honor, but it’s also a big responsibility for those included. Not only are your friends and loved ones giving their time to an engagement party, a bachelor party, suit fitting, and possibly helping to set up the wedding festivities, but there’s typically a high cost to being in a wedding party that goes above and beyond the price of attending as a guest. Buying or renting a suit, possibly missing work, and paying for a bachelor party can add up. That’s why a thoughtful and classy gift for your groomsman is a great way to thank them for their support, be it emotional, financial or otherwise.

Some grooms like to gift their groomsman with practical thank you’s, like covering the cost of a tux rental or a hotel for the night of the wedding. If that’s out of your price range or if you’d like to do something a little extra for your wedding party, a groomsman box is a great option. These boxes are sometimes personalized and include items that the members of your wedding party can use during the wedding weekend and beyond.

We also like gifting groomsman boxes to other people who have helped to make your special day so special, like the MC, the father of the bride, the father of the groom, the officiant, and anyone who makes a speech during the wedding or reception.

Before you say ‘I do,’ say ‘thank you’ with a fun and functional groomsman box.

1. Custom Personalized Groomsmen Gift Box Set

For a gift that your groomsmen will keep long after the garter is tossed, check out the Custom Personalized Groomsmen Gift Box Set. Each item in the set can be completely personalized to include the groomsman’s name, as well as the date of the wedding and their title. Customers can also select titles in addition to Groomsman, including Father of the Bride, Father of the Groom and Best Man. Users can also choose to keep the items blank. The fully stocked set comes with a flask, lighter, money clip and corkscrew.

Pros: The Box Set can be completely customized to include all the items listed above or a combination of items. Customers can even make their own box and order just the box with their groomsman’s name on it.

Cons: The items in the gift set are only available in black.

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2. Lord’s Rocks Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Give your groomsmen a gift they’ll keep for years with the Lord’s Rocks Whiskey Stones Gift Set. The set comes with two thick 2.7-ounce whiskey shot glasses and six whiskey stones with smooth edges that won’t scratch glass. A velvet pouch is also included to store the 100% pure granite rocks while they’re placed in the freezer, making them ready to cool a drink without watering it down. Lord’s Rocks also sells a second set with larger glasses and eight whiskey stones.

Pros: The quality handmade wooden box included with the set is a beautiful and durable keepsake that is available in a pinewood and brown finish.

Cons: The glasses included are shot glass size although they appear larger in the picture. There’s also no option for personalization.

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3. Eyozka Whiskey Glass Set Gift Box

For a timeless gift set that groomsmen will not only cherish but actually use, we recommend the Eyozka Whiskey Glass Set Gift Box. The set is made with premium EVA material for lifetime use and comes with two full-sized 11-ounce modern crystal whiskey glasses that are 0.85 pound. Eight natural granite FDA-approved whiskey stones are included to cool drinks without watering them down and a velvet storage bag keeps the stones separate from other items when in the freezer. A stainless steel tong adds an elegant touch when it’s time to put the stones in the glass. The set is beautifully packaged in a high end and durable wooden box that is 0.35 inches thick.

Pros: As well as the other items listed, the Eyozka gift box comes with a premium stainless-steel cigar cutter.

Cons: The Ezyozka has a big price tag.

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