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Give Your Groomsmen a Gift They’ll Cherish Even After the Festivities

Getting married is a special time in a person’s life. They’re committing themselves to one person and they’re making that declaration of commitment in front of their friends and family. That’s what a wedding celebration is on paper. In reality, it’s often months of planning, work, organizing and learning. Did you know what a charger plate was before you planned a wedding? You probably do now.

Because so much work goes into weddings, help from the bridal party is often necessary to make the day go smoothly. From setting up decorations to picking up guests from the airport, the bridal party often does much more than stand next to the happy couple for pictures. That’s why many grooms are now looking for thoughtful gifts to present to their groomsmen as a way to thank them for their help.

We rounded up four great options for groomsmen gifts, which run the gamut from fun to functional. And they’re all much more useful than a charger plate.

1. P Lab Set Of 6 Personalized Flasks

For a gift that groomsmen will love to use, try the P Lab Set Of 6 Custom Flasks. The traditional bridal party gift gets an extra special touch thanks to laser engraved personalization. Each flask can include the groomsman’s name, as well as the name of the couple getting married and the wedding date. The flask will also include the individuals’ designation, including Groomsman, Best Man, and Father of the Groom. The durable, stainless steel flasks are sold individually and in sets of three and six.

Pros: Customers can include a funnel and black gift box for each flask to add an extra gifting element.

Cons: The engraving appears to be a soft silver color in the pictures but has more of a tan finish.

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2. Personalized Folding Pocket Knife

For a gift that groomsmen will cherish for years, we recommend the Personalized Folding Pocket Knife. The Oz-Kurt Spring Assisted Knife has a 3.5-inch stainless steel blade with thick grey tri-coating. The knife folds to a compact 4.5-inch unit. Easily opened with one hand, the knife has a heavy-duty lock system and a wooden handle with a pocket clip and leather lanyard.

Pros: There are 20 font options available for the knives, including a Game of Thrones-inspired font. Customers can engrave up to 20 characters on two lines.

Cons: The knives are not approved for carry-on by TSA. The leather lanyard is not durable and is included more for appearance than usability.

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3. Wedding Sunglasses for Groom, Best Man, Groomsmen

The Wedding Sunglasses for Groom, Best Man, and Groomsmen are a fun and functional gift for any bridal party. The set of seven sunglasses includes one pair of shades for the groom, one for the Best Man and five Groomsmen glasses. The classic Wayfarer style glasses are made with durable polycarbonate and look great on just about anyone, with the matching glasses ideal for photos and for blocking the sun during outdoor ceremonies.

Pros: The sunglasses offer UV-400 protection against UVA and UVB light.

Cons: The sunglasses are only sold in sets of seven and single additional groomsman glasses can’t be added. The sunglasses also don’t include personalization with names.

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4. Stainless Steel 11-in-1 Beer Opener Survival Card

Groomsmen are supposed to help make sure your big day goes off without a hitch, so give them a gift that will prepare them for the unexpected. The Stainless Steel 11-in-1 Beer Opener Survival Card is a multi-tool that is small enough to fit in your pocket. The card includes commonly used tools like a bottle opener, can opener, cutting edge, and a flat screwdriver, as well as a four-position wrench, a water compass and a ruler. Each card in the pack of 10 comes with a protective case.

Pros: The Survival Card is rust-, bend-, and break-resistant.

Cons: The card does not include any personalization or groomsman signage. The card is too sharp to be kept in a wallet even when in its case.

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