Practice Your Short Game In Your Living Room With These Indoor Putting Greens

best indoor putting greens
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Golf is a popular leisure activity for a reason — it’s largely a mental game that’s calming to play, slower paced and doesn’t require a ton of physical exertion relative to other sports. While most of the time another big perk of playing is the time spent outdoors, sometimes you don’t have time necessary to drive to your local driving range or golf club.

However, like anything else, if you don’t regularly practice your skills deteriorate and you might return to your next company golf tournament a little rusty. Don’t let this happen — thankfully there are plenty of high-quality indoor putting greens you can set up right in your own living room or home office. These provide a useful alternative to practicing on the real fake grass at your local golf spot and make it possible to throw in a few practice strokes whenever.

Here are the best indoor putting greens for getting your game on inside whenever it works for you.

SKLZ Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green


This putting green has over 800 reviews on Amazon and a 4.5/5 rating for its high-quality environment for practicing accuracy and control. This putting green measures 9 feet in length and a little under a foot and a half in width so it can fit in most living rooms, offices and bedrooms. It also has an automatic ball return that makes continuous practice easy and alignment guides at 3, 5 and 7 feet to help with consistency of motion.

It’s got a true-roll surface and a slight upward slope that mimics putts you might find on an actual greens.

SKLZ Indoor Putting Green Courtesy of Amazon


Abco Tech Indoor Golf Putting Green


This golf mat is super portable and compact, rolling and unrolling easily so you can set up an instant putting green practice area anywhere. It measures 1ft wide and 10ft long with plenty of space to practice your strokes before folding it up and storing it until your next session.

This putting green has lifelike turf so your practice will be valuable once you hit the course and it has a smart ball return to make perfecting your stroke easier. This mat also comes with three practice balls to get you started, and has a slight upward slope at the end to mimic real putting greens.

Abco Tech Indoor Putting Green Courtesy of Amazon


SKLZ Indoor Putting Green


This indoor putting mat will help you establish real putting confidence with three different cups to choose from and a slight upslope at the cup and true-roll surfaces, simulating real-green environments.

Challenge yourself to hit your mark and avoid the bunkers hidden behind the holes. This true-roll surface simulates real grass closely with stimp readings similar to real conditions. Roll out this medium-sized mat anywhere as it only measures 8’6” by 3’ and is lightweight and easy to carry.

SKLZ Indoor Putting Green Courtesy of Amazon


JEF WORLD OF GOLF Professional Putting Training Mat


This premium turf putting green is designed to feel and act exactly like a real grass putting green with a longer border and double putting holes and flags. This mat is made with high-quality turf and can be used indoors and outdoors. It also has a base made of padded rubber for comfort and quality of experience. This mat is bigger, measuring 3’ by 10’ with approximately 2’ by 8’6” of actual putting space — so make sure you’ve got enough room before making the purchase.

JEF WORLD Indoor Putting Green Courtesy of Amazon


VariSpeed Putting System


This VariSpeed putting green is designed for practicing different putting speeds from four stimp tested speeds ranging between 7.5-13. It’s got a built in function to trace your ball’s pathway with each shot so you can evaluate each put afterwards. It also includes an adjustable break wedge that enables you to set up realistic break conditions and the included guidelines booklet has exercises for perfecting your shot as well as games you can play.

It’s also compact enough to store anywhere at only 10’ by 20in and rolls easily.

VariSpeed Putting System Courtesy of Amazon


GoSports Pure Putt Challenge Putting Green


This putting green is designed exclusively for games with a shuffleboard on one end and a curling setup on the other. Both can be played with a fun golf twist with the included four sets of four colored balls and scoring card. Improve your precision and accuracy by playing games suited for all golf abilities on this high-quality material woven rug that rolls in and out like a real putting green.

GoSports Pure Putt Challenge Putting Green Courtesy of Amazon


FORB Professional Putting Mat


If a professional putting green practice experience is what you’re looking for, this green might be worth investing in. It comes at a higher price point than the others for a reason, as these greens are designed to be lifelike and replicate professional golf greens as closely as possible. They’re the closest training aid to the real thing and include real-life green characteristics like border grass and multiple flagged holes.

The size of these greens ranges from 12ft with two holes to 20ft with four holes and FORB will dispatch your new green within 24 hours after ordering.

FORB Professional Putting Mat Courtesy of Amazon