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Tru(deau) Love: Best Merch for Justin Trudeau Fans

* Prime merch featuring the Canadian Prime Minister
* Calendars, books, candles and other ways to obsess over this world leader
* Holiday gift ideas (for yourself and others)

What is it about Justins from Canada? First everyone went nuts for Bieber. Now, they’re losing their ever-lovin’ minds over Justin Trudeau. Then again, he’s not just the Prime Minister of Canada…he’s also a total dreamboat.

If you’re one of the obsessed, here are a few Trudeau collectibles Justin time for the holidays…

1. Justin Trudeau, My Canadian Boyfriend 2018 Wall Calendar

Look out Timberlake. There’s a new JT in town. And, the “Justin Trudeau, My Canadian Boyfriend” 2018 Wall Calendar is a year-long celebration of the dynamic, smart, compassionate, and sometimes sassy Canadian Prime Minister.


2. Zazzle Justin Trudeau Mug

Wake up to the face of your favorite Canadian Prime Minister with the Zazzle Justin Trudeau Mug. It’s made of strong ceramic, microwave and dishwasher-safe and meets FDA requirements.

[caption id="attachment_94598" align="aligncenter" width="433"]Justin Trudeau Image Courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


3. Justin Trudeau Scented Candle

What other prime minister has his own candle? The Justin Trudeau Scented Candle blends the rich scent of chai tea (because he drinks tea) with maple (because he’s Canadian). Together, they will delight your senses and have you feeling like the Prime Minister of your own home.


4. My Canadian Boyfriend, Justin Trudeau Book

Celebrate the man, the myth, the meme, the heartthrob with the My Canadian Boyfriend, Justin Trudeau book. This model-like role model is plastered across each page for your reading enjoyment. Available for pre-order now.

Lazy loaded image
Image Courtesy of Barnes and Noble[/caption]


5. Justin Time For The Holidays Trudeau Shirt

You’ll be singing “O, Canada” this holiday season with the Justin Time for the Holidays Trudeau Shirt. It’s super soft and cozy, making it the perfect gift for the JT fan in your life.

[caption id="attachment_94601" align="aligncenter" width="415"]Justin Trudeau Image Courtesy of Amazon[/caption]

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