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Here’s A Gift They Won’t Expect (But Will Totally Find Useful)

* Surprise your friends and family with a gift they’ll never expect
* Give the gift of learning and self-development
* Order online in seconds – no gift-wrapping necessary

Let’s be honest: your dad doesn’t need another tie. Your mom won’t want another sweater. Your sister probably won’t use that perfume you gave her. And your best friend is tired of “going dutch” on dinner as a holiday gift for the both of you.

This year, upgrade your gift-giving skills by surprising your friends and family with something they won’t expect – but will definitely enjoy and put to good use.

Ready for this gifting hack? It’s Rosetta Stone.

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Voted “Best Language Learning Software” six years in a row, millions of people around the world already use Rosetta Stone to help them learn a new language, and there’s no better gift, in our opinion, than the gift of discovery.

Rosetta Stone is more than just an online course though. It’s a great way for people to upgrade their business skills (to get that promotion), to prepare for an upcoming trip (to get around the city) and to enhance a relationship by being able to speak to your partner’s parents in their native language (to get their approval).

We all took French or Spanish lessons in high school, and you maybe did German or Mandarin 101 in college, but what makes Rosetta Stone unique is that you’re not just learning words, but actual phrases that can help you in day to day conversations. Their “TruAccent” speech engine also helps you fine-tune your pronunciation and accent, so you’ll never mix up nacht (night) from nackt (nude) again.

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Each Rosetta Stone course is packed with easy to follow lessons, that you can take on your own time – and at your own pace. One of our favorite features: downloadable lessons on the Rosetta Stone app, so you can learn on the go, whether on your phone, tablet or laptop. We know a ton of people who use the app while they’re on a plane or in a waiting room, killing time. Thousands of others have swapped their music playlists for a Rosetta Stone lesson, so they feel like they’re making the most out of their daily commute.

Another feature: some lessons include actual conversations with Rosetta Stone’s team of native-speaking tutors, so you can practice with a real human being, rather than repeating your words over and over again to a screen.

If you have a friend or family member who’s been planning their next big trip, a Rosetta Stone membership could be the icing on the cake to help them prepare for their travels. It’s also a great gift for people who love exploring new cultures (I.e. that friend who’s always trying out the latest ethnic restaurants around town). This would also make a great gift for yourself. Because it’s always impressive when you can greet out-of-town visitors in their native language. And you can finally add a new language under the “skills” section of your CV.

Rosetta Stone is offering some great packages for the holidays. A three-month membership starts at just $79, or get a six-month membership for just $119 (that’s less than $20 a month). Email the gift to your recipient and they can choose which program they’d like to enroll in. There are no long-term commitments and all of Rosetta Stone’s offerings are back by their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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This season, stop wasting time at the mall looking for that perfect gift for everyone on your list. Check out and check off a bunch of names by giving them something they’ll love now – and use for a lifetime.

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