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10 Gifts to Buy the Best Man at Your Wedding in 2021

Today’s the day. You’re marrying the love of your life. The person of your dreams. Your best friend in the entire world. As your soon-to-be partner walks down the aisle, the other person you love most in your life is standing behind your left shoulder, holding back happy tears. It’s your other best friend. Your buddy since grade school, your roommate from college or maybe even the man who came from the same womb as you. Your best man.

Your best man is your best man for a reason. From heartbreaks to double dates to freshman year keg parties, he’s quite literally been there with you through it all. And although it’s your special day, there’s no better way to commemorate the love and gratitude you have for your best man with a best man gift.

Your best man has already given you the best wedding gift you could imagine by being your best man in the first place, so a best man gift is only appropriate. You don’t have to go above and beyond when gifting something for him either. Something smaller and more personal will do the trick just fine, even if it’s sillier in nature.

The best gifts for your best man are from the heart. They’re sentimental, they’re goofy and they show that as a buddy, you’ll care about him forever. Read on and discover the top 10 best gifts for your best man below.

1. Personalized Whisky Glass Set


You can’t go wrong with a personalized whisky glass set. Something this gorgeous commemorates all of the times you guys got wasted at college frat parties off of boxed wine and Natty Lights transforming into the kind of guy who drinks his whisky neat by the fireplace. Oh, how growing up is just oh-so exciting. This will be the main staple of his bar cart and the item he tells guests, “this is what my best buddy got me when I was the best man at his wedding.”

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Courtesy of Etsy

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2. Custom Engraved Pocket Knife


Every guy needs to keep a pocket knife in their everyday carry. You simply never know what’s going to happen these days, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Comemorate your wedding and the undenying friendship you have with your best man with a wood-handled, custom engraved pocket knife to keep your buddy safe and prepared even when you’re not around. Given some of the antics he gets himself into, we’re sure he’ll probably find a use for it eventually.

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Courtesy of Etsy


3. Collegiate Pouches


Did you meet your best man in college? Well, do we have the perfect give for you. These collegiate pouches from Uncommon Goods are a fun keepsake to gift your best man. Here, he can carry his car keys, money, smaller toiletries and more when he’s on the go. There are a number of options to choose from, so we’re sure they’ll likely have your alma mater.

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Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


4. Gatsby Retro Monogrammed Personalized Cufflinks


Idea: show your best man just how much you love him by giving him these handsome personalized cufflinks right before the wedding. He can snap them right onto his cuffs and sport a vintage look that will have him calling everyone at the wedding party “old sport”. By transforming his initials into a style so sleek, we’re sure these would soon become his go-to cufflinks.

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Courtesy of Etsy


5. Tissot PRC200 Chronograph Bracelet Watch


It’s never a bad idea to gift someone you love a handsome wristwatch. Take a look at his collection and see what he’s already got and gift him something he doesn’t have. This bracelet watch from Tissot makes for a bold yet laidback choice we’re sure he’ll fall in love with. It’s dressed in a silver stainless steel with a sapphire crystal face to keep his wrist dripping all day long. It’s one of the sleekest watches you can buy right now, and lucky for you it’s on sale at Nordstrom.


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Courtesy of Nordstrom


6. Personalized Dog Blueprint


Okay, maybe your best man doesn’t have a lot of luck with the ladies right now. Or, men, if that’s his gig. But maybe, just maybe, he’s got a little someone back home that brightens his day every time he walks through the front door. Yup, we’re talking about his pup. This personalized dog blueprint will make for a fun yet stylish addition to his home. Choose the dog he has, his childhood best friend or his favorite breed as a thank you for being your best man.

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Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


7. Personalized Black Engraved Lighter


Everyone needs a lighter, even if you don’t smoke. Whether they’re obsessed with candles, love a good bonfire or whatever else the case may be, an engraved lighter hits the nail on the head as one of the best gifts you can give your best man. It’s easy, straightforward and he’ll find a use for it. Even if it’s eventually.

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Courtesy of Etsy


8. Mark & Graham Personalized Golf Ball Set


If you and your best man can’t get off the green, this personalized golf ball set is the perfect gift to commemorate your friendship. Each set includes a dozen personalized golf balls in a display case he can show off to friends and family. Personalization is also featured on the exterior of the wooden display case via monogram.

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Courtesy of Mark & Graham


10. A Bottle of Booze


You basically can’t go wrong with a bottle of booze your buddy can keep on his bar cart. Just pick up his favorite and give it to him. Bonus points if you put a sticker on it that symbolizes something special, like the date of your wedding or the time you guys met.

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Courtesy of Drizly