11 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts She Hasn’t Seen Before

unique mothers day gifts blooming lollipops
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Of course, your mom will always love getting flowers or a plush new robe for Mother’s Day, but it’s nice to get creative. This year, instead of settling for another box of chocolates or more bath salts, get your mom something special that she’s never seen before. To help you find the right gift for your mom, we rounded up 11 unique Mother’s Day presents.

From personalized family portraits to adorable jewelry holders, here are 11 unique presents for mom.


1. Personalized Family Print

Who needs a steel baron-esque, larger than life-sized oil painting of their family when you can get this charming portrait instead? For $75 to $100, artists Mary and Shelly Klein personalize between two to four people on archival enhanced matte paper. Select skin tones, hair and clothing color that matches your clan, then add your family name and the year you were established to make a print that’s entirely your own. It comes framed in black BonanzaWood and hanging hardware is included so you can help mom find the perfect spot for it right away.

Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

2. Umbra Anigram Cat Ring Holder

Ring holders make good gifts because people don’t always think to buy them, but always love using them. Get one for ma to put in her closet, or by her sink to use when she washes her hands or does dishes.

Ring Holder Bronze Cat Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Mother & Daughter Letter Book Set

When is the last time you sat down to write a letter? We’re guessing it’s been quite a while. And we can’t think of anyone that would love a handwritten note more than your mom. That’s the idea behind this kit that’s designed to make that happen. It includes 40 cards that have prompts to encourage you to share snippets about yourself that you might not otherwise learn about one another. Once all the cards have been sent, the book is designed to store each one in little pockets.

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4. Bathtime Essentials Wine Holder 

If Mom loves to unwind with a bath, this will take her routine up a notch! To up the relaxation vibes, the wine holder is adorned with stones that were hand-picked from the beach. Suction cups allow it to easily stick to the bathroom wall. And to ensure the only thing that gets into her bath is bubbles, it comes with a BPA-free plastic wine glass so there’s no need to worry about broken glass.

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5. Birth Month Flower Grow Kit

Take the standard bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day and make it a lot more unique with this fun twist. Just like a gemstone, everyone has a birth month flower, and there’s meaning behind them as well. Select your mom’s according to her birthday month and gift her this kit that contains seeds, a glass growing bottle, a soil-alternative to grow them in, instructions, and the explanation of what her flowers symbolize.


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6. Smartphone Valet & Planter

Is your mom always misplacing her phone charger? Then this is the gift for her, since this charging station is impossible to miss. The phone dock does a lot more than charge her cell: It also has space for a medium-sized succulent plant, as well as another designated spot for knickknacks like keys, pens and the like, or you could use that for additional greenery, like flowers. The modular dock is handmade in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from white ceramic with a clear gloss glaze.

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7. Blooming Lollipops

Satisfy her sweet tooth with these almost too pretty to eat handmade lollipops. But these are no ordinary lollipops — all of the eight botanical flavors come on seed-filled sticks, so mom can plant them once she’s done with her treat and grow an herb or flower. The set includes one of each flavor and seed combo: Sage & Marshmallow (grow sage), Lavender & Lemongrass (grow lavender), Peach & Marigold (grow marigold), Strawberry & Basil (grow basil), Champagne & Roses (grow rosetta cosmo), Rosemary & Mint (grow mint), Lemon & Thyme (grow thyme) and Vanilla & Hibiscus (grow baby blue eyes).

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8. Personalized Family Recipe Board

Whether mom has a family recipe that has been passed down for generations or her go-to came from the back of a box, you can memorialize it with this cherry wood cutting board. It’ll last a lot longer than a recipe card and be a standout on the kitchen counter. All you have to do is submit a scanned image of her recipe cad and the ingredients and instructions for her go-to dish will be etched in her handwriting.

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9. Portable Campfire

If your mom loves s’mores — and who doesn’t? — then she’ll love this portable campfire. For mothers who aren’t into weekends in the wild, it works just as well in the backyard as a camp site or beach. Unlike a traditional campfire, you don’t have to worry about putting out the fire, smelly smoke, or keeping that flame going. Simply light this on-the-go fire pit with a match or lighter for a fire that will burn from three to five hours. Bonus: It’s better for the planet since it’s made from recycled soy wax and paper.

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10. A Snarky Adult Colouring Book

If your mom is known for her lovable sass, get her this hilarious Snarky Adult Colouring Book. It features a ton of snarky one-liners like, “I’d agree with you but then we’d both be wrong,” and “Sorry not sorry,” so your mom can sit back, color and have a laugh.

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11. Bando Women’s Grapefruit Cooler Bag

This colorful grapefruit cooler bag is perfect if your mom enjoys picnics or trips to the beach during the summer. It’s one of the only cooler bags that actually looks cool (pun intended), and it features a water-resistant matte leatherette material that’s as stylish as it is practical.

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