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The Best Non-Cheesy Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

If ever there were a holiday where your normally thoughtful gift-giving should level up even further, it’s Valentine’s Day. Hot on the heels of Christmas, you should be giving one of the best non-cheesy Valentine’s Day gifts for him, and it’s never too early (or too late?) to start your shopping to get things right. When we think of gifts that count, we think of ones with a personal touch, ones he might not (or definitely won’t) buy for himself. Whether he’s into the best men’s watches or happens to be a craft beer enthusiast, gifting with intention is easier than you might think.

Make no mistake, there are gifts every guy comes to expect at a certain point in his life, but Valentine’s Day is an optimal time to shake things up and gift something a little different. We’re not quite talking about what you might call “bedroom-centric gifts,” though. There’s a time and a place for that, but let’s focus first on everyday gift ideas that go above and beyond. The best non-cheesy Valentine’s Day gifts for him are a welcome change of pace, so here are some favorites to add to your cart now.


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There’s a multitude of gifts you could pick up for the stylish man in your life, but why not look ever so slightly outside his rotation of reliable sweaters made to wear to the office? Yes, there’s a time and a place for a crisp V-neck sweater, but for all those other times (Valentine’s date night included), you want to see him in something that matches his vibrant personality.


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Now, here’s a gift that really does go above and beyond. At its core, yes, it’s a well-made, dependable, and highly useful weekender bag fit for winter getaways. But it can also be a great bundle gift when you team it with a trip you’ve planned for the two of you or when you package it with, well, any of the other stylish offerings (from shirts to chinos and sweaters) available at Gant.


LEGO holds a special place in the hearts of design enthusiasts everywhere. And brings forth a sense of nostalgia. But what about the aspiring plant dad? Although this building set doesn’t require to be watered like the real thing, he can use his imagination. Plus, the DIY project is a pretty neat way to pass time on a cold winter’s weekend.



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There’s plenty you can do when buying gifts for the man who has a large palette that consists of a premium cut of steak, green-fed burgers, and so forth. But again, that’s not something you’re going to buy every single day. What’s the best solution? Gifting some incredible patties of sustainable American Wagyu beef from Holy Grail Steak Co. can feel like a rich dining experience without spending some dough on an expensive dinner.



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The love for music is universal, and there’s no comparison to listening to it through quality sound. Sonos smart speaker is packed with great detail and richer bass than anything your ears have ever heard. Not to mention, it has a room-saving design, which makes it fit in anywhere.



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If you know someone obsessed with the art, style, and design of an iconic timepiece, perhaps he has a killer watch collection. With six super-soft padded slots, a tempered glass top, and magnetic closure, your man can protect and store his wristwear in this sleek display case. The only issue is deciding which one you to wear for the day or night.

for the frequent flyer


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Gifts that last, gifts that won’t fall apart at the first sign of stress, are always a solid bet on Valentine’s Day, even more so when you consider that they’re a metaphor for the best relationships (see what we did there?). Any way you look at it, this luggage tag and passport case is ideal for the globetrotting man—it’ll prove more useful this year and beyond. Thoughtfully designed from vegan leather, this gift for him can be personalized with a colorful shadow print monogram.



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It can be tricky shopping for the guy who spends a lot of time outdoors, seeing as he’s probably pretty well-outfitted for day trips, hikes, cycling, and just about anything. But we’d wager he doesn’t have durable footwear quite like these Salomon bad boys. This shoe is made with unbeatable features for every area of its silhouette. And your comfort, of course.


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No trips to the bar necessary. The man who enjoys a boozy cocktail can craft endless drinks at home using this Bartesian Premium Machine. All it takes is three easy steps—insert a cocktail capsule, select your preferred strength and press mix, and wallah—your cocktail is created in seconds. In addition, the machine is equipped with freshness-dated capsules, an automatic cleaning cycle, and five premium glasses.

for the hard worker

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There’s nothing better than slipping into a super-plush bathrobe after a long day of work or an intense HIIT workout. Brooklinen’s offering allows you to lounge in luxury and experience similar feels in spa-like environment—the perfect wrap-up comfort before heading to bed.

best gift for the gourmand

The man that proudly wears an apron and knows his way around the kitchen will happily appreciate products to infuse homemade meals with the unique taste of truffle. Aside from adding decadent flavor to his food, the starter pack arrives in a gorgeous gold foil VIP box with an elegant presentation. Enclosed is the uber popular TRUFF Original Hot Sauce and TRUFF Black Truffle Oil, and TRUFF Black Truffle Salt. Dare we say, “Bon appetit.”

for the Active male


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Does he experience muscle knots and tightness after workouts? This ultra portable massager from Therabody has proven to relieve aches and discomfort on the road to recovery. In addition, it’s Bluetooth-enabled, so you’re granted access to a library of your personalized fitness routines through the brand’s mobile app.

for the skincare god

Bevel takes care of the bearded man who dabbles in a little self-care. This shaving kit takes you on the path to smoother skin and includes a razor, brush, cream, priming oil, and restoring balm. No more reduces bumps, ingrown hairs, and skin irritation.

for the gamer

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Gaming can be addictive, but it’s a guilty pleasure that will never get old, no matter your age. In fact, it’s revolutionized the way some people relax. The Nintendo Switch is one of the breakthrough handheld video game consoles and lets players enjoy games for hours at a time, anywhere they choose.