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The Best Places To Buy Christmas Ornaments In 2021

Christmas ornaments have always felt like the most memorable part of the holiday season. Whether fun and silly or nostalgic and personal, Christmas ornaments are used year after year. In a way, they feel like tiny time capsules that tell the history of a family and their holiday traditions.

Ornaments can come in many shapes, materials, colors, and moods, and the best part of decorating a Christmas tree is the lack of uniformity between everyone’s ornaments. Let everyone choose the look and feel that fits their personality, and much like the tree itself, it’ll tell the story of the family and everyone in it. Whether or not you decide to give a heart-felt ornament as one of your best Christmas gifts, it’ll be a beautiful tradition to enjoy year after year! But one you can not take too seriously. Have some fun with it! It’s the holidays, after all.

But as for where to get started buying ornaments? There are some pretty spectacular options online. Whether you are looking for a place with tons of options, one with great values, or just one that fits your style, we’ve gathered up the best places to buy Christmas ornaments in 2021. Take a look at our list below!



It goes without saying that Amazon is your best bet for just about anything we need this holiday season, from gift wrap to decorations. It is also one of the best places to buy ornaments online, with tons of options from handmade to classic sizes and shapes to fun and unique designs. One great example is this Old World Christmas Makeup and Glamour Gifts Glass Blown Ornaments for Christmas Tree Blow-Dryer. Have someone in your life who really embraces the glam, no matter the occasion? They’ll love this hair blower ornament. Made from mouth-blown molten glass, each piece feels special and unique — just like your hope for the holidays!

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Courtesy of Amazon



Target has a wide range of ornament options, from multi-ornament sets for decorating a tree all at once to fun one-offs in various themes and patterns. They are all value-priced and can fit any theme or holiday vision, from fun and whimsical to classic and nostalgic. This Wondershop Dragon Christmas Tree Ornament is incredibly adorable, especially if there’s a dragon lover in the family!

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Courtesy of Target



Etsy is always an excellent option for handmade and unique pieces. This can be especially useful during the holidays when everyone wants their own decor to have a personal touch. Crafted by artisans worldwide, there’s endless fun and whimsy to be had, like with these super cute Unicorn Ornaments.

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Courtesy of Etsy

Magic Linen

This sustainable company sells zero-waste Christmas ornaments that are so sweet and have a fantastic story behind them. They are made at MagicLinen’s workshop using their linen material leftovers! That means these ornaments are sustainable and include fun shapes like a heart, glove, Christmas tree and star.

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Courtesy of Magic Linen


Sur La Table

We already love Sur La Table for all of our fanciest kitchen and home pieces. Why not consider them for decorations? A rather appropriate option this holiday is the Champagne Glass Ornament. We have so much to cheers to this season, and that makes this fun champagne glass ornament feel extra perfect. It’s handmade in Poland and is the perfect way to toast a wonderful new year.

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Courtesy of Sur La Table



Hallmark has a charming keepsake collection destined for years of nostalgic moments at the tree. The Noble Nutcrackers Duke of Winter Ornament looks regal and timeless on any tree and will be fun to remember and look forward to once again as the seasons pass.

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Courtesy of Hallmark


You may consider this store for what you wear to holiday dinner parties or even the dishes you are serving those dinners on. Still, they also are known for timely monogrammed ornaments that you won’t find anywhere else. Our hearts warm at the Monogram Unity Ornament, made of 100% fair trade wool from Nepal and would also be a beautiful idea for a hostess gift.

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Courtesy of Anthropologie


Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn is a fun option for going classic but with a modern spin. This isn’t always easy to do, but this chain somehow does so with its distinct pizzazz. The Etched Mercury Glass Ornament Set in red is as festive and seasonal as an ornament can get, hand-etched and made of mercury glass. So even if they are new to this season, they have an undeniable vintage feel.

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Courtesy of Pottery Barn


Mimeo Photos

We’re just so obsessed with the idea of making things genuinely personal, and Mimeo Photos can put photos and custom wording on everything from blankets and photo books to holiday ornaments. These are so sweet for a new family or a new addition to a family. The decorations are created from actual family photos and made in acrylic or wood, with shapes like snowflakes and globes — a perfect addition to a beautiful holiday tradition.

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Courtesy of Mimeo

Fine Art America

Sometimes we want something special for our tree to set it apart from everyone else’s, and these custom holiday ornaments from Fine Art America give the option of buying custom art or customizing your very own art. Once you have selected your shape and uploaded your artwork to Fine Art America, your customized product will ship in one to two business days, but if you want to go with someone else’s art, they have everything from options with Van Gogh to David Bowie! The Sleighing It Ornament is especially fun for anyone in your life who really has been making significant advances this year in their goals, whatever those goals may be.

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Courtesy of Fine Art America


We can count on Waterford for the best glassware for formal dinners and events, but the crystal options don’t end there. They have pretty impressive holiday ornaments, such as this Snow Crystal Ornament. Christmas is the most festive time of the year, so when else would be an excellent time to get fancy? This gorgeous crystal ornament will instantly bring your tree up a notch this season.

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Courtesy of Waterford

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