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Dear Procrastinators: These Are the Best Places to Buy Gift Cards Online

The holiday gift-giving season can be rough. When there’s always doubt that our gift will arrive on time, an option like a gift card is increasingly appealing. Of course, if you’re reading this, you’re already well past holiday shipping deadlines, and digital gift cards are the procrastinating gift giver’s last resort. So if you’ve left your holiday shopping for the last-last minute, or if the gifts you ordered are delayed until after Christmas, where are the best places to buy gift cards online?

Gift cards are always attractive because they allow the person to have the gift they truly want and ensure it’s the right size and style for their needs. Whether they love their favorite latte at Starbucks or hope for some credit in their Amazon account, getting someone a gift card lets you feel confident that they are getting what they want when they want. And, of course, that the gift will arrive when expected!

Below, we’ve rounded up our favorite places to buy gift cards and e-gift cards. Stores like Amazon and Walmart let you purchase physical gift cards to a variety of other stores and restaurants, while retailers like have even more options for last-minute gifts. Whether you’re looking for the best gifts for co-workers or the ultimate gifts for parents, here are our top picks.


1. Amazon

Amazon is our go-to for many things, from lightbulbs to batteries and, of course, some of the best Amazon deals. However, Amazon is also one of the best places to buy gift cards online. You can order physical gift cards to be delivered in just two days, and you can also purchase digital gift cards.

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Of course, an Amazon gift card is always appreciated, especially for people with Amazon Prime. Amazon also makes it easy to buy physical and digital gift cards from other retailers, such as Best Buy and Gamestop, and restaurants. In fact, sometimes Amazon offers discounts on gift cards, like this Spend $39, Get $50 deal on IHOP gift cards.

Popular gift card choices from Amazon include:

  • Amazon
  • Visa
  • IHOP
  • Netflix
  • Starbucks
  • Lowes
  • Grubhub

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Courtesy of Amazon


2. is one of the best places to buy gift cards online, full stop. They have a vast selection of stores, restaurants and online retailers, both as tangible gift cards and e-card options. (Remember: digital gift cards are always smart last-minute gift ideas!) From their favorite chain restaurants to loading up on makeup at Sephora, has options for everyone on your holiday shopping list.

This site also makes it easy to buy gift cards online in any denomination you want. Plus, there’s even the availability to buy Visa gift cards, so they can truly use your gift anywhere they want.

Popular gift card choices from include:

  • Instacart
  • Sephora
  • H&M
  • Hulu
  • Gamestop
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3. Airbnb Gift Cards

Want to buy a gift card for a loved one that isn’t your ordinary gift card? When you buy someone an Airbnb gift card, you’re giving them the gift of travel and adventure. Combined with a nice card and a personalized note, this can be a thoughtful last-minute gift idea that doesn’t seem too phoned in. You can buy Airbnb gift cards at a variety of places online, and we’ve included a few different options for you below.

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Courtesy of Amazon


4. Nintendo e-Shop Gift Cards 

Nintendo is the best gift card site for gamers, and with this Nintendo eShop Gift Card, the gamer in your life can spend cash on what really matters to them. It can be applied in seconds and always ensures that funds are available to purchase new apps and games. With over 1,000 classics, new and indie games, they’ll never run out of options. Available in denominations up to $99.00.

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5. Etsy

Etsy is full of things you want but don’t need, which is why it’s one of the best places to buy gift cards for friends and family. A gift to a spot like Etsy ensures they get a unique, possibly even handmade gift they’ll truly treasure. There’s nothing more thoughtful than that.

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Courtesy of Etsy


6. Walmart

Walmart is an excellent spot for gift cards because not only can you gift someone with credit to Walmart, but you can also gift them with a Walmart membership, which will get them all sorts of special deals and features throughout the year. But Walmart is also a place to buy discounted gift cards from other retailers, such as Apple, Sephora, or Starbucks — truly making it a one-stop-shop!

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Courtesy of Walmart


7. Brooklinen

The gift of better sleep will always be appreciated, and the sumptuous sheet and duvet sets from Brooklinen can help you give that to someone you love. Cheap synthetic sheets can make for an uncomfortable night, but Brooklinen’s high-quality fibers will have them sleeping like a baby. This digital gift card can be given in amounts from $50-500, and even if they’re not in the market for new sheets, Brooklinen also sells throw blankets, robes, and loungewear that they’ll want to stock their closet with ASAP.

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8. The Home Depot 

A gift card to The Home Depot is one of our favorite gift ideas for impossible-to-shop-for dads (and uncles, brothers, and coworkers, for that matter). Head to The Home Depot to buy your virtual gift card and have it delivered digitally to your loved one.

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Courtesy of The Home Depot

9. Raise

Raise is significant because thousands of retailers have gift cards on this site, but cash rewards and gift bonuses are also available. That means you can earn rewards on future purchases by buying the gift cards you would buy anyway. There are also referral bonuses and lots of coupons and promo codes, so there are always great deals to be had.

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Courtesy of Raise


10. Huckberry

The best place to buy gift cards online for the outdoorsy, the stylish, or those always looking for new EDC essentials, Huckberry helps you ace the holidays this year with their gift cards, which are offered in $25 increments all the way up to $500. Huckberry carries everything from home goods and everyday carry items to footwear and clothing. They even have a “Gear by Activity” section, making this perfect for anyone that enjoys camping, biking, hiking or running.

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Courtesy of Huckberry


11. Food 52

The best gift card site for foodies, an electronic Food 52 gift card is way better than a gift card from Crate & Barrel or a basic kitchenware site. Instead, this site carries products for people who love all aspects of food, from cooking to harvesting vegetables from your own garden. With tons of artisanal goodies to choose from, your gift recipient can peruse top-of-the-line cookware or more affordable food-based items and ingredients in their Pantry section.

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Courtesy of Food 52


12. Cariuma 

Gifting shoes can feel impossible, even if you know the person well. You can’t be exactly sure what size they are or what style they’ll love. That’s why a Cariuma gift card is genius. With stylish tennis shoes for men and women at under $80, using the gift card from this shoe-wear company is as easy as entering a gift code during checkout and getting a free pair of shoes. They carry a range of aesthetics, including low-tops, high tops and slip-ons.

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13. Bespoke Post 

Famous for their monthly subscription boxes, Bespoke Post allows you to choose a denomination that covers either individual items or a subscription box from their service, making this a flexible option for any classy gentleman in your life. From cozy and warm outdoor clothing to bar cart essentials like whiskey glasses and an old-fashioned kit, Bespoke has an incredibly well-curated selection of timeless choices – if you’re not sure about choosing the right one, do your gift recipient a solid and let them pick instead.

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Courtesy of Bespoke Post


14. Bellesa Boutique 

You can now get your hands on a digital e-card from Bellesa, the best place to buy gift cards online with an X-rated twist. This sex toy retailer sells an equally affordable, wide range of items. One of the best gifts for couples or that special sex-positive person in your life (orgasms count as self-care, right?) Bellesa lets you choose from a $25-$300 amount, which is then emailed out to your lucky gift recipient.

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Courtesy of Bellesa


15. Crunchy Roll 

Ideal for that lovable nerd or anime-lover in your life, Crunchy roll is the world’s most popular anime retailer, and they offer a digital gift card in $10 increments. You also have a $7.99 option to buy them a digital streaming premium membership, which makes sense if they watch a lot of anime. Whether it’s anime figures, plushies, videos and manga or apparel, every anime fan will appreciate this thoughtful gift.

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Courtesy of Crunchy Roll


16. The Sill

Plants are the best natural decor to spruce your home up, and it’s a lot more affordable than a painting. Every plant parent or aspiring plant parent will appreciate this digital gift card from The Sill, a popular online destination to buy plants in stylish, minimalist pots. This plant delivery service has tons of gorgeous options and heirloom quality planters for them to live in. They even sell plant care essentials if your giftee already has plant babies at home.

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Courtesy of The Sill


17. Barkbox 

If your friend is obsessed with their dog, this is by far the best place to buy gift cards online. Offering a subscription box for doggies, each Bark Box has a theme and comes with goodies like toys, a bag of treats and chews customized to the dog and its size, allergy info and other preferences. It’ll bring your gift recipient’s furry friend so much joy, and that’s the best gift a dog owner can ask for.

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Courtesy of Barkbox


18. Cocktail Courier

Since Drizly doesn’t currently offer gift cards, you can give the gift of a DIY at-home bartender with Cocktail Courier, which doesn’t just provide a bottle of liquor – it’s a whole box that includes all the necessary ingredients for your favorite gin, whisky, rum tequila or vodka cocktail including syrups, mixers, garnish and more. There are also non-alcoholic options. With the included recipe cards, any amateur can transform into an instant pro.

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Courtesy of Amazon


19. Mondo

In a day and age where vinyl shops are dwindling, Mondo is an essential shopping destination for music lovers, and we can vouch that they’re one of the best legit sites to buy gift cards, even if you haven’t heard of them before. With nearly 800 choices for film and video game music, Mondo also carries tons of toys, posters and other collectible items. They even have a separate Record Shop section with non-soundtrack vinyl, making this the best gift card site for anyone that loves vinyl. 

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20. Target

Similar to Wayfair but more affordable, Target also has tons of back-to-school essentials, making it a great gift for students or anyone needing stylish office supplies. Like Amazon, there are endless categories to search from at a low price point, allowing your gift recipient to fill up their cart to their heart’s desire. The gift card section on their site even has student-special offers for those in school and university, and it also allows you to design your card based on the occasion or city your giftee is in.

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Courtesy of Target

21. Wayfair

Offering slashed prices of chic home essentials like furniture, bedding, and home decor accents; there’s nothing you can’t find at Wayfair. Everything on the site is a temptation, which is why it’s one of the best places to buy gift cards online. While the offerings on this site are stylish, they’re also practical and sell a wide range of items, making them a suitable choice for even the pickiest gift recipients.

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Courtesy of Wayfair

22. Redbubble

Redbubble has tons of merch from independent creators, making it the best place to buy gift cards online for anyone seeking an Etsy alternative. With this site, you can support creatives and get designs on cool products that you won’t find anywhere else. They have tons of categories, from wall art to pets, as well as an amazing selection of phone cases. No matter what your gift recipient is into, they’re bound to find something they like in this vast marketplace.

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23. Visa

One of their best-selling options, a Visa Virtual eGift works just like a traditional Visa card, except it’s a lot easier and faster. Rather than waiting in the mail for a card, gift recipients get instant access as soon as they receive a notification. Once it’s activated, the card can be treated like cash. This makes it a classy option for anyone who wants to send a gift card but isn’t sure what stores their recipient likes to shop at.

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Courtesy of Amazon

24. Apple

Give the gift of tech to the person in your life who lives by the all-Apple-everything mentality. Give the gift of subscriptions, Airpods or larger Apple devices with the coveted Apple gift card, which comes in a minimalist design with the signature apple. For many adults, wandering into the Apple store is like being in a candy store. Choose customizable amounts in $25 increments to a recipient of your choosing.

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Courtesy of Apple

25. Umamicart

As convenient as food delivery services like Uber Eats and Doordash are, Umamicart will give someone a chance to try something that they can’t find locally. Umamicart is a grocery delivery service that curates Asian products and hard-to-find ingredients. They sell everything from meats and tofu to seafood and produce, along with the most mouthwatering snacks. Customers cite fast shipping, and they even deliver to rural areas.

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26. Uber

Uber gift cards are one of the most useful gifts out there, especially for those who don’t have a car or don’t enjoy driving. With rising prices, taking an Uber is a luxury for some people. The gift of convenient transportation won’t be forgotten — even for people who don’t usually use the app, a situation will probably arise when they’ll need a ride—a popular gift choice for college kids.

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Courtesy of Uber

27. Goldbelly

If you’re buying a gift card in 2022 for the foodie in your life, something like Doordash or Uber Eats might not cut it. There’s nothing like Goldbelly, which has hundreds of chefs, restaurants, and food makers that you can’t find anywhere else. This site allows gourmet food lovers to order their favorite meal across the country, making it an excellent option for anyone who’s homesick about a particular food item or wants to try new meals without taking a road trip.

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Courtesy of Goldbelly

28. Spotify

Listening to music with ads can be truly annoying, but it’s a reality for anyone that doesn’t have Spotify Premium. Fortunately, Spotify gift cards can be redeemed for Premium Individual plans and can be in a range of lengths, from a single month to a full year. Another alternative to an individual gift card from them is their Premium Family plan, which is ideal for close groups of friends and family members looking to share a plan with their own accounts.

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Courtesy of Walmart

29. REI Gift Card

No matter what month it is, REI sells outdoor essentials for every season and activity, whether you’re camping and looking to stay cozy or going on a snowboarding trip. If you have a friend or family member who loves spending time outside in nature or camping, these cool and creatively designed gift cards are one of the best places to buy gift cards online. They offer both digital cards and regular ones. In 2022, the brand will donate $1 to the REI Cooperative Action Fund for every gift card they sell.

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Courtesy of REI


30. Gift Card Granny

This site is beneficial and fun because it lets you buy and sell gift cards and compare the prices of various gift cards. That gives you an exciting option. Did someone send you a gift card to some sports gear store you can’t care less about? Sell it and buy the Apple gift card you actually want.

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Courtesy of Gift Card Granny

31. Groupon

We don’t consider Groupon a lot for gift cards; it’s more where we go for a good deal on our favorite brunch spot or place to get a spa treatment. But it’s also a spot to buy gift certificates from local spas and salons to restaurants and specialty stores. If you hope to support a local small business this holiday, Groupon can be a straightforward and streamlined way to get it done.

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Courtesy of Groupon


32. Costco

We love Costco for getting bulk quantities of everything from toilet paper to mouthwash. But they also have loads of discounted gift cards; you can save as much as 20% depending on the retailer and the denomination. While you need to be a Costco member to score these deals, you’ll find various gift cards for various retailers. Besides, it’s probably a good time to stock up on toilet paper.

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Courtesy of Costco


33. eBay

Hey, we all get gift cards that we’re not all interested in. Maybe you are a vegetarian and got a gift card from a pork store. Perhaps you hate golf and got a golf club gift card. eBay is where people go and sell their unwanted gift cards, and it’s a great way to get a card you covet at less than face value! Of course, get someone a gift card for eBay itself, and then they can buy all sorts of stuff with it, including rare collectibles.

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Courtesy of eBay


34. CardCash

CardCash is another gift card marketplace that lets you buy and sell cards. They have the traditional physical gift card that looks like a credit card or an e-gift that can be emailed (ideal for last-minute shoppers!). What’s remarkable here is there are also a ton of payment options, from credit cards to PayPal to even Bitcoin!

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Courtesy of CardCash

35. Classpass

Gifting a gym membership is tricky since you’re basically forcing someone to commit to a single workout spot. However, membership services like ClassPass are the best place to buy gift cards online for fitness commitment-phobes, as they use a credit-based system that provides a ton of flexibility. Whether your gift recipient likes to switch things up or prefers a class environment to work out on their own (they also have gym time slots), the thousands of studios on this site are bound to fit their needs.

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How to Sell Unused Gift Cards

If you’ve received a gift card you have no use for, there’s a hack that can help you sell them. Websites like CardCash, Raise and GiftCash can help you sell gift cards for cash. Sellers can earn back a percentage based on demand. Social media can also be a great way to promote your card and sell it or barter it for your preferred brand.

Remember to avoid scammers since they can be quite common in this area. Always do your research and only opt for a reputable service. Even then, keep an eye out for hidden fees.
If bartering for another gift card, check its balance immediately. If selling, don’t give out the card’s PIN until the transaction has been completed.

If that sounds like too much effort, consider regifting the card or donating it to a good cause like a charity or auction.


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