The 10 Best Places to Buy Wrapping Paper Online

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There’s no escaping the fact that the holidays are coming. That means shopping for the best Christmas gifts and stellar stocking stuffers; finding festive Christmas decorations and planning holiday parties. But it’s also a time when we’re going to need to shop for wrapping paper and lots of it.

Wrapping paper is very much like the cover of a book or a magazine. We know we are not really supposed to judge a book by its cover, but that doesn’t change the fact that most of us do anyway. It’s unavoidable. We all have memories of lazy wrapping attempts involving brown paper or glorified tin foil — and we also remember our moms buying whatever was left on clearance at the end of the season at the local discount store.

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The lack of effort and originality shows in wrapping paper as much as it might in the cheap secret Santa gift within that wrapping paper. Of course, the flip side of that would be showing that you were trying to be unique and original and getting fun, original, or just interesting wrapping paper to reflect that. Remember, it’s the thought that counts, and that begins with the wrapping paper you choose.

That’s not to say that wrapping paper needs to be super involved with tons of patterns and color and texture. That’s great, but minimalist or understated is just fine too. It’s just about finding wrapping paper that shows you care and investing the time to do it right.

1. GiftWrapMyFace

This is just incredibly fun and unique. It’s customized wrapping paper that you can personalize with a print of faces all over it — any face you want! All you have to do is upload a selfie (or a pic of your favorite pet), pick your theme, and they do the rest. The result is a 60-inch roll of selfie wrapping paper sent directly to your door. And, besides, what’s a better gift than sending people something wrapped in you?

Giftwrapmyface wrapping paper GiftWrapMyFace

Red Elfie Selfie Gift Wrap

2. Wrappily

For an eco-friendly take on wrapping paper, you don’t get much better than Wrappily. Generally, you can’t recycle wrapping paper because it is dyed, laminated, or contains non-paper additives. But renewable newsprint avoids tons of trash, and is milled, printed, and packaged in Washington State for the shortest possible supply chain.

Wrappily Xmas wrapping paper Wrappily

Peace on Earth/Evergreens Wrapping Paper

3. Amazon

Is there ever a time that Amazon isn’t the easiest answer? From toilet paper to phone cables, it’s what we trust for everything we need — including wrapping paper. The price here is right, and you can get a lot of it in one place, for a reasonable price, delivered to your door in a day or two. That alone is pretty spectacular. But it also has some truly gorgeous options. For example, the RUSPEPA Kraft Wrapping Paper is so pretty and elegant in an understated way, with just a touch of gold sparkle for a festive edge.

RUSPEPA Kraft Wrapping Paper Amazon

RUSPEPA Kraft Wrapping Paper


4. Anthropologie

We aren’t obsessed with this store very few times, for everything from whimsical housewares to beautiful styles of clothes, and their wrapping paper is no different. They always have the most thoughtful of brand partnerships, and that includes its wrapping paper. Rifle Paper Co is full of beautiful splashy colors and patterns and is sure to make your gift stand out from the rest of the pile. A great example is the Rifle Paper Co. Partridge Wrapping Paper Roll, which is vibrant, colorful, and tons of fun.

Rifle Paper Co Wrapping Paper Anthropologie

Rifle Paper Co. Deck The Halls Wrapping Paper Roll

5. Etsy

If your goal is finding unique wrapping paper, you’ll never do better than Etsy. Etsy is something of a wonderland of fantastic one-of-a-kind type products, and that includes wrapping paper. For example, if you are gifting your friend who loves her bubbles a beautiful bottle of Champagne, why not work the Champagne into the wrapping paper itself? There’s nothing like sticking to a theme, and this is totally adorable.

Bubbly Champagne Wrapping paper Etsy

Bubbly Champagne Wrapping Paper

6. Target

You can buy just about anything you need at Target, be it school supplies or electronic gadgets. However, while you are there checking off items on your holiday gift list, you can also pick up a wide selection of reasonably priced wrapping paper. They have an expansive search function on their website, letting you sort by color, type, occasion, pattern, and many other filters, ensuring you find just the right option for you. And it’s not the random cheap stuff either; it has some pretty impressive brand and style choices. Go for something fun and silly, like this Gingerbread gift wrap. ‘Tis the season!

Target Wrapping Paper Target

Wondershop 55 sq ft Gingerbread Gift Wrap Green

7. Paper Source

It makes sense that this spot would be a good source for another kind of paper — wrapping paper. Everything here feels just a bit more sophisticated and artistic, and that’s something we appreciate — especially for that gift that you really want to impress, from the moment their eyes fall upon the packaging. This stuff is built to last too; it’s high-quality paper — and so while it’s maybe not as much of a bargain as other spots on this list, there’s also minimal risk of the paper ripping before you are ready for it too. Try their Vintage Holiday Wrapping Bundle and get everything you need for the season in one place.

Paper Source Christmas Wrapping Bundel Paper Source

Vintage Holiday Wrapping Paper Bundle

8. Oh Happy Day

This online shop isn’t as well-known as other options on this list, but they’ve been around for years, and it’s for good reason. The possibilities are well-priced and always super cute with lots of color and personality. For example, this Bash Wrapping Paper would be perfect for a super girly gift — especially for someone who loves pink.

Oh Happy Day Bash Wrapping paper Oh Happy Day

Bash Wrapping Paper

9. The Container Store

You probably already go to The Container Store for home organization and storage options, but they are a perfect spot for so many other things — like wrapping paper. And because it’s the Container Store, you can count on all the trimmings being available nearby once you are shopping. This Leopard Birthday Wrapping paper is so much fun, and it will add a splash of pink and shimmer to the pile of presents.

The Container Store Happy Birthday Wrapping paper The Container Store

Leopard Birthday Wrapping Paper

10. Unwrp

This Brooklyn-based business has wrapping paper made by coveted artists worldwide, intending to create luxury wrapping paper while keeping ethical and environmental values in mind. This Ada Twist Reversible Gift Wrap is super fun, based on the new Netflix series, and fun for any fan.

Unwrp Ada Twist Reversible Gift Wrap Unwrp

Unwrp Ada Twist Reversible Gift Wrap