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Catch the Heart of Any Fan With the Best Pokemon Gifts

It seems like everyone wants to collab with Pokemon these days. It’s still a beloved franchise to many even at the ripe old age of twenty-six. With Scarlet and Violet on the way now is a great time to start thinking about what to snag a Pokemon fan for the gifting season. 

We here at SPY are big fans of the famous pocket monsters and have dove recently into a few games like this magnificent series. We’ve even pointed out how the Pokemon Center has been slowly releasing unsettling lifesize monsters to add to your home.

There are millions of fans all over the globe and the franchise has no plans on slowing down. We love that for them. Here are our tops picks for the best Pokemon gifts for the Poke-Pal in your life.

1. Pikachu Holiday Knit Sweater

Let us start where all good gift guides should, the holiday sweater. Everyone needs one ugly or not. This Pikachu one is certainly the latter. This bright red acrylic blend ties in all the iconic pokemon hues with its most legendary creature. This is the crossroad between electric and ice types, just in time for snowy season.

Courtesy of the Pokemon Center

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2. Bulbasaur Succulent Planter

Of course, a grass type would have a green thumb. This sweet Bulbasaur Succulent Planter is an ideal home and safekeeping for greenery that will go the distance. This is a perfect pint-sized gift and is a great way to show appreciation for a pokemon compadre.

Courtesy of Amazon

3. Snorlax Mug

What better way to wake up than with the resident sleep boy of Kanto region? This Snorlax Mug features the gigantic snoozer yawning. There is also plenty of room for coffee, tea, or your chosen beverage as it fits up to 50 ounces of liquid. There is also a spot for snacks to awaken the senses further. Plenty of room for Razz Berries!

Courtesy of GameStop

4. Sprigatito Plush

With new games come new starters. Sprigatito will be representing the grass types, and I’m sure will become a household favorite in no time. Pop this green kitty under your tree, and the gratitude will blossom.

Courtesy of Amazon

5. Nanoblock Charizard

A good arts and crafts project is wonderful for winter. I grabbed a few of these Pokemon Nanoblock sets at Comic Con and have really loved them. It’s kind of like LEGO but geekier. I know, imagine? This Charizard is a beginner-level Nanoblock and has 200 pieces. It’ll stand a smidge over two inches tall but will look brilliant in a cubical or on a bookshelf. These make excellent stocking stuffers.

Courtesy of Amazon

6. Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield Silver Tempest Elite Trainer Box

These Trainer Boxes are always beautifully designed. And whether you’re a casual collection or a hardcore player of the game these cards are spectacular. There is always the thrill of finding out if you have a super rare, super valuable card. Me? I’m just excited to get Yuka Morii cards. This particular kit has eight booster packs, 65 card sleeves featuring Alolan Vulpix, 45 Energy cards, the player’s guide, six damage-counter dice, a competition-legal coin-flip die and two acrylic condition markers.

Courtesy of Amazon

7. Pokémon Knit Beanie – Electric Type

Chilly weather means a new hat to keep warm is needed. This Pikachu one from Target is so adorable it hurts to look at. The stretchy beanie is accommodating to kids and adults. Its material will keep you cozy and fashionable. Pull down the cuff to catch a glimpse of an absolutely delighted electric rat.

Courtesy of Target

8. Pokemon X RockLove Magikarp Necklace

If it’s nerdy luxury you want, it’s nerdy luxury you will have. No company does this better than RockLove. Each piece is thoughtfully created with quality and reverence for the franchise in mind. This Magikarp necklace is the height of dumb beauty. Made of solid sterling silver, it’s just three connected pieces that make it look like it’s swimming. The pendant will hang from a sterling silver adjustable cable chain and will be nestled in a pokemon box specific to this collection.

9. Loungefly Pokemon Umbreon Wallet

As with many Loungefly collabs, all the good ones sell out quickly. This Umbreon on is still available on some sites and lets the world know you’re spooky and organized. Made from durable material this wallet with go the distance and be able to withstand many battles.

Courtesy of Amazon

10. Pokemon 2022 Holiday Advent Calendar

We love a good advent calendar here at SPY, and the annual Pokemon one is an absolute favorite. As every year this advent calendar has 24 itty bitty pocket monsters. At least one is guaranteed to be a 3-D Pokémon plastic figure and there are plenty of holiday-themed accessories to go with each. There are 34 pieces total with this calendar, and we hope you get an Eevee and all their friends.