17 Rings to Give Your Lady When You’re Definitely NOT Proposing

non engagement rings
Image courtesy of Made by Mary
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Trying to find a good gift for your lady? We hear you, it can be daunting. You can choose a necklace, bracelet or a pair of earrings, but don’t look past giving her a ring, even if you’re not looking to pop the question.

A stunning piece of jewelry is sure to be hit, particularly a ring. They’re easy to wear all the time without needing to match them to an outfit, which makes rings an ideal token of your admiration and a reminder to be worn without compromise.

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If it’s not quite time for the second-from-the-left type ring, don’t worry. There are many other styles that carry a meaning of love and care without a lifetime of commitment. Here are a few of the most common ring types you may want to consider:

  • Midi – Located somewhere between the top and bottom of a finger, midi rings stay in place thanks to the slight bumps of knuckles. They’re often very delicate and feature small embellishments. As one of the most unique and unusual types of ring, they’re super eye-catching and are sure to spark a conversation about where the rings came from.
  • Stackable – Rings on rings on rings. Stackable rings are made to be piled high. The limit is the wearer’s comfort as you can stack rings from two and up. They’re often sold in sets and sometimes feature stones or attached designs that slide with ease over neighboring bands. 
  • Statement – Go big or go home; sometimes it’s the only way. If your girl is one to make bold moves and steal the limelight, then opting for a statement ring is a smart move. Think color, gems and elaborate details when choosing these.
  • Non-Diamond Gemstones – Although engagement rings come in all shapes and sizes these days, diamonds are still the most popular choice. That means you can get away with giving her a gemstone ring, as long as it’s not a diamond. Semi-precious stones work great in these situations, so look for something like amethyst, aquamarine or pearl.

A lot of guys get nervous when shopping for a ring that’s definitely not an engagement ring. Because this time of year carries lots of romantic associations, shopping for rings requires a certain tact. If you would rather avoid making things awkward, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve collected the 17 best non-engagement rings to give your partner.

Whether you want to give your girlfriend a tasteful midi ring, a gemstone-studded gold ring or just something sparkly to wear on her finger, these 17 rings make ideal gifts. From precious metal to birthstones, your S.O. is sure to adore any of the rings we’ve reviewed below, even if you’re not actually trying to propose. Keep reading to find gorgeous rings that won’t have your partner hearing wedding bells.

Hint: You won’t find any diamond rings here.


1. Mejuri Ceramic Band Ring


We’ll forgive you if you haven’t noticed, but understated rings are currently all the rage. These thin bands are usually stackable with other rings and can be worn on any finger. Some come without decoration, while others include a little something alternative, like this Mejuri Ceramic Band Ring. The white ceramic band is set in a 14k yellow gold band and looks particularly elegant on dainty fingers. As an added bonus, you can have the inside of the ring engraved with a word or date up to 25 characters long. This ring really does tick all the boxes as a non-engagement ring.

non engagement rings ceramic band Image courtesy of Mejuri

Mejuri Ceramic Band Ring



2. Made By Mary February Birthstone Ring


Kill two birds with one birthstone with the Made By Mary February Birthstone Ring. Combine the celebration of Valentines together with a birthday and give the gift of a ring featuring the relevant month’s birthstone. Each of these slim birthstone rings are available in five different sizes and three colors of metal. Each dainty piece is handmade. So, they may vary slightly in color, but they never dip in quality.

non engagement rings february birthstone ring Image courtesy of Made by Mary

Made By Mary February Birthstone Ring



3. Set & Stones Presley Stacking Ring


Continuing down the theme of slim, stacking rings, we come to the Set & Stones Presley Stacking Ring. This handmade ring features a solitaire made of cubic zirconia that’s designed to sparkle. It’s also made in the USA, so you can be assured of its quality. Plus, this ring is so affordable you can probably buy more than one so that your significant other can stack them on her fingers.

best non engagement rings set and stones Image courtesy of Nordstrom

Set & Stones Presley Stacking Ring



4. Mejuri Tarot Strength Ring


Proposing to your loved one isn’t the only power move you can make. Gifting her with the Mejuri Tarot Strength Ring might be exactly what’s on the cards. It’s available in five sizes, so it can suit all fingers. The ring displays a detailed tarot image on the front oval panel. The thin gold band measures 1.7 millimeters thick and is made of 18 karat gold surrounding a sterling silver core. Thank your lucky stars for your wonder woman with this ring.

tarot strength ring non engagement rings Image courtesy of Mejuri

Mejuri Tarot Strength Ring



5. PDPaola Zaza Gold Ring


This swirly Zaza Gold Ring from PDPaola is bejeweled with an array of colorful stones. Four shades of zirconia are embedded into the polished band to add hints of pastel rainbow colors. At the core of this ring is a 925 sterling silver ring which has been dipped in 18 karat gold plating to deliver a glowing piece of jewelry. This Zaza ring is part of PDPaola’s Aisha collection which aims to empower females in Kenya by working together with the non-profit foundation, Afrikable.

zaza gold ring Image courtesy of PDPAOLA

PDPaola Zaza Gold Ring



6. Mejuri Monochrom Garnet Ring


While most of the rings on our list thus far have been meant to blend into an outfit, the Mejuri Monochrom Garnet Ring was built to make a statement. This glam ring boasts a sterling silver core dipped into 18 karat gold vermeil. The chunky band is available in three color variations, so if your girl isn’t a fan of gold, you can pick the burgundy or black band alternatives. Finally, for the statement gemstone, you can select from green topaz, citrine or garnet, all of which add a touch of luxury to any outfit.

monchrome garnet ring Image courtesy of Mejuri

Mejuri Monochrom Garnet Ring



7. Mejuri Twist Ring


Good things come in small packages, and sometimes the simplest things are the best things. That’s certainly true with the Mejuri Twist Ring. This 14k gold slim ring is made to last forever with gold that’s guaranteed not to oxidize or discolor. Plus, with Mejuri’s fair pricing scheme, you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality piece at a fraction of the cost a fine jeweler would charge. When shopping for a ring that’s not an engagement ring, it’s usually best to avoid large diamonds. Gold, however, is always a good idea.

best non engagement rings mejuri twist Image courtesy of Mejuri

Mejuri Twist Ring



8. Made By Mary Solid Gold Symbol Ring


If you want a ring that’s just a little bit more than a fine piece of jewelry, consider the Made By Mary Solid Gold Symbol Ring. By giving your S.O. such a piece, you’re symbolically giving her your heart, or at least she’ll see it that way. The handcrafted ring is made from solid 14 karat gold in Los Angeles and is totally gorgeous. Furthermore, hashtag, ampersand, quote and plus symbols are also available as alternatives, if a heart is a little too close to the L word. #commitmentphobe.

solid gold symbol ring Image courtesy of Made by Mary

Made By Mary Solid Gold Symbol Ring



9. Oradina My Anchor Ring


Our loved ones keep us grounded, so what better gift to give them than the Oradina My Anchor Ring? This nautical-inspired fold band merges into two split channels to blend the outlines of an anchor into the minimalistic design. It’s created in Italy, weighs 1.2 grams and is made of 14 karat yellow gold. While it doesn’t feature something sparkly, this is one ring she can wear on a daily basis.

my anchor ring Image courtesy of Oradina

Oradina My Anchor Ring



10. FARIS Saturn Semiprecious Stone Ring


For a gift that you can be sure she doesn’t already have, choose the FARIS Saturn Semiprecious Stone Ring. This ring, which was created by Seattle-based designer Faris Du Graf, is incredibly unique, as the stone sits in the middle of a loop formed by the ring itself. It’s available with either a garnet set in bronze or a lemon quartz stone set in sterling silver. Either way, this ring is sure to make a statement when it’s sitting securely on the finger of your significant other.

faris saturn ring nordstrom Image courtesy of Nordstrom

FARIS Saturn Semiprecious Stone Ring



11. Triple Threat Ring


Stack up on the smiles and surprise your S.O. with this unique set of three solid gold rings. They are 14 karat gold and look great stacked together on a single finger or worn individually. The two outer bands are completed with a polished finished, whereas the middle is diamond cut for a textured appearance. This understated set is an easy choice if you want a sophisticated yet unique gift.

triple threat ring Image courtesy of Oradina

Triple Threat Ring



12. Catbird Pas de Deux Ring


The Catbird Pas de Deux Ring is a sentimental gift to cement your commitment, without getting engaged. The hand-in-hand carved detailing shows a linking of two people inspired by 15th century Fede rings, which represented a mutual agreement. You can choose from four different metal types, including rose, white and yellow gold, along with the option to have a message engraved on the inside of the band.

pas de deux ring Image courtesy of Catbird

Catbird Pas de Deux Ring



13. ARMENTA Old World Crivelli Stack Ring


The ARMENTA Old World Enamel & Diamond Crivelli Stack Ring is one piece of jewelry that really pops. This bold design won’t be appreciated by everyone, but for women who love unique jewelry, this is one of the best non-engagement rings you’ll find. Designed by Emily Armenta in her Houston-based studio, the ring was inspired by Carlo Crivelli, an Italian Renaissance artist known for his attention to detail and ability to bring beauty to those things which are imperfect. The blue band of this piece sets it apart from most fine jewelry, but the included diamonds add a touch of formality and class. This unique piece would suit daring fashionistas and art lovers alike.

best non engagement rings armenta Image courtesy of Bergdorf Goodman

ARMENTA Old World Crivelli Stack Ring



14. IPPOLITA Nova-Spiral Triple Bead Ring


The accessory brand Ippolita, created by Ippolita Rostagno, is loved by celebrities around the world thanks to the brand’s quality, handcrafted jewelry and chic designs. The 18-karat gold collection combines the designer’s Italian heritage with her modern take on fashion. The result is a beautiful, spiral ring with three mother-of-pearl beads of varying sizes. This is a piece that can transition easily from a casual outfit to a more formal one, and it’s sure to draw the eye. For couples who don’t plan to get married, a beautiful and expensive ring can still be a meaningful gift. With a unique design and precious materials, this designer ring is the perfect present to remind her how much you love her.

best non engagement rings ippolita Image courtesy of Bergdorf Goodman

IPPOLITA Nova-Spiral Triple Bead Ring



15. Le Vian Blueberry Layer Cake Ring


From hair color to clothing, ombre is trending, and this ring takes the style to a new level by featuring three rows of varying shades of Blueberry Sapphires. The stones themselves are set in beautiful 14k white gold. Produced by Le Vian, the Blueberry Layer Cake Ring also comes with a certificate of authenticity, so you can rest assured that you’ve purchased a quality gift. As an added bonus, a matching necklace and earrings are available for purchase on Macy’s website if you really want to spoil your favorite lady.

best non engagement rings le vian sapphire Image courtesy of Macy's

Le Vian Blueberry Layer Cake Ring



16. Gucci Ouroboros Set of 3 Stacking Rings


This fashionable set of four rings is both beautiful and premium quality, which your leading lady is sure to love. The three snake-inspired, 18 karat gold rings are each individual in design, but all feature highly detailed engravings. The Ouroboros is an ancient Egyptian symbol which shows a serpent consuming its own tail, and this is depicted across the triple ring set. The recipient of this thoughtful gift can wear the rings together on a single finger or solo across three different fingers.

ouroboros stacking rings gucci Image courtesy of Nordstrom

Gucci Ouroboros Set of 3 Stacking Rings



17. Spinelli Kilcollin Libra Connector Ring


We promised that there wouldn’t be any diamond rings on this list, but we couldn’t resist this Spinelli Kilcollin Libra 18k Diamond & Connector Ring. However, because this piece is made from several rings connected together that can be worn across numerous fingers, there’s little chance your significant other will think this piece is an engagement ring. The center ring is filled with white pave-set diamonds, while the two side rings and the connectors are made of 18 karat yellow gold. If you really want to splurge on your significant other with a diamond ring that’s not an engagement ring, this is the piece to buy.

best non engagement rings bergdorf Image courtesy of Bergdorf Goodman

Spinelli Kilcollin Libra Connector Ring



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