The Best Romantic Gifts To Snag on Amazon

best romantic gifts on Amazon

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There are plenty of occasions that call for a romantic gift, and when you find yourself in need at the last minute, it can be very helpful to be aware of the best romantic gifts on Amazon. When it’s two days before Valentine’s Day and you have nothing for your partner, quick and easy online orders with two-day shipping will save your life.

From games and activities for couples to candles and massage oil, there are all kinds of gifts on Amazon that’ll help set the mood. It can be something that you’ll both enjoy together, or a special token of your love to show how much you care. Romance can mean different things for different people, so find something on this list that fits your relationship best and grab it now to avoid the last-minute stress leading up to the next birthday, holiday or situation that lands you in the dog house.

Gifting doesn’t need to bring anxiety, even when it comes to the most romantic gift ideas that tend to increase the pressure. These are some of the best romantic gifts on Amazon for the fastest, easiest and most loving purchases you’ll ever make. 


1. Letters to My Love


Hand-written love letters don’t have to remain a thing of the past. The format of this letter book invites you to declare your affection in 12 fold-and-mail letters. You can fill out any of the prompts whenever the feeling strikes and send for your partner to open when you’re looking to create a little extra romance. Gift the whole book to your partner so that you can exchange the love letters and keep that intimacy alive. In our opinion, this is one of the most romantic Christmas gifts you can give to that special someone.

letters to my love Courtesy of Amazon

2. We’re Not Really Strangers


This game is all about empowering meaningful connections, which makes it quite a romantic gift. It’s an opportunity to get to know each other on a deeper level, to ask questions that you would never think of asking on your own. Start with the level one cards and work your way up to the level three cards for a gift that you’ll be able to enjoy together.

we're not really strangers game Courtesy of Amazon

3. GSPY Scented Candles


Many people find scents to be quite romantic, and a sense of humor to be a very attractive quality. Combine both of those ideas with this GSPY scented candle on Amazon. It smells like light floral lavender with a silly label highlighting how you feel about your partner’s best asset. It’ll make them laugh, and they can use it to set the mood the next time you’re together.

gpsy scented candle Courtesy of Amazon

4. Touch Lamp


If you’re in a long-distance relationship, a set of these WiFi-enabled touch lamps is the perfect romantic gift on Amazon. Just touch it whenever you want your loved one to know that you’re thinking of them, and theirs will light up too. There are more than 200 colors to choose from, and you can control your lamp via the app just in case you want to send this romantic signal wherever you are.

long distance touch lamps Courtesy of Amazon

5. Date Night Box


Spicing up your date nights can be a great way to add some romance back into a relationship. This box features 35 scratch-off cards, each with a new and exciting date idea for couples. Scratch them off to reveal what you’ll date will be, and promise that you’ll do it no matter what.

date night ideas box Courtesy of Amazon

6. Custom Star Sky Map Print


For people that are into astrology, this custom map shows what the sky looked like at the date, time and location of your choosing. Not only are constellations romantic to look at in general, but this thoughtful gift represents a momentous occasion for your relationship that your partner can treasure forever.

custom star map Courtesy of Amazon

7. Massage Oil with Massage Roller Ball


To some, romantic and sensual are very linked. Luckily, you can get a gift on Amazon that’ll encourage you both to get a little handsy. This soothing lavender massage oil is deeply calming and hydrating with a romantic aroma, while the 360-degree roller ball will help you dig into those particularly tense areas. If you gift this to a partner, you should also offer to give them a full body massage as an added perk.

massage oil and roller ball Courtesy of Amazon

8. Our Adventures Book: Bucket List Journal For Couples


Many people want to end up with someone they can go on adventures with; someone who wants to try new things and keep them on their toes. What could be more romantic than gifting a book to outline all of the exciting adventures to come? It includes writing prompts and a master list, as well as sections to rate and prioritize challenges. It’ll inspire you to plan a full life of travel and excitement with someone you love.

adventure book travel bucket list Courtesy of Amazon

9. Locket Necklace


Jewelry is a classic gift for a partner, and lockets are the most romantic piece of jewelry you could get aside from an engagement ring. Fill this locket necklace with photos that mean something to the recipient, and they’ll be able to see how much thought you put into the gift. Whether it’s pictures of the two of you, pets, children or whoever they’ll like to keep close to their heart, it’s almost guaranteed to please.

gold locket necklace Courtesy of Amazon

10. Matching Bathrobes


There’s nothing more romantic than cozying up on the couch with someone you love, completely comfortable and at ease. If you’re trying to get a romantic gift on Amazon that can help you create that exact scenario, go with these embroidered terry cloth robes. You can choose whatever color and monogram you’d like for you and your partner to match while you’re cuddling up with coffee on weekend mornings.

matching terry cloth robes Courtesy of Amazon

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