The Best Gifts to Get the Runner In Your Life

Best Gifts for Runners

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Runners, or any athlete really, can be tricky to shop for. They often already know exactly what they want or need and have a timeline set up for when they’re going to purchase it. Gadgets and gear can be tricky and expensive but don’t worry, there are plenty of those and other options to consider. Runners always need the newest tech or latest running shoe or maybe a magazine subscription they haven’t heard of but would appreciate. As summer continues onward, more people are out and about running on trails or through the streets and may enjoy a thoughtful running gift. Whoever it is in your circle that needs a present, regardless of their running ability, we have plenty of themed and useful gifts for you to choose from.

Take a look at our list of the best running gifts below!


1. Hyperice Hypervolt

This is the most elaborate, expensive gift on this list so we decided to put it right at the top. The Hyperice is a massage gun that will help keep the runner in your life on the road and away from injuries. It can be used all over the body, has three different settings, and multiple “heads” or pieces that vibrate into your muscle depending on how deep you want it to go or how smooth. There is a pronged version for the neck. This gift will have you as the ultimate winner, so if you’re in for competition, this is the right choice for you.

Hyperice Hpervolt Courtesy of Amazon


2. Runner’s World Magazine Subscription 

Okay, don’t worry, the expensive options are over and done with. At a much more reasonable price of only $15 a year, you can gift your favorite runner a subscription to Runner’s World. It’s probably the next best thing to a Hyperice, we swear. With the tips, advice, gear, and trail information alone, this magazine will have your runner jumping for joy. It will help them decide which shoe to try next, which pair of shorts is best, and guide them on training tips and techniques. You’ll be begging them for stretching advice before you know it.

Runner's World Magazine Courtesy of Amazon


3. Nike Dri-FIT Fleece Training Pants

Everyone loves cozy sweatpants, so why not gift your runner with a sweet pair of Nike training pants? If they don’t end up running in them, who could blame them? Made from a comfortable fleece material and coming in four different colors and fourteen different sizes, this is a great choice if you have a picky runner who seemingly has it all.

Nike Fleece Training Pants Courtesy of Nike


4. Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

If your runner is super into Nike, then gift them this memoir from Nike CEO Phil Knight. Honestly, it’s a great read even if you’re not into running or shoe / clothing dynasties. It’s a well written true story of a man who borrowed fifty dollars from his dad in 1963 and follows the ups and downs of creating the famous Nike swoosh. Normally a private man, Knight finally opens up to share his story with the world. Who knows, perhaps Shoe Dog will inspire your giftee to get up and change the world, too.

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight Courtesy of Amazon


5. Garmin Forerunner 35

If you have a little money left after buying the Hyperice, the next most needed gift of a runner is definitely a Garmin GPS watch. With easy to use settings and the ability to track different activities, this is a useful watch for any athlete. The Garmin watch is the ultimate gift for any runner looking to keep track of their runs and use the info in real-time.

Garmin Forerunner 35 Courtesy of Amazon


6. Strava Subscription 

Strava is hitting an all-time user-high right now since quarantine locked us all inside, but now that more people are moving out and about, it’s still a great time to give as a gift. This app connects to most smartwatches or GPS tracking devices and uploads your running data all to one place. It’s its own community of athletes — you can follow your friends, make new ones you meet on the trail, and keep track of your daily or weekly goals. The Premium membership lets your runner watch their stats grow and gain followers and friends along the way.

Strava Courtesy of Strava


7. GU Energy Gels Assorted Box

Everyone has an opinion on GU energy gels and if you know that your runner likes them or has a favorite flavor, gift them a box of assorted flavors or a surprise package of 24 salted watermelons. They’ll be overjoyed and surely send you photos of their greedy hands stuffed inside the heavy box of colorful gels. Used by most runners, GU gels are useful when out for longer runs. They provide the calories and salt your body needs after exercising for a certain period of time. They are nutritional and will make an excellent gift for any runner or athlete.

GU energy gels Courtesy of Amazon


8. Running Themed Glassware

Every runner enjoys a gag gift and this one is our pick. This matching pair of glasses will surely please any runner even if they only use them for water. They’ll be fun to break out for guests or to display on the table after another completed race. Your runner will laugh and appreciate these matching glasses so much they might want an entire set.

Running Themed Glassware Courtesy of Etsy


9. Roka Falcon Titanium Sunglasses

Okay, on a more serious note, every runner needs some epic shades and Roka tends to make the best ones. A great clothing and gear company that specializes in triathlon wear, Roka has your back when you need anything high quality. These Falcon Titanium shades come in blue or black and will make anyone feel ten times cooler while they’re out on the trail. These are some serious shades; at $275, they’ll put you in the best friend category as gift giver.

Roka Falcon Titanium Sunglasses Courtesy of Roka


10. Foam Roller

An essential item for any runner, the foam roller will earn you brownie points on the gift scale. A self-use massage, the foam roller eases sore muscles on any part of the body. When used correctly, i.e., slowly, the muscles will unknot themselves and let your runner relax after a hard workout.

Foam Roller Courtesy of Amazon