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Has it really been a year since the beloved Canadian television show Schitt’s Creek ended its six-season run — is it too early for a reunion special? When the sitcom ended, fans were delighted and heartbroken at the same time. (The final episode was literally named “Happy Ending,” and it was a joy to watch, if not bittersweet.) Then, in September 2020, the show won an incredible nine Emmy Awards, delighting fans again. Thankfully, the series lives on in streaming services worldwide, which means fans can pop into Café Tropical and Rose Apothecary whenever they want.

What makes this show so special? The concept was simple — a kind of reverse Beverly Hillbillies, where an uber-rich family is suddenly forced to fend for themselves in flyover country. But the show featured so much heart, a riotously funny ensemble cast, clever writing and strong LGBTQ+ characters, and it was truly a special show. And let us not forget the show’s unforgettable wardrobe (let’s be honest, the only person who can wear Rick Owens well is Dan Levy), not to mention those wigs! So many wigs.

You may have noticed that the holidays are speeding towards us like someone on their way to a sale at the Blouse Barn over in Elmdale. And as there are legions of Schitt’s Creek fans, we wanted to present you with the best Schitt’s Creek gifts the internet has to offer. That’s why we’ve put together 100 Schitt’s Creek gifts (yes, 100) for you to enjoy.

Our Schitt’s Creek gift guide features plenty of stocking stuffers, White Elephant gifts, and holiday gifts that belong under any fan’s tree or near the menorah. This year Dan and Eugene Levy got together and created a coffee table book that’s chock full of photos and backstage stories, and you know that book is going to be a must-have present for any fan, and yes, it’s on our list.  If you need a souvenir t-shirt from the not-quite-hit movie, “The Crows Have Eyes 3: The Crowening,” we’ve got that. We’ve also got David Rose-inspired sweaters, Moira Rose-worthy feathery necklaces and little surprises that will make the Alexis Rose in your life coo with joy.

Wander through our mega Schitt’s Creek gift guide and find something for everyone on your list.


1. Monopoly: Schitt’s Creek

Monopoly gets a sweet makeover that showcases the town and family that we fell in love with. Be a member of the Rose clan and if you land on The Rosebud Motel or the Herb Ertlinger Winery, buy them and you’re on your way to becoming a mini mogul. Chance and Community Chest cards have been renamed to Love That Journey for Me and Hello You. They’ll help you accrue cash and moves to build your small town empire. Tokens include Patrick’s guitar, a crow, David’s oversized sunnies, one of Moira’s wigs,  a Rosebud Motel key and Ted the Turtle.

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Monopoly Schitt's Creek Courtesy of OP Games


2. “Best Wishes, Warmest Regards: The Story of Schitt’s Creek” By Dan and Eugene Levy

Written by the father and son duo who created and starred in the Emmy Award winning show, this coffee table book has special features that include a catalog of David’s sweaters, a catalog that focuses on Moira’s many wigs, character studies of each member of the Rose family and more. This book is filled with photos of everything Schitt’s Creek and behind-the-scenes info too. Its scheduled release is October 26, 2021, so order it now.

Best-wishes-warmest-regards-book-by-dan-and-eugene-levy Courtesy of Amazon



3. La Belle Maison  AKA The Rose Family Home

Best for Schitt’s Creek super fans who have deep pockets! This over-the-top entryway featured prominently in the first episode as federal agents swarmed through it while upstairs the Roses were trying to pack (and hide valuables) during the raid. In reality, the Rose’s family home is the Le Belle Maison situated in the posh St. Andrew Windfield’s community in Toronto. This 14 bedroom, 16 bathroom 17th-century French-inspired mini chateau could be yours for only $21,888,000 CAD.

La-belle-maison-the-rose-family-house-schitts-creek Courtesy of Aaron Kirman Group



4. Moira Fold in the Cheese Bamboo Cutting Board

Show Moira off to guests with this laser engraved bamboo cheese or cutting board.

Moira-Fold-in-the-Cheese-Bamboo-Cutting-Board, schitt's creek gifts Courtesy of Amazon



5. Schitt’s Creek Shop Rosebud Motel Bathrobe


What’s the next best thing to visit the Rosebud Motel in person? A piece of Rosebud Motel swag also happens to be one of our favorite gifts for Schitt’s Creek fans. Super soft with pockets and embroidery on the left chest, this Microfiber Polyester bathrobe is one size and 48 inches long. Yes, everyone steals hotel bathrobes; you’re okay.

schitt's creek gifts, rosebud motel bathrobe Courtesy of Schitt's Creek Shop



6. Cloudhiker “Best Wishes, Warmest Regards” iPhone Case

Add a little Stevie and David to your selfies and texts. The shock-absorbent TPU has an anti-fingerprint case.  The iPhone case sizes range from 4s/4 to iPhone 13.

Best-Wishes-iphone-Case-Red-Bubble Courtesy of Red Bubble


7. Beekman 1802 Rose Apothecary Large Candle

Light the candle, and your home will smell as good as Patrick and David’s carefully curated shop. This hand-poured soy wax candle is scented with a floral mix of jasmine, rose and neroli blossoms. This 8-ounce candle is made in upstate New York near the famous Beekman 1802 goats.

beekman1802-rose-apothecary-candle Courtesy of Beekman 1802


8. The Mountain Store Mountain Kittens Unisex Tee Shirt

Yes, we found a copy of Jocelyn’s vintage kitty tee. It’s unisex and also comes in navy.

mountain-kittens-tee, schitt's creek gifts Courtesy of Amazon



9. KenDesignsMatter Stevie Budd Coffee Mug

Mornings just get better when you’re having coffee (or tea) with Stevie.

KendesignsMatter-Stevie-Coffee-Mug Courtesy of Etsy


10. Funko Pop! Schitt’s Creek David

We love this little guy! This mini David Rose is dressed up in his Rick Owens pants and converse sneakers. Carry him with you wherever you go. If you’re looking for the perfect Schitt’s Creek stocking stuffer, you can’t do better than this Funko Pop! figure.

Funko-Pop-Schitts-Creek-David Courtesy of Amazon



11. Poster Foundy Schitt’s Creek The Crows Have Eyes 3:The Crowening Movie Poster

As we searched for Schitt’s Creek gifts, this movie poster stood out as a personal favorite of ours. This poster features another iconic performance by Schitt’s Creek’s Moira Rose, played by the inimitable Catherine O’Hara.

The-Crows-have-eyes-3-the-crowening-movie-poster-schitts-creek Courtesy of Amazon



12. Red Bubble ABERNATHY Schitt’s Creek Town Map Postcard

Mail this postcard, use it as a holiday gift card, or frame it and present it as a gift.

best schitt's creek gifts Courtesy of Red Bubble


13. Red Bubble “Love That Journey “Coasters (Set of 4)

Have a cocktail with Alexis Rose. Truly, we love that journey for you.

love-that-journey-for-you-coasters Courtesy of Red Bubbel


14. FerociTees Rosebud Motel Tote Bag

Tell them that you got this at the motel’s gift shop.

Pop-Threads-Rosebud-Motel-Tote-Bag Courtesy of Amazon


15. AllenApotheca Moria Rose Christmas Tree Topper

Have Moira Rose in her wedding officiant finery top your tree this season. Pre-order now for November delivery.

moira rose tree topper Courtesy of Etsy


16. MariaDesignShopArt ICON Sweatshirt

Dan Levy wore the DSQUARED sweater on the show, and you can wear this style twin (and easy care) loose cut sweatshirt.

mariadesignart-schitts-creek-david-icon-sweatshirt Courtesy of Etsy


17. SignsFromAboveDesigns Schitt’s Creek 4-Piece  Stemless Wineglass Set

Use these stemless wine glasses while toasting in the New Year.

schitts-creek-wine-glass-set Courtesy of Etsy


18. Poster Foundry Cafe Tropical Mug

Shhh, no one saw you swipe the mug off the table when the waitress wasn’t looking. You’re good.

schitts-creek-cafe-tropical-mug Courtesy of Amazon


19. Couya Stainless Steel Smooth Gold Tone Cuffs

Moira Rose and oversized cuffs go (ahem) hand in hand. Every Moira in your life could use these gold-toned beauties.

couya-stainless-steel-smooth-gold-tone-cuff Courtesy of Amazon


20. Vinyl By Susan “I Have Asked You Thrice Now” Flour Sack Tea Towel

Why won’t anyone bring the poor woman a towel?

I-Have-Asked-You-Thrice-for-a-Kitchen-Towel...-Flour-Sack-Tea-Towel Courtesy of Etsy


21. Amazon Essentials Lightweight Flannel Plaid Shirt

Cozy flannel shirts were the backbone, okay, the everything of Stevie’s wardrobe. Stevie fans would love this shirt, which is also perfect for your next Schitt’s Creek costume.

schitts-creek-gifts Courtesy of Amazon


22. Sterling Forever Long Medallion With Fringe & Turquoise Beads Necklace

In almost every episode of Schitt’s Creek, Alexis Rose wore flowy, boho-style clothes and accessorized them with long statement necklaces. This filigree circle of prettiness wouldn’t look out of place in Alexis’s wardrobe; wrap it up for your own boho beauty.

Gold filigree long necklace with fringe Courtesy of Sterling Forever


23. Tee Public “Disgruntled Pelican” T-Shirt

Wear one of the best phrases to come out of Schitt’s Creek. It’s unisex and comes in 25 colors.

schitts-creek-david-stop-acting-like-a-disgruntled-pelican-tee-shirt Courtesy of Tee Public


24. “Ew, David” Unisex T-Shirt

Hmm, actually, maybe this phrase is better? And this unisex tee shirt comes in sizes XS to 6XL.

ew-david-unisex-tee Courtesy of Amazon


25. SOJOS White Sunglasses

See the world through David Rose’s eyes. These sunnies block 100% of both UVA and UVB radiation and are UV400 rated.

Halloween costume Schitts Creek sunglasses Image courtesy of Amazon


26. StartOfSummerDesign David Rose Sweater Collection Print

A record of the most fabulous sweaters David Rose wore on the show, you get four digital downloads for the price of one, as the package contains the print in the following sizes: 8 x 10 inches, 8.5″ x11 inches, 11 x 17 inches and 18 x 24 inches. Simply print it out on card stock, and now you can have a little bit of David in every room. Frame not included.

david rose sweater print, schitt's creek gift guide Courtesy of Etsy


27. La Carrie Faux Fur Hat

A style twin to the one Moira Rose wore in Schitt’s Creek. Made of faux fur, it has a quilted interior. It’s one size fits most.

carrie-faux-fur-hat Courtesy of Amazon


28. Neoviva Apron

Is it me, or does this apron look like Joceylyn’s kitchen?

neoviva-apron Courtesy of Amazon


29. Bienvenu Wide Brim Wool Floppy Hat

Alexis Rose lived for floppy hats. This Schitt’s Creek gift is perfect for anyone who channels her style. This wool hat comes in 15 hues.

beinvenur-wool-floppy-hat Courtesy of Amazon


30. KAPUCTW Women’s Rose Apothecary Tee

This is a perfect gift for the women in your life who enjoy artisanal goods.

KAPUCTW-Womens-Rose-Apothecary-Tee-Shirt Courtesy of Amazon


31. L’Vow Feather Harness Necklace

If one is going to channel Moira’s style, one must go big, very big! This necklace is made with black feathers that are attached to a black lace choker. It’s a perfect gag gift, and it will also be the perfect touch on your Moira Rose costume.

LVow-Feather-Harness-Necklace Courtesy of Amazon



32. Rosebud Motel Unisex Lightweight Hoodie

Stay warm in this cuddly hoodie.

rosebud-motel-unisex-hoodie Courtesy of Red Bubble


33. Sugar Valley Prints Schitt’s Creek Notepad | Schitt List Notepad

The notepad is 4 inches by 8.5 inches with 50 pages per notepad. Let David help keep you organized.

Sugar-Valley-Prints-Schitts-Creek-Notepad-Schitt-List-Notepad Courtesy of Etsy


34. Tee Public Your Goods Schitt’s Creek Larry Air Pin

This is a Schitt’s Creek deep cut, but true fans will get the reference.

Larry-Air-Schitts-Creek-Pin Courtesy of Tee Public



35. Beekman 1802 Rose Apothecary Gift Set

Give them a treasure trove of Rose Apothecary gifts. Inside the box are four gifts: lip balm, votive candle, body milk and soap. Available for sale on November 11, 2021.

Beekman-1802-Rose-Apothecary-Gift-Set-Open Courtesy of Beekman 1802


36. Keel Farms Keel & Curley Winery Taste the Blues Blueberry Wine Collection

For Fans of Herb Ertlinger Winery

Keel Farms’ Keel & Curley Winery is much better than Herb Ertlinger’s Winery. This company started as a plant nursery and turned into a u-pick blueberry farm in Plant City, Florida. In 2003, Joe Keel, the owner, decided to make blueberry wine with his end-of-season crop. It was such a success that the Keel  & Curley Winery was born. Years later, they also make cider, ale and wine in addition to fruit wine. This Taste, the Blues Blueberry Wine Collection, contains four bottles of wine — Dry Blueberry, Semi-Dry Blueberry, Sweet Blueberry, and Gulfcoast Blueberry. It’s made with 100% blueberries.

Rewatch your favorite episodes of the show with your bestie and a nice glass of refreshing fruit wine. Honestly, it’s one of the best Schitt’s Creek gifts in the world.

Keel-Farms-Taste-the-Blues-Blueberry-Wine-Collection Courtesy of Keel & Curley Winery, Keel Farms



37. Schitt’s Creek Devotional Candles

David, Alexis, Johnny and Moira Rose each adorn seven-day devotional candles and give any room a special glow.

mose-mary-and-me-schitts-creek-devotional-candle-set Courtesy of Pantastic


38. The Crows Have Eyes Red Tote Bag

Tell ’em it came from the movie premiere’s gift bag. This oversized tote bag is made from 100% natural cotton canvas processed AZO-Free, with no hazardous chemicals.

the-crows-have-eyes-tote-bag, schitt's creek gift guide Schitt Creek Shop


39. Modern Darlin Fold In the Cheese Wooden Spoons

These 12-inch wooden spoons can be given as a hostess gift or kept in your own kitchen.

Fold-in-the-Cheese-David-Rose-Moira-Rose-Wooden-Spoons-Schitts-Creek-Gift-Rose-Apothecary-Ew-David Courtesy of Etsy



40. All Things Hip and Cool Rosebud Motel Shot Glass

Raise a glass to the coming year with this red printed shot glass.

Rosebud-Motel-Shot-Glass Courtesy of Etsy


41. FunnyPhotoshops Moira Rose Classical Painting Poster

World-famous Moira Rose has been reimagined as a Regency war hero. The poster ranges in size from 5″ by 7″ to 24″ x 36″. Frame not included.

Moira-Rose-painting Courtesy of Etsy



42. CultureFly Schitt’s Creek Unisex No Show Ankle Socks Set

Keep everyone’s feet warm this winter with this six-piece Schitt’s Creek unisex no-show socks set. Each pair of no-show socks references a Schitt’s Creek business.

Schitts-creek-socks Courtesy of Amazon



43. OiOi Rosebud Motel Face Mask

When you wear this two-layer face mask, you’re helping Johnny and Stevie get clients for the motel. It’s washable and has an adjustable earloop.

rosebud-motel-face-mask Courtesy of Amazon


44. Momol Sideways Initial Necklace

Wow, it really looks a little bit Alexis. This 18K gold plated sideways initial necklace also comes in every letter of the alphabet.

Momol-Sideways-Initial-Necklace Courtesy of Amazon


45. Chaboukie Jazzagals Classic Mug

This mug commemorates your favorite all-female choir’s live shows! It has the names of every member of the vocal group.

Jazzagals-live-in-concert-mug Courtesy of Amazon


46. WildAloofPrinting “The Crows Have Eyes 3” Unisex T-Shirt

Movie fans can always use another Moira Rose cinematic hit T-shirt in their closet. It comes in four colors, and sizes range from small to 3XL.

the-crows-have-eyes-t-shirt Courtesy of Etsy


47. Red Bubble “Positively Bedeviled With Meetings” Notebook

Speaking of Moira, keep all your meetings and notes organized in this 120-page spiral notebook. It even has an inside pocket to hold important papers.

red-bubble-positively-bedeviled-notebook Courtesy of Red Bubble


48. Aniwon Vintage Black Lace Necklace

Here is another bauble for the Moira Rose in your life.

Aniwon-Vintage-Black-Lace-Necklace Courtesy of Amazon


49. Schitt’s Creek Elmdale College Unisex Sweatshirt

Show off your collegiate pride with this unisex sweatshirt that comes from the show’s official store.

Elmdale-College-sweatshirt Courtesy of Schitt's Creek Shop


50. Schitt’s Creek Rose Video Mug

Raise your mug to Johnny Rose’s entrepreneurial spirit.

rose-video-coffee-mug Courtesy of Schitt's Creek Shop


51. ITV Ventures Schitt’s Creek 2022 Wall Calendar

It comes with September through December 2021 calendar pages, so you can use it the moment you get it.

ITV-Ventures-Schitts-Creek-2022-Wall-Calendar Courtesy of Walmart


52. Venus Floral Maxi Dress

Boho babes like Alexis Rose love flowy, floral maxis. This lightweight dress reminds the recipient that spring is just around the corner.

venus-floral-maxi-dress Courtesy of Venus


53. Culture Fly Rosebud Motel Ball Cap

Fairweather or foul, the Rosebud Motel keeps you dry. Well, at least their hat will make sure your hair stays dry.

rosebud-motel-ball-cap Courtesy of Amazon


54. Cate & Chloe 18K White Gold Plate Tennis Bracelet

Alexis Rose always loved a bit of sparkle. Why not give your Alexis this gold-plated tennis bracelet that Alexis would love.

Cate-Chloe-18K-White-Gold-Plate-Tennis-Bracelet Courtesy of Walmart


55. Funko Pop! Schitt’s Creek Moira

Dare you put tiny Moira Rose on your desk?

Funko-Pop-Schitts-Creek-Moira Courtesy of Amazon


56. Funko Pop! Schitt’s Creek Johnny Rose

Don’t make Moira feel lonely! Pick up Johnny Rose to keep her company.

funko-pop-johnny-rose Courtesy of Amazon


57. CaptivatingCraftCo David Rose 2021 Tree Ornament

Have David Rose bring his unique form of holiday cheer to your tree.

David-Rose-christmas-tree-ornament Courtesy of Etsy



58. Olive and Cocoa Raven Noir Scarf

Oversized, lightweight, flirty and floaty, one could see this on Moira’s shoulders and wafting slightly in the wind while she walks. Black and white ravens and skulls populate this soft woven scarf. It arrives in a ribbon bedecked wooden crate.

olive-and-cocoa-raven-noir-scarf Courtesy of Olive and Cocoa


59. Rosebud Motel Key Chain


Never lose your keys again, thanks to this RoseBud Motel keychain. You know what they say, “Follow us on Tweeters!”

Rosebud-Motel-Key-Chain Courtesy of Etsy


60. Venus Hooded Wrap Plus Size Coat

Your Moira can make an entrance in this wool-blend coat.

venus-hooded-wrap-coat Courtesy of Venus


61. Helen Foster Design Set of Two Oven Mitts Fold in The Cheese

Pretend these two quilted oven mitts are Moira and David. They’ll help you out in the kitchen … just keep them away from cheese.

Helen-Foster-Design-Set-of-Two-Oven-Mitts-Fold-in-The-Cheese Courtesy of Etsy


62. Metoni DON’T David Rose  UnisexT-Shirt

Like the one that David Rose wore walking around Schitt’s Creek, if it’s good enough for Dan Levy, it’s good enough for your friends.

metoni unisex tee Courtesy of Etsy



63. Schitt’s Creek Rosebud Motel and Note Pad Set

Give them the matching Rosebud Motel and notepad set for the holidays. This duo looks like you swiped it from the show, and we absolutely love it. Grab one for all of the Schitt’s Creek fans on your holiday shopping list!

rosebud-motel-key-chain-and-note-pad Courtesy of Etsy


64. Venus High-Low Faux Leather Trench

Moira Rose’s outerwear always made a statement; give this to your Moira so she can catch looks.

Venus blackfaux leather trench coat, schitts creek gift ideas Courtesy of Venus


65. Alexis Rose Laptop Skin

Keep a reminder of Alexis Rose’s positivity with you every day when you use this laptop skin. It comes in sizes covering everything from a Surface to PC laptops to a Macbook Pro Retina 15 inch.

alexis-rose-laptop-skin Courtesy of Red Bubble


66. Flyonce Rhinestone Statement Necklace

All that’s needed is something white and shiny to go with it. Honestly, it’s a toss-up, as both the Alexis and the Moiras in your life would love it.

Flyonce-statement-necklace Courtesy of Amazon


67. LA Shirts Unisex Jazzagals Tee

When wearing this unisex tee, the recipient could mention off-handedly that they were a background singer in the group … you know, the ones that kept harmony.

Jazzagals-tee-shirt Courtesy of Amazon


68. Youzey Delicate Twist Hoop Earrings

Where would Alexis be without her hoops? Give a pair to yours. These are lightweight twisted hoops in gold-tone metal. Size is 1 3/16 inches x 1 3/16 inches and approximately 0.75 inches in diameter.

Youzey-Delicate-Twist-Hoop-Earrings Courtesy of Youzey


69. Helen Foster Design Schitt’s Creek Sweatshirt

The philosophy of Schitt’s Creek on a comfy unisex sweatshirt.

helene-foster-design-schitts-creek-sweatshirt Courtesy of Etsy


70. Versatshirts Ew, David Sweatshirt

Say, “Ew, David” in seven different colored sweatshirts — one for every day of the week.

Versatshirts-Ew-David-Sweatshirt Courtesy of Etsy


71. Pop Threads Rosebud Hotel Long Sleeve Tee Shirt

This unisex long sleeve tee also comes in red.

pop-threads-rosebud-motel Courtesy of Amazon


72. Banks Journal Men’s Leopard Print Sweater

David Rose wore a Saint Laurent leopard print sweater; this rayon-blend one is much less.

banks-journal-sweater Courtesy of Amazon


73. Tee Public DHirsch18 Herb Ertlinger Fruit Wines Pin

Wear it to remind yourself of Moira Rose’s love of all things wine.

herb-ertlinger-fruit-wines-pin Courtesy of Tee Public


74. Keel Farms Raspberry Rose

This Tampa Bay winery is debuting its raspberry rose just in time for the holidays! Their wines are much tastier than Herb’s. Hand-poured and made in Astoria, Oregon, this 9-ounce heirloom rose scented soy candle burns for around 50 hours. It’s packaged in a gift box.

Keel-Farms-Raspberry-Rose Courtesy of Keel Farms



75. Funko Pop! The Crows Have Eyes 3-Moira

Funko Pop Moira Crowening Courtesy of Target



76. NMR Distribution Schitt’s Creek 1000 Piece Puzzle

A huge photo collage that’s also a puzzle. Made with tons of snapshots, this will keep anyone busy for hours.

schitts-creek-puzzle Courtesy of Target


77. Red Bubble Schitt’s Creek Alexis Rose Sticker

alexis-quotes-stickers Courtesy of Red Bubble



78. Minor Less Best Wishes Warm Regards Doormat


Setting the tone for visitors wanted and un.

The-Doormatory-Best-Wishes-Warm-Regards-Doormat Courtesy of Etsy


79. DottiesDaintyDesigns Schitt’s Creek Face Mask 

Emblazoned with one of the best phrases of the show, this face mask has an adjustable noseband and ear loops. There’s a slot for a filter, and it’s washable and reusable.

schitts-creek-face-mask Courtesy of Etsy


80. OneCapsule Cafe Tropical Baseball Shirt

Just like the one David wore in the show.

cafe-tropical-baseball-shirt Courtesy of Etsy


81. Hat Attack Lux Ava Wide Brim Fedora

Ever wondered how and where Alexis stored all those hats? We do too. Give your Alexis a chic velour fedora that’s been hand-blocked in the Bronx, New York. It comes in 10 variations.

Hat-Attack-Lux-Ava-Wide-Brim-Fedora Courtesy of Hat Attack


82. Funko Pop! Schitt’s Creek – Alexis Rose

It’s always “a little bit Alexis” when she’s around.

funko-pop-alexis-rose Courtesy of Amazon


83. Tee Public JKWatson5  Elect Moira Rose Campaign Button

Help get out the vote! Support Moira for public office.

Moira-Rose-for-Town-Council-Pin Courtesy of Tee Public



84. Tee Public Sally Said Sweetly Moira’s Wigs (Schitt’s Creek) T-Shirt

All her wigs in one place in a tee that fits guys and Jazza-gals.

Tee-Republic-Sally-Said-Sweetly-Moiras-Wigs-Schitts-Creek-T-Shirt Courtesy of Tee Public


85. Beekman 1802 Rose Apothecary Lip Balm

This lip balm is so good; it has its own fan club. Beekman 1802 Rose Apothecary lip balm contains goat’s milk and botanicals.

beekman-1802-rose-apothecarey-lip-balm Courtesy of Beekman 1802


86. “The Yummy Recipes from Schitt’s Creek: The Food From the Cafe Tropical”

Author Johny Bomer recreated all the treats from the cafe. This cookbook has over 30 recipes of everything the Rose’s enjoyed while eating at the cafe. The 86-page paperback book is also illustrated.

yummy-recipes-from-schitts-creek-cookbook Courtesy of Walmart


87. The Quintessential Hostess Moira Fold in the Cheese Bamboo Cutting Board

This 9-inch by 15-inch bamboo cutting board holds a lot of cheese.

moira-cheese-board Courtesy of Amazon


88. Brighter Homes Pick 3 Schitt’s Creek Kitchen Towels

Choose any of the 26 designs to create a three Schitt’s Creek kitchen towel set to give or get.

schitts-creek-kitchen-towels Courtesy of Etsy


89. N.A. Waterman Blissful Headband

Does anyone you know emulating Alexis Rose’s style? They’ll love this sterling silver and Swarovski crystal hairband. It can convert into a necklace.

N.A.-Waterman-Blissful-Hea Courtesy of N.A. Waterman


90. Nonchalance Unisex Pullover Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt looks exactly like the one David wore in the show. It’s unisex and also comes in three other colors.

nonchalance-sweatshirt-schitts-creek Courtesy of Amazon


91. The Goods – I Like The Wine … Coasters Set of 4

Handmade for you in 14 to 21 days. Made from 100% acrylic, buy this warm wrap for your festival gal who looks up to Alexis.

wine coasters schitt's creek Courtesy of Red Bubble


92. Shop Amanda Jane Best Wishes Warmest Regards Set of Two Keychains

One for you, one for your bestie.

Shop-Amanda-Jane-Best-Wishes-Warmest-Regards-Set-of-Two-Keychains Courtesy of Etsy


93. Schitt’s Creek Shop Unisex Pride T-Shirt

Be proud with this unisex T-shirt.

Schitts-Creek-Pride-Ampersand-Un Courtesy of Schitt's Creek Shop


94. Schitt’s Creek Patrick Mug

Underneath Patrick’s photo is the phrase, “you know, it’s just pretentious enough.” This mug has a wraparound print and is dishwasher safe.

schitt's creek patrick mug Courtesy of Red Bubble


95. Schitt’s Creek Jocelyn Mug

If there’s going to be a Patrick mug, then it’s only fair to have a Jocelyn Mug. The kind-hearted mayor’s wife could use a little love. Dishwasher safe too.

schitts-creek-jocelyn-mug Courtesy of Red Bubble


96. TCombo Lightning Bolts David Rose Star Schitt’s Creek Sweatshirt

Yes, yes, we all want David Rose’s sweaters … here’s a very cool facsimile. Who wouldn’t want to find this under the tree or by the menorah this year?

v courtesy of Amazon


97. The Goods- Best Wishes, Warmest Regards Throw 

Toss this on your couch or bed. Made from fluffy polyester fleece, you can toss it in the wash.

best-wishes-warmest-regards-throw Courtesy of Red Bubble



98. Blue Sky Jane Gifts Moira Rose Smile Face Mask

Wear Moira without any icky connotations. It comes with one filter. Reusable and washable.

Blue-Sky-Jane-Gifts-Moira-Rose-Smile-Face-Mask Courtesy of Etsy


99. Schitt’s Creek Gift Ideas – David & Alexis Mugs

This big 11-ounce mug has Alexis on one side, and David’s on the reverse.

eat-glass-lick-rus mug Courtesy of Etsy


100. Wind Song by Gafney A Little Bit Alexis Unisex Tee Shirt

Team Alexis? This soft combed cotton unisex is definitely for them.

a-little-bit-alexis-tee Courtesy of Etsy


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