The Best Spider-Man Toys for Avengers of All Ages

Best Spiderman Toys Under $25 Amazon
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Spider-Man is every kid’s new favorite Avenger. He may have been the laughing stock of the Marvel universe before joining the team, but thanks to some great films with the endlessly-lovable Tom Holland, Spider-Man is back and better than ever.

You’ve probably noticed this resurgence of Spider-Man based on his appearance on your kids’ holiday gift wish lists. That’s why this year, Spidey is a good bet for any of the Marvel-crazy kids you know.

But as with all toy shopping, finding the perfect Spider-Man toy is hard. To help cut down your holiday shopping, we’ve rounded up some of the best Spider-Man toys you can order on Amazon right now. They range from action figures to costumes to LEGOs, so there’s something for every Spidey fan. Check them out below.


1. Hot Wheels Spider-Man Web-Car Launcher


Our top recommendation for Spider-Man toys (and Amazon’s choice) is this Hot Wheels web-car launcher. It’s a large Spidey vehicle with working wheels that launches a second web-car with a push of the spoiler. Plus, the web-car is the same size as regular Hot Wheels, so you can use any other cars as ammunition as well.

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2. Spider-Man Bluetooth Headphones


Bluetooth headphones are a great gift for just about anyone on your list, so Spider-Man themed Bluetooth headphones are a no-brainer for fans. They’re sized for kids, allow 30 hours of listening, include a back-up jack cable and also feature limited volume to protect your little ones’ ears. Reviewers say the cans work great, offering good battery and a reliable Bluetooth connection for flying, road trips or use at home.

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3. Spider-Man Coloring & Activity Books


If you have a blossoming artist-slash-Spidey-lover on your shopping list, they’ll love this set of Spider-Man coloring books. The books are packed with coloring activities, games, mazes and puzzles. They’ll keep your little one busy for hours — which might come in handy on a holiday flight or road trip.

coloring books spiderman Image courtesy of Amazon


4. HSSKJ Kids Spider-Man Costume


It might be a while till next Halloween, but kids love a good costume any time of the year for dress-up parties or birthdays. We recommend this costume from HSSKJ because it comes complete with a light-up mask, cape, web-shooter and extra felt mask. All these make decent gifts on their own, but together they’re a home run for any Spider-Man fan.

spiderman costume set Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Delta Spider-Man Childrens Chair Desk


This Spider-Man desk is a sneaky way to get your kid to sit down and do homework, draw or eat. It features Spider-Man graphics all over, a handy cup holder to prevent spills, and a bin under the seat for supplies. It’s small — recommended for 3 to 6-year-olds — and fits in just about any bedroom, living room or kitchen.

kids desk themed Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Cubcoats Spider-Man Hoodie & Soft Plushie


A Spider-Man hoodie is a great gift idea, but this one from Cubcoats turns things up a notch by transforming into a Spider-Man plushie toy. This makes it ideal for traveling, as your kid gets to bring their favorite stuffed toy and their favorite hoodie all in one. The clever thing comes in a wide range of sizes for kids of any age and boasts a rating of 4.8/5 stars on Amazon.

spiderman hoodie kids Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Spider-Man Titan Hero Series Figure


You can’t go wrong with a straight-forward comic book action figure. It’s a good choice for kids that want something to play with, but it’s also a good option for adults that like a little geeky decor. We recommend this one because it’s highly-rated, well-built and reasonably priced at $8.

Spider-Man Action Figure Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Funko Pop! Spider-Man Hero Suit


Funko Pop! action figures are great collectibles, but they’re also great action figures for any Spider-Man lover. They’re small at 3.75-inches tall, which makes them ideal for carrying around or traveling with (say, to a birthday party), or as a desk or bedside table display piece. This one features Spidey in his new “Hero” suit, designed for the latest film.

Spiderman Figure Funko Pop Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Funko Pop! Spider-Man Stealth Suit


The Funko Pop Spider-Man character also comes in this all-black Stealth Suit that’s great for serious collector fans that already have a few regular looking Spideys on their shelf. This black suit makes an appearance in the new film as — spoiler alert — Peter Parker has to resort to a new disguise to save the world.

Black Suit Spiderman Funko Pop Image courtesy of Amazon


10. LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Hydro-Man Attack Set


LEGO sets are still always a good bet for toys, and this one does double duty as a fun action scene between Spider-Man and Hydro-man from the latest film. It’s easy to build, and once completed, it’s fun for the builder to use with movable pieces including a catapult and functioning cars.

lego spider-man far from home Courtesy Amazon


11. Spider-Man Ultimate Pillowtime Pal


If your Spider-Man lover needs a new friend to snuggle with, go for this highly-rated Pillowtime Pal. It’s quite large at 26-inches tall, making it great to use as a napping pillow in the car or at home. The plush scores high reviews with parents too, boasting 4.9/5 stars with almost 500 reviews.

Stuffed Spiderman Toy Image courtesy of Amazon


12. Marvel Spider-Man Webshooter


It’s not everyday that you find good (and affordable) web shooters like these. They feature shooting darts as well as a Spider-icon image projector, making them a surefire hit with any Spider-Man enthusiast. If you’re OK with spending a little more, this is well worth it. Any kid would be thrilled to strap these on — and even more excited to wear them to their friend’s birthday party.

Spiderman Web Shooter Toy Image courtesy of Amazon


13. Monogram Spider-Man Action Figure Bust


Are you a fan of the web slinger but don’t know how to show it in an office-approved way? Look no further than this epic Spider Man bust. Standing six inches tall, this bust will show everyone in your office that you’re a fan of good triumphing over evil and the ability to swing from buildings. Did we mention this makes a great gift for your comic-book-loving secret santa?

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14. Spider Ham Enamel Pin


To some, there is no Spider person better than Spider Ham. Though originally debuted to the world in 1983, Spider Ham got his big break just recently in the Spider Man cartoon movie, Spider Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Whether your’e a fan of the film or somebody who loves to be a nonconformist, this pin will look great on any jacket or backpack.

best spider man toys Image courtesy of Mondo


15. Disney+ Subscription


If your love for Spider Man is just the tip of the Marvel iceberg, we highly recommend forking over the $70 per year for a subscription to Disney+. Not only will you get all the Spider Man movies you know and love, but also all the Marvel movies and shows past and present. From the Avengers movies to lesser known and overlooked titles, everything is available on Disney’s latest streaming service.

disney plus Image courtesy of Disney+ Courtesy of Disney+