SPY Guide: The 10 Best Spider-Man Toys

Best Spiderman Toys Under $25 Amazon
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Spider-Man is now a fan favorite in the Marvel universe. Although he was absent from the first two Avengers movies, Spidey is back on the team and starring in some acclaimed blockbuster movies of his own – including Spider-Man: Far From Home which comes out on July 2. His charming personality, timeless spider-superpowers, iconic costume and fantastic portrayal by Tom Holland have brought the 57-year-old character (at least in comic book years) back into the spotlight.

If you have kids (or Spider-Man-loving friends) you’ve probably noticed this resurgence of Spider-Man based of his appearance on gift wish lists. Also, if you know someone with a love for Marvel superheroes (or you’re a fan yourself) a Spider-Man toy is a good gift idea in 2019.

But as with all toy shopping, finding the perfect Spider-Man toy is hard. To help out, we’ve rounded up ten of the best Spider-Man toys you can order on Amazon right now for under $25. Check them out below.

1. Spider-Man Titan Hero Series Figure


You can’t go wrong with a straight-forward comic book action figure. It’s a good choice for kids that want something to play with, but it’s also a good option for adults that like a little geeky decor. We recommend this one because it’s highly-rated, well-built and reasonably priced at $8.

Spider-Man Action Figure Image courtesy of Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Funko Pop! Spider-Man Hero Suit


Funko Pop! action figures are great collectibles, but they’re also great action figures for any Spider-Man lover. They’re small at 3.75 inches tall, which makes them ideal for carrying around or traveling with (say, to a birthday party), or as a desk or bedside table display piece. This one features Spidey in his new “Hero” suit, designed for the latest film.

Spiderman Figure Funko Pop Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Funko Pop! Spider-Man Stealth Suit

The Funko Pop Spider-Man character also comes in this all-black Stealth Suit that’s great for serious collector fans that already have a few regular looking Spideys on their shelf. This black suit makes an appearance in the new film as — spoiler alert — Peter Parker has to resort to a new disguise to save the world.

Black Suit Spiderman Funko Pop Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Spiderman Mask Hoodie


We like this Spiderman mask hoodie because it can be used as a regular hoodie or a costume for parties or Halloween. It features a mask that drops down over the eyes, turning your little one into the web-slinger. Reviewers say there’s just one problem: their kid want to wear it everyday, so they have to secretly wash it at night.

Spiderman Hoodie Mask Image courtesy of Amazon


5. SwimWays Spider-Man Dive Characters


Let the kids dive for these SwimWays Spider-Man characters while you lounge by the pool. This 3-pack includes Spider-Man, Iron Spider and Miles Morales in bright colors that are easy to see at the bottom of a pool. Plus, they can double as regular action figures when you’re not at the pool.

Swimming Toys for Kids Spiderman Image courtesy of Amazon


6. LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Hydro-Man Attack Set


LEGO sets are still always a good bet for toys, and this one does double duty as a fun action scene between Spider-Man and Hydro-man from the latest film. It’s easy to build, and once completed, it’s fun for the builder to use with moveable pieces including a catapult and functioning cars.

lego spider-man far from home Courtesy Amazon


7. Spiderman Slumber Bag Set


Getting your kids to hit the sack is easier when the sack features their favorite superhero. This Spider-Man slumber bag comes very highly-rated with over 1,400 reviews and 4 stars thanks to a cozy lightweight build and a very reasonable price tag of just $19. Pick it up for camps or sleepovers, or as a gift.

Kids Sleeping Bag Spiderman Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Hot Wheels Spider-Man Web-Car Launcher


Our top recommendation for Spider-Man toys (and Amazon’s choice) is this Hot Wheels web-car launcher. It’s a large Spidey vehicle with working wheels that launches a second web-car with a push of the spoiler. Plus, the web-car is the same size as regular Hot Wheels, so you can use any other cars as ammunition as well.

Spiderman Car Launcher Hot Wheels Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Spider-Man Ultimate Pillowtime Pal


If your Spider-Man lover needs a new friend to snuggle with, go for this highly-rated Pillowtime Pal. It’s quite large at 26 inches tall, making it great to use as a napping pillow in the car or at home. The plush scores high reviews with parents too, boasting 4.9/5 stars with almost 500 reviews.

Stuffed Spiderman Toy Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Marvel Spider-Man Webshooter


Spider-Man outfits are easy to come by, but it’s not everyday that you find good (and affordable) web shooters like these. They feature shooting darts as well as a Spider-icon image projector, making them a surefire hit with any Spider-Man enthusiast.

Spiderman Web Shooter Toy Image courtesy of Amazon