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The 12 Best Subscription Gifts To Give This Year

Why give a one-time gift when you can give a gift that keeps on giving month after month? If you’re tired of the same old candles and t-shirts, switch things up with some of the best subscription gifts.

These days, there are subscriptions for almost everything from wine, coffee and food to pets, clothes and shaving. You can pay a lump sum or a monthly fee to have new, exciting deliveries with some of your favorite kinds of items that come directly to your door. It gives you something to look forward to and an opportunity to explore within areas that you’re interested in or stay up to date on the necessities. The best part is, subscription gifts are the kind you can buy right from the comfort of your couch.

Whether the recipient lets their subscription end after the gift expires or loves it so much they continue to pay for it on their own, there’s surely a subscription gift out there that anyone in your life will love and appreciate. Check out some of our favorites below.


1. Hunt A Killer


Got a friend or family member who’s obsessed with true crime? The podcasts and documentaries they love may be free, but those don’t let them participate in the crime-solving process. A Hunt A Killer subscription allows them to experience being a detective solving a murder mystery. You can choose and pay for a six-month (single season) or 12-month (double season) subscription, and an email will be sent to the recipient to claim at no cost to them.

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Courtesy of Hunt A Killer

2. Book of the Month


If you know someone who blows through books in a matter of days, a Book of the Month subscription is the perfect gift. You can choose a three, six or 12-month subscription, and they’ll get one fresh new book for each of those months. Since they’ll probably love it, they can renew the subscription for as long as they want to keep reading more for less.

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Courtesy of Book of the Month

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3. Say It With A Sock


Socks are a necessity. Since we wear them every day, they tend to wear out quickly. You can prepay for a six-month subscription to gift a loved one with one super fun pair per month. They can change the style at any time to make sure they love each and every pair, all of which are reinforced with double knitting at the heel and toe to survive everyday wear. Their feet will be warmer and more stylish than ever.

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Courtesy of Say It With A Sock

4. BarkBox


Dog parents love to spoil their pups. Give them a break from that financial burden with the gift of BarkBox. You can fill in the name, size and breed of the dog, and choose whether you want to gift one, three, six or 12 months of puppy goodies. You can even choose timely themes or be surprised with fun toys, treats and chews.

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Courtesy of BarkBox

5. Firstleaf


If you’re gifting someone that can’t get enough out of delicious a bottle of red, Firstleaf is your best bet. Out of all of the best wine clubs we’ve tried in the past year (and, yeah, we’ve tried a ton), Firstleaf is hands down the best of the best in our opinion. It’s no shock that they’re America’s number one wine club. Simply get your giftee to fill out a small survey or choose to do it yourself with your best judgment and they’ll get six bottles of wine for just $40 on the first go. Opt for a plethora of different monthly gifting options or just go one time. It’s totally up to you!

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Courtesy of Firstleaf


6. Bokksu


Have your giftee experience Japan from the comfort of your own couch with Bokksu. This delicious snack box comes on a monthly basis to deliver authentic Japanese candies, teas and snacks right to your snack lover’s doorstep. The Bokksu team snags a slew of favorites each go-around to support local Japanese businesses and support tradition. Whether your bud is a sucker for Japanese treats or they can’t get enough of new foods, Bokksu is a great choice.

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Courtesy of Bokksu




Gift idea: you ready? If your favorite music lover doesn’t already have one, gift them one of the best record players. Then, peep their Spotify Wrapped and check out who they listen to the most. Fill all that information out on VNYL and they’ll send them three records they’re sure your giftee will love based on their taste. Do it once, every three months, monthly — whatever you think is best. It’s a fun way to get new records and listen to music they otherwise wouldn’t.

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Courtesy of VNYL


8. Horti


Flowers are totally overrated at this point. It seems that no matter when you get or gift them, the majority of bloom dies in transit. Thankfully, Horti is here to diminish the flower trend for some good ‘ole greenery. Horti is a plant subscription service that delivers adorable plants right to your giftee’s front stoop. You can opt to do it once, for six months or twelve total. By the end of the year, their house is going to look like a forest.

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Courtesy of Horti


9. Birchbox


In can be hard to know what to get for the woman in your life, especially if you don’t want to ask and ruin the surprise. Not only does this subscription gift keep on giving for as many months as you’d like, but it also offers them a variety of beauty and cosmetic products. They sample some of the most high-end brands, and you can even include a personal note with the first box.

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Courtesy of Birchbox

10. FabFitFun


FabFitFun is transforming the way women receive subscription boxes. This subscription box comes packed with tons of goodies she will actually want to use and wear, from makeup to purses to candles to weights and more. She’ll get up to $300 worth of items starting at just $45 a season. So, none of that stuff she’ll find zero need for! Though she can pick herself what it is she wants, we suggest you pick for her the first time around and surprise her.

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Courtesy of FabFitFun


11. Pasta of the Month Club


Sfoglini makes all kinds of amazing, homemade, fresh pasta locally in New York. If you have a friend or family member who loves to cook and eat, they’ll be drooling over this Past of the Month club. For three months, they’ll get two boxes of classic and specialty pasta, along with recipe cards and some other fun foodie surprises. It won’t auto-renew after three months, but we’re sure your loved one will choose to subscribe on their own.

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Courtesy of Sfoglini

12. Trade Coffee Subscription


Coffee is expensive, but it’s also essential, and much more affordable to make it yourself at home. Gift the coffee lover in your life this Trade Coffee subscription. Rather than choose a number of months, you can choose an amount of bean bags from the nation’s top roasters, and they get to choose their preferences and the frequency in which they receive them. They can adjust the coffees and order frequency as they go, in case they fall in love with one or want to explore new blends.

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Courtesy of Trade Coffee


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