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5 Ways to Spend Your Amazon Gift Card

* What to buy yourself post-holidays if you got a gift card as a present
* Choose gifts that are fun to buy, but also useful
* See picks for less than $100 on Amazon

After the holiday gifting festivities, many of us find ourselves with some Amazon money to spend on, well, just about anything. It’s a great gift to receive because you can pick your own gift, but sometimes that can be more anxiety-inducing than buying gifts for others.

It’s important to treat yourself to something fun, but you also don’t want to feel guilty about buying something completely useless. To help, we rounded up these five self-gift-worthy items that are equally fun and useful.

1. HBO Subscription

HBO has been producing some of the most highly-acclaimed, binge-worthy shows for years. Recent mega-hits like Game of Thrones and Westworld are worth the subscription alone, but a huge collection of movies, past TV series, and other original shows make HBO well worth the money. Get an HBO subscription through Amazon. Prime Members pay just $10.99 a month. For everyone else, you’ll get unlimited access to stream HBO channels for just $14.99 a month.

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2. Fire TV

With the addition of Alexa voice control and 4K ultra HD capabilities, Amazon’s new Fire TV media player has really separated itself from the competition. It comes highly-rated with over 5,000 good reviews, costs just $60, and makes a great gift for the most important person in your life.


4. Fire HD 8 Tablet

Another great gift to treat yourself to is a Fire tablet. It provides all the features you need from a tablet including streaming services, books, Skype, and social media, and it costs just $80.


4. Amazon Echo

If you didn’t get an Alexa-equipped device this holiday, you might be feeling (understandably) left out. But if you have some Amazon money to spend, an Echo is a great item to spend it on. Along with the endlessly helpful personal assistant, it also provides high-quality Dolby sound for voice-activated music.



5. Amazon Prime

If you still don’t have Amazon Prime, you’re missing out. Along with the now famously convenient free two-day shipping, you get access to Prime Video and Prime Music. It also costs just $99 for a year membership, which is less than a subscription Spotify, Netflix or Hulu.

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