Turn the Terrible Twos Terrific with the Best Toys for 2-Year-Olds

best toys for 2 year olds
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When a toddler is two years old, they usually spend time pushing their known boundaries and soaking up the environment around them. Walking turns into running; leaning turns into climbing and a few words turn into hundreds. At a time when learning is so key, toys are one of the best tools you can give a toddler to promote education in a comfortable and relatable way.

Toddlers often trust in their toys, as they offer a sense of security and a consistent friendship. At the age of two, encouraged education can be crucial to development, both physically and mentally. 

Furthermore, learning can be split into four types, namely visual, auditory, logical and kinaesthetic. Most toys aimed at two-year-olds will fall into one of these brackets and double up as a friendly face, too.

The benefits of playtime for children are considerable. Here are a few areas in which the best toys for two-year-olds can promote further development:

  • Creativity – Colorful shapes and friendly characters in the toy chest can help feed a toddler’s imagination and encourage them to be innovative. They might not be able to fully communicate their ideas yet, but one day soon they will be able to use this creativity.
  • Physical – Coordination and balance games can be a great way to improve physical health and improve motor-skills in two-year-olds.
  • Independence – Empowering a toddler to choose the toy they want to play with, for how long they want to play and who they want to share it with can lead to independence and confidence. This simple act can also help little ones piece together a sense of self and personal taste.
  • Social – Playtime offers the opportunity for toddlers to interact, whether it’s with their favorite toy, their parents or a friend. Basic interaction, especially with humans, can help to build the basis for further social skills later in life.

We’ve compiled the below list of the best toys for two-year-olds. There is a wide range of toys, games and books included. Some take inspiration from everyday tasks, such as having a bath or walking the dog, and others focus on animals or a job they might want to do when they’re older. But, all these toys have one thing in common; they’ve been designed for toddlers.


1. Mega Building Blocks


Mega Building Blocks offer an educational playtime toy for toddlers. 80 blocks across multiple sizes and colors are included. Some feature one joining attachment, and others have up to four. All of the blocks are able to attach to each other, so there is a huge range of creative building combinations. This set is designed for little hands and comes packed in a reusable carry bag, which can be used for storage in between construction sites.

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2. The First Years Disney Bath Toys


This three-pack of Disney Bath Toys from The First Years is a fun addition to bath time. Each character adds a friendly face to the tub and doubles up as a squirting toy. Mickey, Pluto and the Mickey-themed beach ball are small in size and easy for toddlers to handle. Other character sets are also available, including a few featuring characters from Finding Nemo and Toy Story.

best toys for 2 year olds the first years disney mickey mouse Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Prextex Find and Match Eggs


Learn colors, shapes and chicken produce with the Prextex Find and Match Eggs. This colorful, educational toy takes inspiration from a yellow carton of a dozen eggs to create a pairing game. Match the colors and shapes inside each egg half to create a complete, life-size egg toy. Once complete, you’ll have a full set of life-sized plastic eggs. And, thanks to the durable material, this toy is great for both indoor and outdoor play.

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4. Learning Resources Spike the Hedgehog


Challenge your little one to put all the spikes in the right place in this animal-themed game, and you’ll encourage color and number recognition while doing so. All 12 easy-grip spikes are stored inside the friendly-looking hedgehog’s back, ready for play. Each hole is numbered, and there is a range of colors used among the spikes, so you can instruct your little one clearly throughout the game.

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5. LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book


Learning is more fun when the teachers are a turtle, a tiger and a monkey. These three colorful characters guide their students through the LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book from start to finish. 100 key words are split across 12 learning category pages, including pets, food and colors. There are also opportunities for bilingual learning. At the top of the white electronic book is a green carry handle for portability. Batteries are included for demo purposes, but it’s recommended you give them a refresh before lesson one.

leapfrog learning friends 100 words Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Teytoy My First Soft Book


Colors and textures take priority over words for most two-year-olds, and so their favorite books are often the vibrant and playful ones. The Teytoy My First Soft Book pack of six is a soft-to-touch selection of stories catered to the youngest minds. Each story focuses on an individual subject, including animals, numbers and vegetables. Integrated into the machine-washable books are interactive features, such as squeakers and crinkle materials. So, if your little librarian isn’t a big fan of words yet, there’s still plenty to keep them entertained.

teytoy my first soft book Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Mega ABC Musical Train


Choo choo choose the Mega ABC Musical Train as the educational vehicle in your toy chest. Once all three colorful carriages are connected, the toddler-sized, A-to-Z building blocks can be stacked on top, ready to ride the train. At the front of the formation is the smiling face of the friendly engine. And, when you press the smokestack, you’ll hear an attention-capturing range of tunes and train sounds. Toot toot!

mega bloks abc musical train Image courtesy of Amazon


8. VTech Pull and Sing Puppy


The VTech Pull and Sing Puppy could be the four-legged friend your toddler dreams of taking for a walk (minus the pooper scooper). Not only is this pup cute and portable, but it’s also educational and encourages motor skills. Music plays as the hidden wheels move and when the numbers on its side are pressed. Both ears and the tail wag with playful happiness, too. Two AAA batteries are required for use. A pair are included for demo purposes, but it’s recommended you replace them upon purchase.

vtech pull and sing puppy Image courtesy of Amazon


9. MAGIFIRE Wooden Puzzles


The MAGIFIRE Wooden Puzzles are a colorful and traditional toy that break the mold of modern learning. Each puzzle is made from vibrant, interlocking pieces and a backboard. You can select between four pieces per puzzle or six pieces per puzzle at the point of purchase. All of the puzzles are made from quality wood and have been smoothed for safe handling. They also come presented in an eco-friendly, drawstring bag.

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10. Just Smarty Interactive Wall Chart


The Just Smarty Interactive Wall Chart is a happy medium between modern technology and traditional learning. The hanging measures 24 by 16 inches and features a sound and power panel at the top. Spread across the face of the chart are individual panels featuring the alphabet along with a section of smaller panels showcasing numbers one to 10. There are nine pre-installed, musical games to play, including “Bingo,” “Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes” and “If You’re Happy and You Know It.”

just smarty electronic interactive wall chart Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Animal Island Virtual Learning System


The Animal Island Virtual Learning System is an advanced series of educational games, stories and music to suit children from one to three years old. The system features a host of characters who have been developed by educators to deliver toddler-friendly lessons. As this is an independent educational system, you don’t need to worry about any ads or pop-ups. The program arrives preloaded on your device, and it automatically updates when necessary. There’s also no need for a subscription, just WiFi. To top it off, you can download the parent app to keep an eye on your child’s learning without interfering.

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