The Best Valentine’s Day Delivery Gifts for a Romantic Celebration from a Distance

PATET Exclusive Bouquet
Courtesy of PATET

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Relationships have suffered a lot in the last two years. Couples were perhaps separated by quarantine or stay-at-home orders, and new relationships suffered as many of the most romantic and meaningful date spots were not open or not an option.

We hoped this Valentine’s Day would go back to normal, perhaps with travel or a romantic dinner at a favorite restaurant on the agenda. But with Omicron ruining everyone’s plans, some are once again examining the very real possibility that Valentine’s Day will have to be a quiet night at home. Or, worse, a virtual date involving a partner isolated in another location.

That doesn’t mean the holiday has to be a bummer though. We can still show our partners we love them with meaningful heartfelt gifts they will treasure. For that reason, we rounded up the best Valentine’s Day delivery gifts available right now. And while we’re on the subject of all things VDay, be sure to check out our round-up of the best Valentine’s Day gifts around.


1. Eternal Real Rose Gift Box with Heart Design Necklace

A necklace and a bunch of roses are never a bad idea for Valentine’s Day. This sweet necklace shares 100 languages all saying ‘I love you’. You don’t get more, well, lovely than that. Best of all, it will deliver right to your partner’s door, no trip to the store required.

Eternal Real Rose Gift Box with Heart Design Necklace Courtesy of Amazon


2. I Heart Guts Heart Plush Figure

Sure, hearts are a bit obvious. But that’s because they are also rather perfect for the occasion, and this soft stuffed heart is actually more literal than most. It’ll give them a good laugh and they’ll still get to cuddle up with it and think of you!

I Heart Guts Heart Plush Figure Courtesy of Amazon


3. Greendigs Snake Plant

This plant is a classic, with stunning leaves that add height and don’t take up a lot of space. It’s also easy to care for, as long as you remember to water it and give it a bit of attention now and then. Isn’t that exactly what we want from a comfortable long-term relationship? Of course it is, which is why we highly recommend this plant as one of the best Valentine’s Day delivery gifts.

Greendigs Snake Plant Courtesy of Greendigs


4. Citarella Seafood Tower for 2 With Caviar

This gorgeous seafood tower for two comes with everything from oysters to littleneck clams, shrimp, lobster, and so much more — even caviar! Whether enjoying together or virtually over a Zoom date, it’ll be a perfect evening. And if you really want to take your Valentine’s Day delivery gift to the next level, pair this one with a nice bottle of champagne.

Citarella Seafood Tower for 2 With Caviar Courtesy of Citarella


5. Vinebase Secret Admirer Gift

It’s easy enough to send someone wine for Valentine’s Day but Vinebase is so much cooler because you are guaranteed you’ll get them a bottle they can’t find en masse at their local liquor store. That’s because Vinebase only works with independent wineries, most of whom produce less than 10,000 cases of wine a year. The Secret Admirer gift option allows you to send the gift of wine as easily as sending a text … you don’t even need to know the delivery address! Just choose your “unwrapping date” and add a personalized note. Then they can claim their gift when they are ready! One great option is this ThereAfter Sauvignon Blanc 2019, which would pair beautifully with pasta or fish this Valentine’s Day.

Vinebase ThereAfter Sauvignon Blanc 2019 Courtesy of Vinebase


6. PATET Exclusive Bouquet

Nothing says love like a unique, personal gift. This customizable bouquet is extra special because it’s picked from a selection of beautiful dried flowers to create something unique and signature arrangement perfect for the person lucky enough to receive it.

PATET Exclusive Bouquet Courtesy of PATET


7. Artifact Uprising Hardcover Photo Book

You have so many beautiful memories, why not gather them together and create a photo book? Put all your favorite moments together, and it’ll be printed and placed in a display-worthy dust jacket, all for a result that is a perfect gift that you’ll both cherish for years to come.

Artifact Uprising Hardcover Photo Book Courtesy of Artifact Uprising


8. A-5 Meats Wagyu Sampler

There’s nothing quite like Wagyu, and this sampler box is some of the best you’ll find. Curated by Chef Marc Zimmerman of GOZU, this box features a mix of premium Wagyu sourced from Japanese farms. For the discerning foodie, this is the best Valentine’s Day delivery gift around.

A-5 Meats Wagyu Sampler Courtesy of A-5 Meats


9. Divine Milk & Dark Chocolate Lovers Gift Set

Chocolate is always romantic and this sampler box from Divine Chocolates will be sure to set the mood for a romantic evening. Because really, you can never go wrong with Valentine’s Day chocolates.

Divine Milk & Dark Chocolate Lovers Gift Set Courtesy of Divine Chocolates


10. Isabelle Grace Lovestruck Necklace

Are you truly lovestruck this Valentine’s Day? Show them how much you love them, even from miles away, with this customizable necklace that features a raised heart in between two initials and a special anniversary date.

Isabelle Grace Lovestruck Necklace Courtesy of Amazon


11. The Original Buddha Board Art Set

Chances are if their Valentine’s Day gift is being delivered rather than shared in person, it’s a stressful time. Right now for most of us, it certainly is. This art set will help your partner enjoy a moment of zen and meditation in a rather non-zen time. It’ll be very appreciated!

The Original Buddha Board Art Set Courtesy of Amazon


12. Divoom Ditoo Pixel Art Gaming Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker is also a smart alarm, but it’s more than that. It can display cute pixel art (create your own personal design if you want!) and also play classic and nostalgic games. Whether they use it to get their social media alerts or check the weather, they’ll love it.

Divoom Ditoo Pixel Art Gaming Portable Bluetooth Speaker Courtesy of Amazon


13. Levenger True Writer Classic Red and Gold Fountain Pen

The best part of a long-distance love affair is of course the steamy letters you can write to each other. This fountain pen is a beautiful (but also useful) way to get started on a romantic correspondence.

Levenger True Writer Classic Red and Gold Fountain Pen Courtesy of Levenger
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