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Prone to Making Last-Minute Purchases? Check Out the Best Valentine’s Day Delivery Gifts

Picking out the best Valentine’s Day gift can be a high-pressure decision. Do you stick with the traditional staples and run the risk of being too boring? Or do you try something different and potentially crash and burn? It’s a situation anyone shopping for the best V-day gifts faces, and quite frankly, one we don’t have the answer to. But what we do have is a selection of the best Valentine’s Day delivery gifts, so when you make your decision, a worthwhile gift is only a quick click away. 

When it comes to finding the right gift to give the one you love on February 14, a great place to start is by looking through our range of gift guides. These include the best Valentine’s Day gifts, best gifts for her and best gifts for boyfriends. You’ll find plenty of familiar options, as well as everything from toast-shaped plushes and single-serve coffee makers to matching pajamas and state-shaped spoon rests. However, if you feel like you’ve been scrolling for hours and still haven’t come to the right conclusion, rest easier knowing that same-day Valentine’s gift delivery does exist, along with plenty of the best last-minute gift ideas to save the day. 

Below you’ll find our favorite Valentine’s day delivery gifts for her, him, or them, which you can order and have arrive at your (or someone else’s) door to make their day. We’ve included all the best Valentine’s Day staples along with a range of alternative options to ensure there’s something for everyone.

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With its two-tier presentation box and wide range of flavors, this Harry & David Valentine’s Day Truffles is a luxury gift that will leave a lasting impression. The 24-truffle box includes raspberry, strawberry milkshake, cherry vanilla, and chocolate hazelnut-flavored treats, all of which have been completed with some drizzle, nuts, or other fancy finish. Furthermore, the high-quality, heart-covered keepsake box gives your recipient something to use around the home or simply remember the occasion.


Inside this well-reviewed Bringsmart Eternal Roses Gift Box, you’ll find two of Valentine’s Day’s most reliable staples: roses and jewelry. The 16 roses bordering the necklace inside the gift-ready box are made from soap flowers and produce a light, appealing fragrance. The necklace also features the words “I love you” in 100 different languages, creating a rather unique, miniaturized feature in the necklace’s heart. It’s hard to get more lovely than that. And perhaps best of all, you can get it delivered right to your door, no trip to the store required.

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best meats

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Meat lovers, unite! ButcherBox offers a wide variety solely under high-quality circumstances to feed your favorite carnivore. From 100% grass-fed beef to free-range organic chicken to humanely raised pork to wild-caught seafood, we’d be shocked if your mouth isn’t watering right now. The best part of all? Our readers can currently get $20 off their first box using code SPY20 until February 14. It’s time to get cooking.



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The truth remains that a bouquet of flowers always looks stunning and is always well received. Of course, you can opt for the quintessential Valentine’s Day bouquet of twelve red roses, or you can mix things up a little. Our favorite pick for an eye-catching spin on this popular Valentine’s go-to is this 1-800 Flowers Key to My Heart arrangement. It includes red roses, pink Asiatic lilies, and Peruvian lilies, with a background of baby’s breath and assorted greenery. Plus, this popular arrangement comes with a luxurious ruby red vase to complete the colorful display.



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There’s never a bad time for cake, and Valentine’s Day is no exception to this rule. In this Be Mine! Chocolate Cake from Bake Me A Wish, which featured on Oprah’s the O-List, you’ll find a heart-shaped cake that is made up of several rich layers of chocolate and topped with a delicious layer of vanilla icing. To complete the look, the cake has a border of pink rosettes and the words “Be Mine!” written in the center. Additionally, it arrives inside an elegant gift box and comes with a greeting card that can be personalized by you online.


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For a truly unique and personalized gift this Valentine’s Day, check out this UniqueGiftLove Mini Photo Album Keychain. Unlike a larger photo album or digital frame, which are still great Valentine’s gift ideas, this compact keychain can stay on your partner’s person at all times and go wherever they go. To put your album together, simply choose your favorite 14 photos, upload them through one of the available methods, and then decide whether or not you want the leather-bound book delivered in a wooden gift box.


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The Sill Snake Plant Laurentii is a classic and surprisingly versatile gift idea which is ideal for partners who have a green thumb or are in need of additional decor. The plant’s eye-catching, green-and-yellow patterned leaves bring a dose of color to any interior. There are also several different planter colors and styles to choose from, including both traditional and upcycled options. Furthermore, the plant is easy to care for, requiring little more than a watering every two to three weeks and a place to live, which is exposed to low to moderate sunlight.


Sure, you may think hearts are a bit obvious on Valentine’s Day, but what about if the heart you gift your partner is slightly more anatomically correct? And while it may sound a little bit gross, we’re confident this top-rated product can’t fail but put a smile on any recipient’s face when they discover its huggable, smiley face-covered design. Furthermore, the 10-inch tall plush is accompanied by an information book filled with art and circulatory system facts. All in all, this is a great way to transplant love back into your relationship this Valentine’s Day.



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One of the easiest ways to show someone how much you care about them is with a literal care package. Inside this multi-piece set, you’ll find a range of items to help achieve that sought after hygge-level of contentment or well-being. A steel tumbler or a ceramic mug, Merino wool blend socks, a scented candle, and a chocolate bar are all included. Plus a handful of other crowd-pleasers. Each hand-packed box also comes with crinkle paper cushioning and ribbon wrapping to complete its gift-ready look.



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If your partner is the kind of person who seeks out the finer things in life, this comprehensive gift box should be calling. This Citarella’s Finest Selection is overflowing with rich, flavorful treasures, ranging from the prosciutto and Iberico salami to the Urbani white truffle & porcini and tri-color couscous. Inside the box, you’ll find more than 20 different edible items to please the senses. In addition, if you’re really looking to push the boat out, there are several luxury extras you can add to your selection, such as truffles, caviar, and foie gras. 


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With more than 35,000 five-star ratings from Amazon users, you can be confident this LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set will go down well. Each of the 12 bombs in the set is made in California, USA using only natural ingredients. Handily, the bombs’ therapeutic and moisturizing formula will fizz when placed in water but won’t leave marks on your tub. Each bomb is also individually wrapped, making it easy to enjoy the bathtime fun over a longer period. And even if this top-rated gift isn’t your partner’s ideal Valentine’s Day gift.



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If you really want to surprise your partner and celebrate the finest occasion with the finest Champagne available, get yourself a bottle of this Krug Grande Cuvée Champagne 168th Edition. While the price may be a little bit more than your everyday, off-the-shelf fizzy wine, the memories you make, both taste-wise and emotionally, will almost certainly be worth the splurge. Enjoy flowers in bloom, gingerbread, and citrus fruit aromas, along with tasting notes that range from hazelnut and nougat to barley sugar and brioche. Plus, each bottle is delivered in a luxury box to add to the luxurious feel of your celebration.


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This Catbird Dollhouse Locket is the kind of jewelry piece which will forever be kept and treasured. And while it’s rather compact in size, the heirloom-worthy locket’s combination of the engraved locket, personalized picture, and classy chain means this eye-catching piece will still mean the world to the wearer. Each locket is manufactured in Catbird’s in-house studio and comes with your choice of number or letter engraved on the face. An accompanying online template lets you cut your photo to just the right size before it’s fixed inside. 


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If the way to your partner’s heart is through their stomach, you might want to check out this Omaha Steaks Date Night Box. While you could go out to a restaurant and have dinner prepared for you, there’s something far more intimate about preparing the food at home. Inside this comprehensive dinner kit, you’ll find butcher’s cut filet mignons, stuffed baked potatoes, buttered green beans, and a free dessert – a strawberry heart cheesecake. Plus, if steak isn’t your thing, Omaha Steaks also offer a wide selection of alternative meat or fish-based meals to choose from.


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Want a unique gift idea that your partner will never see coming? Then check out this Divoom Ditoo Pixel Art Gaming Bluetooth Speaker. In addition to being a portable speaker, this smart alarm features a 16-by-16 LED front panel which can be controlled using a smartphone. This allows users to create their own personal designs. Users can also enjoy a number of classic and nostalgic games, record voice memos and enjoy listening to online radio. Furthermore, this five-out-of-five-star product comes in five different colors.



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How do four pints of deliciously flavored boozy ice cream sound? Exactly. You really can’t go wrong with this dose of frozen indulgence. The impressive list of available flavors includes favorites such as Raspberry Limoncello, Tequila Mexican “Hot” Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Whiskey Salted Caramel, and Ballotin Caramel Turtle Chocolate Whiskey. Each pint of artisanal, handmade ice cream contains five percent alcohol per volume, making it a fun and tasty way to get your buzz on this Valentine’s Day.