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The Best Virtual Gifts Because Everything Is More Convenient Online

If two years of varying degrees of lockdown taught us one thing, it’s that we can pretty much do everything virtually. It may not always be our first choice, but it’s actually much more convenient in many cases. You can even find some of the best virtual gifts without you or the recipient ever having to leave the comfort of their home.

Whether you think they’d like to broaden their horizons with some online class, learn a new language, work out or get a little crafty, there is a virtual gift perfectly suited for your loved ones they will surely appreciate. Most of these options allow for tons of flexibility regarding where and when they can cash in their gift. Virtual gifts are perfect for that busy friend or family member who struggles to find time for activities or just for a lazy or last-minute gift-giver who needs something they can arrange quickly online.

Since there are so many more options these days for things you can do and buy just using your phone or computer, we sorted through everything that’s out there to put together this list of the best virtual gifts.


1. MasterClass Membership


Before there was an option to attend school remotely, MasterClass was up and running entirely online. If you want them to be able to choose from a wide variety of classes, from acting to bread baking to dog training, all taught by leading experts in their fields; you can gift an all-access pass. If you know the exact new skill they’d like to learn from the comfort of their own home, opt to send them a single class. Either way, MasterClass is something they can enjoy for weeks on end.

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Courtesy of MasterClass

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2. eGift Card


If you’re looking for an even more flexible type of virtual gift for someone who loves to order things online, an eGift card is a great option. You can choose any amount to give, and they can choose to buy whatever they want from the vast — seemingly endless — selection of items Amazon offers. And, it’s delivered directly to their home.

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Courtesy of Amazon

3. Cameo


When it comes to the best virtual gifts, Cameo sits high on our list — especially if you have a friend obsessed with their favorite Bravo star, athlete or singer. You can have someone they absolutely love deliver a personalized video message that they can save and watch again and again. It’s a thoughtful, unique and unforgettable gift.

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Courtesy of Adweek

4. Rosetta Stone


We all have that friend who’s been talking about learning a new language forever. Give them that kick start they need to accomplish this goal once and for all with the gift of Rosetta Stone. It has many different language options and allows you to gift three months, six months, or a lifetime of learning unlimited languages.

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Courtesy of Rosetta Stone

5. ClassPass Gift Card


ClassPass offers a more affordable way to try out different workout classes in your city. It also provides tons of online courses for those that would still prefer to exercise at home. The recipient can even use points to get manicures and do other fun, wellness-related things. You can gift any amount, and it’s the perfect virtual gift for anyone who loves fitness and self-care.

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Courtesy of ClassPass

6. Audible Credits


Sometimes our eyes need a break after spending so much time staring at small words on screens. Suppose you know someone who loves to absorb literature but has been having trouble actually sitting and reading these days, give them credits on Audible. They can listen to pretty much any book in audio form while they clean, commute, shower, or just lay down and relax.

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7. Sur La Table Online Cooking Classes


Anyone who loves to cook and entertain is familiar with Sur La Table. The once strictly retail company is now offering fully interactive online cooking classes starting at just $29. It’s one of the best virtual gifts for those looking to expand their skills and horizons in the kitchen or whip up some delicious new meals with their loved ones. You can choose from various focuses, from macarons and decorative pies to homemade skillet pizza and filet mignon.

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Courtesy of Sur La Table

8. Calm


We could all benefit from better sleep. If you happen to be looking for a virtual gift for someone you know particularly struggles with sleep, get them a year of Calm. All they have to do is download the app and choose from various soothing content. While it’s ideal for bedtime, they can also use it anytime they want to work on their relaxation and mindfulness.

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Courtesy of Calm

9. Facebook Portal


Facebook Portal is a slightly different kind of virtual gift, but it’ll be appreciated by anyone who lives far from their loved ones. The smart camera on the Portal automatically zooms and pans to keep everyone in the frame and has tons of other high-tech features to facilitate the best possible connection for those on either side of the camera. You can also join or host a group call with up to 50 people, making it easier than ever to stay in touch.

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Courtesy of Target


10. Pasolivo California Olive Oil Virtual Tasting


Virtual olive oil tastings make for a creative and fun at-home date night. Once you book on Pasolivo’s website, you will receive a shipment of curated olive oils, vinegar and spices ahead of your tasting. The tastings are best paired with a bottle of wine, sampling of cheeses and your loved one.

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Courtesy of Pasolivo


11. Duolingo


Consider the gift of the language of love. Duolingo, the language learning app that allows you to learn in a free, fun, and effective way, can give the gift of love languages. Whether you S.O. wants to learn a love language or from their heritage, Duolingo is here to help. Starting at just $6.99 per month, you’ll learn a language, take quizzes, and ultimately be set up to master any language of your choice.

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Courtesy of Duolingo


12. CorePower Yoga


If someone in your life loves yoga, CorePower Yoga On Demand gives them access to hundreds of classes related to yoga, sculpt and even meditation classes. There are both live stream and on-demand classes available as well.

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Courtesy of CorePower Yoga

$19.99/mo. (Reg. $49) with ATHOME19 new member promo code


13. Scribd


Whether your SO is a book worm or a travel enthusiast who loves finding new entertainment for flights and road trips, Scribd is a fantastic virtual gift that will give them access to eBooks, audiobooks, podcasts, magazine articles, and so much more.

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Courtesy of Scribd


14. bande Workout


Right now, this workout app is offering new members 90% off their first month of a starter membership ( that means only $4.00 for the month), plus a free month for a friend (or significant other). What better way to get a workout accountability buddy? This virtual boutique fitness studio is part fitness app and part social network and has instructors from Barry’s, SLT, Solidcore and Xtend Barre, and more.

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Courtesy of bande Workout


15. Bulldog Yoga Online


Yoga is incredible for feeling our best and can make us less stressed, sleep better, and maybe even have better sex. This app is excellent for people at all levels of yoga practice, and subscriptions are free for the first 30 days!

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Courtesy of Bulldog Yoga Online

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