8 Things to Tide Us Over While We’re Waiting for Wonder Woman 2

The Best Wonder Woman Gifts
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* Wonder Woman 2 is a go (But not till 2019)
* Here are fun ways to get your Wonder Woman fix before the sequel
* From golden hi tops to a stylish “lasso of truth” journal – makes great gifts too

Wonder Woman 2 was greenlit last month and is slated for a December 2019 release. But for those of us who think that’s way too long to wait for another installment of Patty Jenkins directing Gal Gadot’s kick-ass Hellenistic femme, here are 8 ways to show your love for Wonder Woman in the meantime.

1. Wonder Woman Love Is Love Anthology

With the “Wonder Woman: Love is Love” anthology, readers can join in and do something a little bit heroic too. Made in honor of the Pulse Nightclub shooting victims, this book benefits Equality Florida, a nonprofit dedicated to fostering justice and equality for Florida’s LGBTQ communities.

Love is Love Anthology Courtesy ThinkGeek/ DC


2. Lasso of Truth Journal

Official DC/ Wonder Woman swag, this cool Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth journal mixes a modern design with a swingin’ retro font.

Lasso of Truth Journal Courtesy ThinkGeek


3. Wonder Woman Mighty Wristlet

This adorable comic-covered purse features panels from Wonder Woman Vol 1 #286. Its little details really stand out, including a wristlet strap which continues the pattern.

Wonder Woman comic purse Courtesy ThinkGeek


4. Wonder Woman Gold Faux-Leather Belt

Wonder Woman Gold Belt Courtesy ThinkGeek


5. The Art of DC Comics Bombshells

This coffee table book features original art of DC Comics Heroines including Wonder Woman as 1940s pinup bombshell. A cheeky yet artistically vibrant take on the Golden Age of comics, it mixes history and alternate history with a masterful touch.

DC Comics Bombshells Art Courtesy ThinkGeek/ DC


6. Wonder Woman Hi Tops

Wonder Woman Hi Tops Courtesy ThinkGeek


7. Wonder Woman Fleece Robe

It gets cold on the windy top of Parnassus and the high crags of Helicon, or so it would seem, and if you happen to want to snuggle up in cozy warmth with some vintage Wonder Woman comics on your way to visit the traditional home of the muses, this fleece robe is just the thing.

Wonder Woman Fleece Robe Courtesy ThinkGeek


8. Wonder Woman Hooded Rain Jacket

This hooded rain jacket features motifs invoking classic and modern iterations of Wonder Woman’s famous costume. Unlike the original tiara though, it has a hood that will keep you dry when Boreas and Zephyrus send the autumn rains.

Wonder Woman rain jacket All images courtesy of Think Geek Courtesy ThinkGeek

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