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Birthdate. Co’s New Tarot Candle Will Read Your Fortune

Attention: calling all candle lovers — and those who are obsessively drawn to astrology. If you didn’t know by now, is one of SPY’s favorite candle brands. Their product offerings include an astonishing 365 candles with customized fragrances in alignment with your date of birth and zodiac sign. However, the brand’s latest addition goes a little deeper. just released a new candle, which gives insight into your future, called The Tarot Candle.

This unique candle comes in an attractive black tin vessel with a tarot reading inside on a gold-plated charm. As the wax melts, you will discover a mystery charm engraved with your fortune on it. Once you’re able to extract the charm (using tweezers), you may create a necklace or save it as a keepsake. Each piece represents one of the Maror Arcana cards, 22 “trump cards” contained within a traditional tarot card deck.

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Some of the mystery charms hidden within the new candles. Courtesy of

The candle comes in a reusable black tin with a 100% cotton wick. Hand poured with an all-natural soy and coconut wax blend, the candle carries deep notes of bergamot, cardamom, verbena and eucalyptus.

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, the SPY team is keeping a close eye out for interesting Christmas gift ideas. In previous years, we’ve featured candles as a gift recommendation, and the company has proven popular among both SPY readers and candle lovers. This year, SPY featured this limited-edition tarot candle in our guide to the Best Gifts for Her. Astrology has become extremely popular recently, and tartot-themed gifts like this could be the perfect gift for the type of men and women who like to ask, “What’s your sign?” Likewise, it could be a great unique gift for any candle-loving women in your life.

The new candle is priced at $38.00. This limited-edition, one-of-a-kind candle has a burn time of approximately 40 hours and can be yours today.

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