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We’re Calling It: Birthdate’s New Personalized Birthstone Pendants Are Going To Be on a Lot of Holiday Wishlists

When it comes to deciding how to personalize gifts for your loved ones, it’s best to opt for something that’s out of the box and individually tailored to them. From monogrammed or custom-made items to curating memorable unboxing experiences, there are several ways to show the recipient how much you care. And with the holidays almost upon us, is taking the pressure off to source Christmas gift ideas with their newest spiritual wellness product.

The astrology-driven brand, which amassed widespread acclaim for its zodiac candles, is releasing a collection of hyper-personalized birthdate pendants. The line consists of 365 distinctive pendants, one for every day of the year. Based on the recipient’s unique birth chart and birthday, each luxury gold pendant is embedded with four meaningful, premium crystals and gemstones — one being their birthstone — carefully selected by the brand’s astrologers.

The one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces were three years in the making for the company. Made from the finest quality recycled sterling silver and plated with a thick layer of 14-karat gold, each pendant is coupled with a 14mm gold chain.

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“Our brand is all about creating thoughtful, personalized treasures that help our customers understand themselves, with illuminating personality readings and scents made for the day they were born,” Ajay Mehta, CEO & Founder of Birthdate, told our SPY team.

As time has progressed since their previous product releases, the brand determined custom jewelry would be the next in line, but at the expense of finding the proper supply chain that could produce pieces, their audience can have for the long haul.

“Finally, in consultation with our customers and in-house astrologers, we were able to create what we hope is a beautiful, luxe, individualized personal heirloom that will last forever.”

Courtesy of Birthdate

With 40+ gemstones and precision-cut luxury crystals to choose from, the pendant design process is an exciting, custom experience in itself. The list of additional stones includes black diamond, cream pearl, peridot, rose quartz, white topaz, and red jasper. Completing the package, each made-to-order pendant is paired with a guide detailing the story behind the engraved stones hand-picked, especially for you, and the positive energy destined to enter your life.

Birthdate has become a SPY fan-favorite, so much so that their tarot candle earned a spot on our guide to the Best Gifts for Her. Whether searching for the right birthday gift that aligns with the Taurus in your life or shopping for the most thoughtful holiday gift of the season, the Birthdate Pendant serves as one from the heart.

The Birthdate Pendant, made in the US, retails for $149 and is available now on their website. To receive a custom engraving will cost an additional $25.