Celebrate Another Trip Around the Sun With These Festive Birthday Banners

birthday banners
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Birthdays are amazing. Even if you’re not a big birthday person, celebrating another trip around the sun is a ritual I will always be able to get behind. If you are a birthday person, well you already know how great birthdays are. It’s one day a year that’s all about you, what you want to do and who you want to spend it with. In order to properly celebrate your own birthday or somebody else’s, there are a few tasks you must complete. You’ve got to get a great birthday gift, even for your girlfriend whose birthday always seems to sneak up on you when your to-do list is at its lengthiest. You’ve got to take care of the cake. Thankfully, there are plenty of cupcake delivery services that can make that task simple. And lastly, it’s almost never a bad idea to splurge on some fun decorations, including a birthday banner.

Birthday banners are an excellent way to deck out a space for someone’s special day. They make it absolutely clear what and whom you’re celebrating, and since the message will always be relevant at least once a year you can reuse them again and again. Whether you want to go subtle and understated or big and bold, we’ve gathered some of the best birthday banners available across the web for your next celebration.

1. Gold Mylar Happy Birthday Balloons Banner

This birthday banner definitely goes into the “big and bold” category, as each letter is actually a 16″ foil letter balloon. The banner is made of bright gold mylar material that’s premium quality and crafted to be as durable and shiny as possible. Each balloon is easy to inflate and deflate, so you can use them again and again, and the banner comes with a setup kit with a straw for filling and ribbon for tying them down.

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2. Colorful Birthday Decorations Set

This set includes a birthday banner as well as hanging swirls and pom poms so you can really deck out your space for the special day. The bright colors are all coordinated so your decorations will match and the pennant design for the banner is very trendy at the moment. The banner is easy to set up by stringing each letter onto the ribbon, and the variety of decorations gives you flexibility with your design. The swirls, pom poms and banner can all be hung anywhere you want, and are easy to take down and save for next year.

YOFEY1 colorful happy birthday banner, birthday banners Courtesy of Amazon


3. Fecedy Colorful Happy Birthday Banner

This pennant-style birthday banner also comes on colorful paper that’s easy to string onto the included ribbon. Each letter is printed on eco-friendly paper, and each letter is card size at 4.7″ x 5.9″ total. The “Happy” stretches about 3 feet across and the “Birthday” stretches on for about 5 feet. It’s perfect for all ages — from little kids’ birthday parties to young adult birthday dinners where you want to introduce a little color. It’s also quite an affordable birthday banner option, and is made to last through at least a few parties depending on how rowdy they get.

Fecedy colorful happy birthday banner Courtesy of Amazon


4. Joy Moment Large Happy Birthday Banner

This is a larger birthday banner that stretches 6.1 feet across and is 1.3 feet deep, so your celebration won’t be lacking in decor. It’s made of polyester material rather than paper so it’s built to last, and the four copper holes at each corner make it easy to string up. It comes with 13 feet of white string so you’ve got everything you need to install it easily. The banner itself has bright, vibrant colors that are designed to be non-fading, and has a seamless design.

colorful large happy birthday banner Courtesy of Amazon


5. LeeSky Gold Birthday Decorations

This elegant, gold birthday banner is perfect for that friend of yours who’s more aesthetically-driven than most. It’s all one color so the design is on point and it all comes already strung on so all you have to do is hang it. The birthday banner itself comes with a complimentary circle dot decoration that you can hang up right next to it or in another spot in the room to round out the design. Both are made of eco-friendly paper and come in a few other color options as well.

LeeSky happy birthday banner Courtesy of Amazon


6. Blulu Large Birthday Backdrop Banner

This is the birthday banner for you if you’re looking to go ALL out. It’s less of a banner and more of a stop-and-repeat for your personal birthday celebration. The design is pretty spectacular, with large gold, silver and white lettering and designs that include glittering balloons and fireworks. This giant birthday backdrop banner is 72.8″ x 43.4″ total adn is made of durable polyester fabric rather than paper so it won’t easily rip or tear. The polyester is also easy to clean if anything accidentally spills, is tear-resistant and won’t fade easily. It comes with 20 feet of white string for hanging, and trust us when we say you’ll definitely be using this one again and again.

large backdrop happy birthday banner Courtesy of Amazon


7. Uniwish Burlap Happy Birthday Banner

This happy birthday banner from Uniwish is the similar pennant-style as above but each letter is made of burlap, for a rustic vintage-y look that’s also durable and reusable. It comes with the letters printed on and pre-strung so your job as decorator is easier, and each letter is distance-adjustable so you can make it look however you want on the string itself. It also comes in a resealable package so you can use it year after year without lots of wear and tear between hangings.

Uniwish burlap happy birthday banner Courtesy of Amazon


8. LaserLizard Happy Birthday Sign

This is less of a banner and more of a birch plywood sign you can put up anywhere in the celebration area, but it celebrates and advertises the occasion in much the same way. It measures 26″ wide and 17.5″ tall and comes as an unfinished wood you can spray paint, paint, and decorate however you want. The makers will also paint it for you, if you want, in addition to the laser cutting they do to make it.

happy birthday sign, birthday banners Courtesy of Etsy


9. tincakes Happy Birthday Banner

This birthday banner comes in a bunch of shades of deep royal blue, making it great for a boy’s birthday or anyone who enjoys that color. The banner is card stock on a hemp cord that’s easy to hang, and the white lettering sticks out against the blue backdrop nicely. Each letter is 3 inches wide by 5 inches long, and the makers can switch out the blue for any color combo you’d like. You can also add on a name up to 12 letters long in addition to the “Happy Birthday” for an extra fee.

tincakes happy birthday banner, birthday banners Courtesy of Etsy


10. HealthyFamilyShop Happy Birthday Burlap Banner

This handmade banner from Etsy is also made of burlap, but has fun colored lettering for a brighter decorative experience. The burlap is a vintage Hessian variety that’s super durable, rustic while also looking great. Each letter is hung using natural jute and thread which is threaded through a double-edged top so the hang is extra strong. Each letter has also been double stitched on all sides for a professional finish. This banner will hang heavier than a paper one for a more substantial look, while the colors add levity and fun.

happy birthday burlap banner, birthday banners Courtesy of Etsy


11. hooraydays Happy Birthday Rainbow Banner

This multicolor birthday banner is bright, vibrant and yet designed seamlessly at the same time. The letter cards come in different beautiful shades and have gold bordering and lettering that shines. The gold finish really sets this one apart, and at just 2.5 meters long it’s perfectly sized for smaller spaces if you don’t have a ton of room for decoration. The multicolor design also makes it perfect for all ages and genders, and makes it easy to pair with complimentary balloons, streamers and other decor.

hooraydays happy birthday banner Courtesy of Etsy